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Thailand travel tips from India this is exactly what I searched for when I found out that I was traveling to Bangkok for the first time. I was excited because I was going to travel alone in a country that too for the first time.

A country that is safe, cheap, travel-friendly, and close (to India) – what more is needed? If you are still facing an ocean of suspicion, I will give you tips for traveling from India to Thailand, which will prove to be extremely useful for the first timers like I was.

Since I was an alone resident of Thailand for 7 months, I was bothered by lots of questions like: “When I would feel like eating dal makhani, where should I go?” “What are the safe places to visit solo” etc. My current blog is an attempt to help my fellow Indians. Make their first trip to Thailand memorable and answer their quarries.

Whether you’re traveling for a day, for a week, for a month, or for a year, I’ll try to share with you all the things I learned during my first trip to Thailand.

I hope my 7 month long experience in Thailand will help all my fellow Indians plan an efficient and cost-effective journey

Here are my top 18 tips for first time travelers to Thailand

1. Keep both cash and cards with you while visiting Thailand. Although carrying cash is more convenient. You should also carry a card, so that it is safe. If you use your ATM in Thailand, some additional charges may be included, including a 200 Baht fee from a Thai bank, and domestic bank fees for forex.

2. If possible, travel between March and September to save money. The reason is that during this time, you can travel at a very handy cost. You not only save a large amount of money during this time, but also get to stay longer.

3. Good news for those whose stay duration is less than 15 days can avail all Indian travelers Visa on Arrival (VOA) facility. Thailand’s economy runs prominently on tourism and thus, the country ensures a hassle-free visa process for many countries, including India.

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4. Carry your VOA fee with Thai Baht (THB). Remember that you only have to pay your VOA (Visa on Arrival) fee in the original. If you could not carry baht with you, you can exchange it at booths in customs hall. However, the rates will be higher and it won’t be a good idea to exchange all your money. So just exchange VOA fees at the airport. Apart from this; if you want to stay in Thailand for long time, you can take Thailand Elite Visas for getting great opportunities.

5. Exchange your money in the Super Rich Exchange Service. Go out after paying your VOA at the airport and see the nearest ‘super rich’ exchange service. You will get a better exchange rate here than the exchange at the airport. Super Rich is one of the most popular money exchange services in Thailand.

6. Try moving a multi-currency Forex Card (multi-Forex currency Card). In Thailand, you will be charged 220 THB each time you get money using a Forex card and the withdrawal limit at a time is 25,000 THB. This is a great option if you already have ‘multiple currency forex cards’. You can swipe your card wherever possible to avoid repeated charges.

7. As a traveler to Thailand for the first time, street food there must be tasted. It is well prepared and quite tasty. Most sellers prepare food using fresh ingredients and thousands of locals consumes it daily. Street food across Bangkok is 100% safe in terms of hygiene.

8. Enjoy Affordable Beer in the Night Market. If you like to drink beer occasionally, just get off to any night market in Thailand and buy good beer for yourself. It will be much cheaper.

9. Get pure Indian food in certain places. The areas are Pratunam, Little India, or Phahurat, and Silom. In these areas, Saras, precious Indian food, Chennai kitchens and charcoal are available.

10. Check food while ordering vegetarian because at most places you are almost always served food, which contains pieces of meat and fish. This is because being vegetarian in Thailand means not eating increased pieces of meat. Other things like oyster sauce, chicken garnishing and fish oil are considered fine. So always check your food before consuming.

11. Thailand can be visited with very little luggage. Everything from bags to shoes, from electronics to cosmetics to cameras is so cheap that you hardly regret your decision of taking less with you.

12. Cover your knees and shoulders at places of worship. When you go to temples, you need to be most careful about clothes.

13. One of the most popular nightlife (Nightlife) experiences in other parts of Thailand is the parties of The Full Moon (Full Moon) in Koh Fangan. These parties are attractive and very attractive. So if like parties do set the dates of your trips around full moon parties.

14. Just because you are in Thailand, Massage does not mean that there is a sexual episode of massage at all. Although Thailand is known for sex tourism, there are legitimate places for it and not every massage parlor provides it.

15. Meters-driven taxis are found in most cities in Thailand, especially Bangkok. Make sure to use a taxi running by meters only for transportation. The ordinary taxi driver can take you 200-300 THB for only 10 kilometers.

16. The hierarchy in Thailand is given extra importance. Social status and respect for elders are given priority here. Therefore, it is a very essential suggestion to respect all elderly locals at all times.

17. Touching someone’s head is a very humiliating mind in Thailand and therefore avoid that kind of social behaviour. Otherwise, you will be seen badly by the people.

18. Don’t allow the language to become a barrier to the Thailand trip. That’s why one of the important tips from Thailand travel tips from India is to try to learn and remember Thai phrases. Here are some examples: “Savadi” means ‘hello’. “Sabadi Mai” means ‘how are you?’ “Sabaidii” means ‘I’m good Mai’ “Sabai” means ‘I’m not right.’

A large part of the Thai economy comes from travel and tourism. So overall, Thailand is a really easy country to visit, even if it’s your first trip.

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Below I will explain to you every one of the suggestions a little more appropriately.

  • Documents and Tips required for Thailand Visa
  • Decide the nature of your visa in time.
  • For Indian travelers, there are two types of visas:

 1) Visa on Arrival (VOA) in Thailand for less than 15 days. You can buy this visa from the airport.

2) Standard visa is in your position to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days. For this visa, you must apply before going to the Royal Thai Embassy. Its offices are located in 3 Indian metros – Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata.

  • Thailand Visa on Arrival (VOA) Fee-2,000 THB
  • Documents required for Thailand visa:
  • Proof of a valid passport, VOA application form, photos, confirmation ticket, accommodation and proof of sufficient funds to support your visit.
    • Passport Photo-3.5 * must be 4.5cm.

In a typical scenario, you just have to reach the airport with your passport, some passport photos and 2,000 THB. If you want to extend your stay beyond 15 days, you can also get to work in the Immigration Bureau.

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