Laptop Screen Extender

As a graphic artist, you understand the freedom that comes from being able to work from a laptop. You can create client logos from the corner coffee shop, or design that magazine layout while you’re riding the train. The ability to do what you do while on the go is incredibly empowering.

Of course, photo editing and graphic design on a single laptop screen can also be exceptionally frustrating. That’s where a laptop screen extender can help.

What Is a Laptop Screen Extender?

Screen extenders are precisely what they sound like – extra monitors that allow you to expand your laptop’s screen real estate. If you’ve ever connected your laptop to multiple desktop monitors, you have a good idea of how extenders work.

The most important difference here is that you’re not tied to desktop monitors. A screen extender attaches to your laptop, with the additional screen(s) sliding out to the side. That gives you all the versatility of a multi-monitor setup without being tied to your desk.

How Many Screens Do I Need?

Graphic artists understand the value of multiple screens, but how many is too optimum? When it comes to photo editing and graphic design on the go, the more the merrier. We think the Mobile Pixels Trio laptop screen extender is a great solution.

How to Use Screen Extenders

How to Use Screen Extenders

The use cases for a laptop screen extender are almost limitless. Even some of your favorite photo editing software is designed to work across multiple monitors.

For instance, both Lightroom and Adobe Premier Pro allow you to separate your workspace across different monitors to improve workflow and make photo editing and design simpler while on the go.

Create a Larger Workspace – One of the most important capabilities a screen extender unlocks is the chance to have a larger single workspace. For instance, Adobe Premier allows you to drag tools from one screen to another, breaking up the interface but creating a larger space for editing and design work. You can even save the layout for later use.

Improve Organization – If you do a lot of photo editing, chances are good you have quite a few custom filters and other tools. Finding just the right one can be time-consuming when you’re constrained to a single laptop screen. With a monitor extender, you can create an organized space that works for your design needs and puts all the tools you’ll need right at your finger

Design a Workspace That Works for You – With a single monitor, or even some dual monitors, chances are good that you’re constantly toggling between apps. You have Lightroom or Photoshop running, as well as Asana or maybe Trello.

You have some social media apps in the background to keep you connected socially, and probably a messenger app, too. With multiple monitors, you can keep your work front and center while giving all those other apps a place to live so you can stay connected to coworkers or clients, as well as family and friends.

Easy to Move – Screen extenders for your laptop also make it easy to create on the go. Rather than being tethered to desktop displays with their cords and bulky bases, extenders fit over the top of your laptop.

When you need to use them, just slide the monitors out. They slide back in for easy mobility when it’s time to go. It’s never been easier to create on the go, whether you’re heading to soccer practice with your kid after school or you’re a digital nomad living the life of your dreams on the road.

Extenders Beat Solo Screens and Multiple Desktop Monitors

As a graphic design pro, you understand the value of screen real estate, but you also prize the ability to create on the go. Whether you’re editing photos for a magazine spread, putting the touchups on a client’s photo shoot, or something else, a screen extender can help.

With a triple-screen extender, you can keep your work front and center, create a flexible workspace that gives you access to all your tools all the time and ensures that you can easily access any other apps you might be using. Switching to a screen extender is a no-brainer.