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Cox’s Bazar Tourist Destination:

Cox’s Bazar is the most tourist attraction and the largest sea beach in the world. It is a city port and tourist destination in the southeast of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is famous for its natural beauty. It has the longest uninterrupted natural sandy beach in the world, which is 120 km extending up to. It is the largest submarine cable landing station in Bangladesh. It was known as Panoa, which literally means yellow flowers. A more ancient name is the couch

Location & Maps:

Cox’s Bazar district includes the Chittagong Division. It is the most popular tourist destination in Bangladesh and world history. The district, famous for its natural beauty, is 160 km from Chittagong and 414 km from Dhaka.



Best Time to Visit Cox’s Bazar:

Coxs Bazar Weather in January-March: The air is slightly humid with average humidity being 67% and also the average temperature is 23 ℃. The weather is perfectly balmy making it a good time to go there. The most temperature recorded during this period is 35 ℃. a perfect season to go. The typical precipitation recorded around this point is 7.13 mm.

Coxs Bazar Weather in April-June: A superb season to go to Coxs Bazar, the typical temperature falls around 29 ℃. The weather is great for outdoor activities, the air being moderately humid. this can be presumably one amongst the most effective times to go to Coxs Bazar and also a tourist season. The typical precipitation recorded around this point is 211.17 mm.

Coxs Bazar Weather in July-September: A nice time to be within the Coxs Bazar, the temperature lies within the range of 23 ℃ and 33 ℃, the typical being 28 ℃. Although the weather is humid, it’s not hot enough to form you not prefer it outdoors! tired all, an honest time to be here! The typical precipitation recorded around this point is 568.66 mm.

Coxs Bazar Weather in October-November: The very best temperature recorded is 33 ℃ which might cause you to want to run to the closest café to down a glass of chilled drink, but the moderate humidity of 81% makes this a superb time to go there. This point period sees a mean precipitation of 68.18 mm.

Coxs Bazar Weather in December: With average humidity of 72%, temperatures sway between 12 ℃ to 30 ℃. Now, this might cause a bit of discomfort, but we are sure, not complaining! This weather is ideal to travel sightseeing around the city of Cox’s Bazar. this point period sees mean precipitation of seven.58 mm.

How to Go Cox’s Bazar:

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar By Bus:

Cox’s Bazar is connected to all the roads, trains and planes from Dhaka. Distance from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is 414 km. Cox’s Bazar route buses leave from different places of Dhaka. But most of the buses leave from Saidabad bus Terminal, Kamalapur, Motijheel, and Arambagh. So, You can go there by bus. There are many bus services available to transport cox’s Bazar. It’s cost none AC service 800 takas and AC service up to 2000 taka.
Ac service is Green Line, President Travels, Hanif Enterprise, Green Line, Desh Travels, Shohag Paribahan, Ena Transport, Royal Coach, Tuba Line, etc.
Non AC service NR Travels, Year 71, Shyamoli SP, Saint Martin Paribahan, Ena Transport, etc.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar By Air:

This is the fastest way to travel. There are 10+ flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar every day by Biman Bangladesh, Regent Airways, NovoAir, and US-Bangla Airlines, etc. Air ticket prices may change every time. So, it’s cost depending on when you book them, so be sure to check the price and availability of airlines’ official websites.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar By Train:

There is no railway connection with Cox’s Bazar directly from Dhaka. If you want to go by train, you must first go from Dhaka to Chittagong. There are numerous transport buses from Chittagong city directly to Cox’s Bazar.

Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar By Bus:

From Chittagong, available transportation services are DESH TRAVELS, STAR LINE, RELEX TRANSPORT, SHOHAGH ELIT, GREEN LINE, TR TRAVELS, SILK LINE, SAINT MARTIN PARIBAHAN, SHANTI PARIBAHAN, etc. That’s services cost 250 takas to 800 takas.

