How Professional Movers Handle Piano
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When relocating, you need to plan how to move your valuable belongings. A piano is Handle Piano among the items you need to move safely, as it is fragile, heavy, and expensive. You should hire local movers to transport your piano without causing any form of damage. Here is how professionals may handle your piano when moving:

Prepping the Piano

Professional movers prepare your piano for smooth and safe movement out of the door into the moving truck. They utilize the following tools when moving it:

  • Piano straps lock the piano and make sure nothing can fly open during transportation. Heavy-duty straps also secure your piano to the dolly.
  • Padding is used to protect the body of the piano during the relocation.
  • Moving planks and dollies distribute the pressure and weight of the piano.

Different piano types require varying prepping for safety during relocation. Upright pianos, for instance, are easier to maneuver and manipulate than full-size grand pianos.

Your house layout and the number of stairs your home has also determine the level of prepping the piano needs. If your home is less spacious or you have many stairs, the piano needs extra careful preparation for safety during the moving process.

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Protecting the Piano Lid

Moving companies lock the piano lid to prevent it from opening during the move. Piano keys are fragile and must be protected by the cover when transporting your piano. Movers understand this and do all they can to protect the keys from damage.

If the keyboard lid does not lock, local movers wrap the piano making sure the lid is closed. They avoid materials such as tape that could damage the wood surface of the piano.

Wrapping the Piano

Professional moving companies have padding or blankets to wrap your piano on all corners. They use thick blankets to protect it from any bumps along the way. Movers then secure padding and blankets with tape, making sure the tape does not directly come into contact with the piano’s body or surface.

A well-wrapped piano won’t get scratched by the house walls when transported to the truck. Its walls are not damaged when the truck hits a bump on the road.

Lifting the Piano

Local movers refrain from raising the piano by its legs when lifting your piano onto the furniture dolly or the truck. Piano legs are vulnerable and could easily break.

Moving companies maintain the piano in an upright position even when lifting it. Laying it on the side could shift the inner mechanics, affecting its sound.

Movers also use a minimum of four people to place straps on the piano and lift it on the furniture dolly. They then secure the piano, making sure the legs are flat on the dolly. If your piano has casters, they lock the casters in place to make sure the piano is secure for transportation.

Securing Your Piano in the Truck

Moving companies have spacious trucks suited for transporting pianos. They may place your piano on the back wall, closest to the cab, for balance. Local movers also use wood planks for flooring, as most moving trucks are not level. This helps to relieve pressure off the piano legs and casters that could struggle to stabilize during the move.

Some local movers use planks and straps to secure your piano to the truck wall. This makes sure the piano cannot roll when the truck moves.

Hire Local Movers to Move Your Piano

If you plan to relocate, you need to hire professionals to move items such as pianos. They are heavy and valuable, requiring experienced professionals to prep and transport them safely. Hiring local movers assures you that your piano gets transported safely without causing any damage. They have all the necessary tools and techniques to transport your piano.

Local movers use tools such as straps, padded blankets, and furniture dollies to make sure your piano gets to your destination safely. Dollies and belts provide weight distribution and increase maneuverability during the moving process. Moving companies also wrap your piano with blankets and padding to make sure its surface is not scratched when the truck hits a bump on the road. Professional movers know how to handle valuable equipment like a piano safely.