Best Places To Visit In Missouri
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Although included in the list of flyover states in the US, Missouri is not as boring as people have been made to believe. The Show-Me State, a phrase coined after the historic speech by Congressman Willard Vandiver in 1899, is home to stunning landscapes brimming with activities that can captivate visitors whether they are visiting for a weekend or a fortnight.

Missouri ranks as the 21st largest state in the US by land area and the 19th most populous state in the country. The rich history, culture, traditions, and marvelous natural wonders this region is home to are breathtaking. If you are planning a trip to this state, you are bound to be taken by surprise by all the attractions available here, making you wonder why you didn’t visit the place earlier.

Here are the absolute best places to visit in Missouri:

1. The stunning city of St. Louis

St. Louis is a charming destination, presided over by the magnificent Gateway Arch, which commands a dominating presence and defines the city’s skyline. It bears the name Louis IX of France and is situated on the west side of the Mississippi River, bordering Illinois. Aside from the Gateway Arch, the city is incredibly attractive and enjoyable to explore. Within its pleasantly diverse neighborhoods, there are several green places to enjoy.

While the downtown area is filled with upscale hotels, business offices, and gleaming sports arenas, Lafayette Square and Laclede’s Landing both feature stunning examples of historic architecture. St. Louis also offers visitors a great selection of museums, live music, entertainment, and culinary delights.

2. Branson

Branson is one of Missouri’s most famous family vacation destinations and for good reasons. For starters, there’s the Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction; this dinner and a show in Branson MO features 32 beautiful horses, talented trick riders, musical productions, and more, along with a four-course family feast. It’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

There is also a huge variety of amusement parks where entire families can enjoy zip lines, mini-golf, go-karting, and many other activities for a day filled with fun. That’s still not all, though. For nature buffs, the ideal setting of Branson amongst the Ozark Mountains makes it a blissful destination to enjoy unparalleled pristine beauty. Table Rock Lake, for example, has a plethora of watersports and scenic hikes running along the lakeshore for some soothing time to be spent there.

3. Kansas City

Next on the list of must-visit places in Missouri is the central city of Kansas. One of the liveliest and largest metropolitan cities in the Midwest, Kansas City is a multicultural mix of traditions and practices that sits on the bank of the Missouri River.

It is also often referred to as the City of Fountains because a total of over 200 of them are scattered across its picturesque avenues. Paris is the only other city on Earth that has more boulevards than this one. It’s fun to go around because there are renowned museums and venues for the performing arts right next to charming, artistic neighbourhoods.

The city is well known for both its Kansas City-style barbeque and Southern cuisine, in addition to its live and jazz music culture. No trip is complete without trying some of the town’s sizzling strip steaks, available at nearly one hundred barbecue restaurants spread across the city.

4. Lake of the Ozarks

Stretching over a staggering 1,800 kilometres, a length that dwarfs the entire Californian shoreline, the Lake of the Ozarks is a mesmerizing man-made reservoir with scenic landscapes and amazing water-based activities. Formed by building a damn over the Osage River, the Lake of the Ozarks came into existence in 1931.

With its serpent-like shape earning it the popular nickname Puff the Magic Dragon, the Lake of the Ozarks is a sight to behold for many reasons. With channels, creeks, and coves lining the entire length, there are countless lodges and restaurants spread across its banks, while numerous places offer activities like fishing, watersports, and boating. Whether you are on a boy’s trip or a family vacation, you can find something or the other to fill your time at the Lake of the Ozarks. Either way, you are bound to have a ball of a time.

5. Hannibal

If you are a history freak and a fan of Mark Twain, Hannibal is the place to visit. Not only is it the legendary writer’s boyhood home, but it is also the inspiration for two of his most famed novels; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The city is a quiet, serene, and laid-back town that offers history and tradition at its finest.

You can get a heart-quenching peek into Mark Twain’s life and the places featured in many of his works, like the Cave Complex named after him and located in the city. The town is ideal for wandering around looking at some of the finest and best-preserved historical sites like his Boyhood Home and Museum, which showcases many of his personal belongings and memorabilia.

6. Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Established in 1964, the Ozark National Scenic Riverways is the first national park that protects and preserves a river system. The park has such a mesmerizing array of natural landscapes that it can become hard for the eye to fathom such beauty. It encompasses everything from forests to cliffs, springs to caves and meadows stretching far and wide. It is a treat for all nature lovers because of its exceptional beauty.


Missouri may be a frequently overlooked state that people have built a lot of misconceptions about, but once you get to explore it, you stumble upon the incredible gems that it hides. Shortlisting a few locations can be enough for you to spend a memorable vacation with friends and family, uncovering all this place has to offer.