Top Hotels & Restaurants in Cox’s Bazar :

  • Sayeman Beach Resort
    Address: Marine Drive, Road, C- Bazar 4700
    Maps: CX7M+MJ C- Bazar
    Phone: 09610-777888
    : +880 1755 691 917
    Ratings & Review: According to Google Maps 4.5 ratings by 5088 reviews
  • Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Cox-Bazar 4700
    Address: Jaliapalong 4750
    Maps: 628X+7H Inani
    Phone: 01844-016001
    Ratings & Review: According to Google Maps 4.4 ratings by 5500 reviews
  • Hotel Sea Palace Ltd
    Address: Main Road, Cox’s Bazar 4700
    Maps: CXCJ+89 Cox’s Bazar
    Phone: 0341-63692
    Ratings & Review: According to Google Maps 4.2 ratings by 3433 reviews
  • Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort
    Address: 28-29, Hotel Motel Zone, Road
    Maps: CX9J+9X Cox’s Bazar
    Phone: 01938-846777
    Ratings & Review: According to Google Maps 4.3 ratings by 4324 reviews.

Top Restaurant in Cox’s Bazar:

1.EFC-A Live Fish Restaurant
Address: Opposite Hotel Shaibal Motel Road, Hotel Model Zone
Maps: CXMC+RJ C-Bazar
Phone: 01747-394802

2. Jhawban Restaurant
Address: H.No 0001-00, Mukti Joddha Sarani, Hotel Sayeman Rd, C-Bazar 4700
Maps: CXRC+Q8 C-Bazar
Phone: 01818-165941

3. Mermaid Cafe
Address: Near Dragon Mart, Kolatoli Road, Sugandha Beach Sea In point, Hotel Motel, C-Bazar 4700
Maps: CXCH+G8 Cox’s Bazar
Phone: 01841-416461

4. Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant
Address: Beside of Hotel Silver Bay, New Beach Road, Shugondha Point, C-Bazar 4700
Maps: CXFH+QW C-Bazar
Phone: 01745-699912

5. Niribili Restaurant
Address: New Beach Rd, Cox Bazar
Maps: CXGH+X3 C-Bazar
Phone: 01818-785065

6. Handi
Address: Near Hotel Sea World, Sea Beach Road Laboni Point, 4700
Maps: CXHF+2P C-Bazar
Phone: 01919-142634

7. Salt Bistro & Cafe
Address: 10, Kalatoli, Hotel-Motel Zone, C-Bazar 4700
Maps: CXGH+X2 C-Bazar
Phone: 01816-155651

8. Mermaid Cafe
Address: Near Dragon Mart, Kolatoli Road, Sugandha Beach Sea In point, Hotel Motel
Maps: CXCH+G8 C-Bazar
Phone: 01841-416461

9. Sea Lamp Caffe
Address: Near At Kalatoli New Sea Beach, Kalatoli Beach Road Dolphin More, New Beach, 4700
Maps: CX8J+9V C-Bazar
Phone: 01811-599865

10. Al Goni
Address: Evan Plaza, Pekua Thana Rd
Maps: CXVF+H7 C-Bazar
Phone: 01839-656658

11. Stone Forest Restaurant

Address: Beside Himchori Waterfall, Marine Drive, Road, Himchari 4730
Maps: 924F+FJ Himchori
Phone: 01769-362826

12. Hotel Suite Sadaf
Address: Himchari/Marine Drive Road
Maps: CX6P+HP C-Bazar
Phone: 0341-62233

13. Tulip Restaurant & Biryani House
Address: In front of Sugandha Guest House, Sugondha Point Sea In Road
Maps: CXFH+9V C-Bazar
Phone: 01813-060564

14. Shawarma King Restaurant
Address: Ground Floor, Sun Sea Resort, Diamond Palace Guest House Main Road
Maps: CXGH+V7 C-Bazar

Phone: 01616-441617

15. KFC Restaurant
Address: Plot No 08, Block A, Near At Long Beach Out Side, Kalatoli Road, New Beach Rd, C-Bazar 4700
Maps: CXGH+MC C-Bazar
Phone: 0341-52448

Best food in Cox’s Bazar:

Nearly every residential hotel has a restaurant or you can find a restaurant near any hotel. Traveling to Cox Bazar, tourists are more attracted to the fish menu of the sea. Especially shrimp, rupchanda, light, and churi fish. According to the menu, a variety of price lists can be seen at each restaurant. Around 10-500 taka you can enjoy simple and enjoyable food. But before eating, you have to know the name, price, and time of preparation. Keep a list of prices and prices if needed. Pay the bill in conjunction with the list.

Best Things to Do at Cox’s Bazar:


Himchari is located, just 12 km south of Cox’s Bazaar. This is the only cool water fountain in the country of Bangladesh.
With the mountains on one side and the wide beaches on the other, the Marine Drive Road at times seems like a Heaven road. Himchari Beach is also pleasing, with no noise. There is rarely a beach like this in a quiet, peaceful environment. There are several nice fountains around the beach. During the monsoon, snowflakes are rejuvenated. There is also a small tourist center in Himchari. The interior is beautiful.

There are several restrooms on the hill of Himchari. About two hundred stairs have to be climbed. From the summit of the mountain, you can see the whole of Cox’s Bazar beach to the bird’s eye. It is as if the sky has reached the tide of the blue sea. That’s a rare sight. The road from Cox’s Bazar to Himchari Beach is as beautiful and thrilling as Himchari’s beautiful. It is as if the beauty of the imagination is lost. For those who like an enjoyable moment, and want to go to enjoy with friends, the open Jeep Jeep is a good vehicle. When the speeding jeep runs off, looking at the open jeep it will feel like you are wandering in a dream country. It may be the best experience for your life.

Inani Sea Beach:

The Inani Sea Beach is a coastal area of ​​the Bay of Bengal. It became a tourist hub in the late 20th century. In Cox’s Bazar district, Inani is the Emerging Tiger in the tourism sector. Inani coral reefs are located about 27 km south of Cox’s Bazar city and 15 km away from Himchari. The sea to the west and a wonderful place to the east is one of the tourist attractions in Bangladesh. From Marina Drive to Cox’s Bazar is to go to Inani. it is the most fascinating Inani beaches, From Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf, one hundred and twenty kilometers long.

Laboni Beach:

Bangladesh is the largest delta in the world. Cox’s Bazar is one of the most fascinating places on this island. Laboni Point is located on the beach in Cox’s Bazar. Every time hundreds of people come here to enjoy the natural beauty. Wide beaches, huge waves of beaches can be seen to get lost. Cox’s Bazar is the first thing to say about Bangladesh’s beaches Cox’s Bazar in Kalatali is the old Sea Beach, also known as Labani Point or Old Sea Beach. Due to its nearly to the city of Cox’s Bazar, Labani Beach is considered to be the main beach of Cox’s Bazar. There are small shops in the area adjacent to the beach, offering a variety of products. Apart from this, the oyster market is set up for tourist attraction.

Ramu Buddhist Vihar:

Ramu is an Upazila under Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh. There is a traditional Buddhist monument that numerous ancient historical artifacts in Ramu. Among these are the Buddhist temples, the Bihar and therefore the Chaitya-Jadi. There are about 35 Buddhist temples in Ramu. At the Paharchaura of North Mithachari, is a 100-foot tall statue of Gautama Buddha. According to locals, it is the largest in Asia. Two kilometers away, the central boundary has been erected on a Seema Bihar spectacular architectural style. There are numerous small Buddhist monasteries scattered around.

Adinath Temple:

Adinath Temple is located in Maheshkhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District. Adinath Temple is situated on the Minak hill of Maheshkhali Island in Cox’s Bazar district. In this temple, the Hindu deity Shiva is worshiped as Adinath. Every year, in the month of Bangla Falgun, a 13-day-long fair is held here at the foot of Minak Hill. Hindu Punarithis from different places around Bangladesh attend the fair. On the other hand, many people visit the fair for their enjoyment. You can easily reach Adinath Temple from Cox’s Bazar. From Cox’s Bazar, you can reach Maheshkhali by renting a boat or a speedboat for only 15 / – rickshaw.

Saint Martin’s Island:

St. Martin’s Island is a coral reef located northeast of the Bay of Bengal in the south of Bangladesh and an attraction place for travelers. It is located about 9 km south of Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district and 8 km west of the coast of Myanmar at the mouth of the Naf river. It’s known as Narikel Zinjira for a lot of coconuts.

Moheshkhali Island:

Cox’s Bazar or St. Martin’s may have been visited several times in search of beauty in nature. Now come from Maheshkhali Island. Once you get to Maheshkhali, the only hill island in the country, you will want to visit again and again. This place, full of natural forms, houses all the temples of Hindu and Buddhist religions. Upon the top of the mountain, the magnificent waters of the vast Sunil sea are seen only from Maheshkhali.

The mountains, the islands, and the ocean are the only green and green around this island. Just a combination of green at the border of sight. Any tourist arriving here falls in the Maya of this evergreen island. Maheshkhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District is Maheshkhali Island It is located only 12 km from Cox’s Bazar. After the intense cyclone and tidal wave of the year, the island was separated from the mainland.

Sonadia Island:

Cox’s Bazar is the first in Bangladesh in terms of tourist attraction. There is no point in disagreeing with anyone on this. This is the largest island in the world, not only Bangladeshi but also the tourist attraction of foreign tourists throughout the year. Maheshkhali Island is a wonderful place in Cox’s Bazar district. If you do not travel to Cox’s Bazar without traveling to Maheshkhali, travel is futile and one of the reasons for visiting Maheshkhali is the visit to Sonadia Island.

The distance from Cox’s Bazar district to Maheshkhali is 12 km. Sonadia Island is located northwest of Cox’s Bazar and south of Maheshkhali Island. By a canal, it’s separated from the island of Maheshkhali. And Sonadia Island is located at the base of the sea about 7 km from Maheshkhali. The island of Sonadia, located in Hook Union, under Maheshkhali Upazila, is 9 sq km. The island is formed from mangroves and coastal forests. The thrill of the sea is always filled with the deep blue waters of the sea, red crabs, banana forests, marine birds.

Emergency Services in Cox’s Bazar:

Cox-National Hospital
Address: Gorakghata Municipality
Phone: 0341-51111

General Hospital Cox’s Bazar
Address: Hospital Rd, Cox’s Bazar 4700
Phone: 01736-301274

Sea Side Hospital
Address: West Side Of Shodor Hospital, Jame Masjid Road
Phone: 01778-141686

Cox’s Bazar Gano Shastho Kendro
Address: Hotel Sayeman Rd
Phone: 0341-62803

Central Hospital Cox’s Bazar
Address: Near Boys’ School, Hospital Rd
Phone: 0341-63344

Tips for Cox’s Bazar Tour:

  • First, you create a plan ahead with time to create a travel list.
  • Know the full address of the residence, phone number, and mobile number, including transportation and transportation system in advance.
  • Traveling in groups is much more fun than traveling solo. Stay with the team for more fun. It’s best not to be isolated. It also costs more.
  • Enter the hotel address and hotel phone number on your phone.
  • Be sure to check your bank and credit card company before traveling.
  • When traveling in the off-season, put on a raincoat, umbrella, before traveling.
  • Learn the complete guide and information on how long to stay, where to stay/visit.
  • Keep with torches, batteries, mobile chargers, water bottles, hats, shirts, trousers, sunglasses.
  • Find out about the menu and prices of food, rent for accommodation. Also, you have to be transparent about transportation costs in advance.
  • Be careful about shopping. Book your car seat in advance.
  • Be careful about the high altitude of the beach. If necessary, go to the top of the beach and look at the lower area. Because these areas are full of water during the tide. Many people were forced to come to the shore by falling into the low area of ​​the waterway. So follow the advice of locals, including lifeguards, to avoid unforeseen accidents.
  • Booking only with tour operators about package tours. If any problems arise, contact the headquarters of these organizations. Save their office mobile and guide number.
  • For security purposes, keep the hotel’s visiting card, mobile number as well as phone number and lifeguard numbers of local police and beach police. In case of any danger, seek the assistance of hotel authorities and police