Planning Engagement Photoshoot
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Wedding photographers can capture the love and excitement of your engagement with some beautiful photos. Planning for an engagement photoshoot can be overwhelming at times. From picking the right outfit to scouting the perfect location, there are many details to consider for the ideal engagement photoshoot.

Here is an engagement photoshoot shot list to help make your day memorable:


Back-to-back is one of the simplest but most iconic poses that involves you and your partner standing back-to-back. Make sure you’re on a level surface to avoid awkward angles and coordinate your outfits for an effortless and romantic look. You can hold arms for an intimate touch or keep them apart for a playful, light-hearted feel.

A back-to-back shot can be an artistic way to highlight your relationship’s closeness while recognizing your differences. It’s a timeless, beautiful way to document your engagement.

Forehead Kiss

Nothing captures the emotion of a romantic moment like a gentle forehead kiss. You’ll have a sweet, intimate photo that looks great from any angle.

Face each other, close your eyes, and let one partner lean towards the other for a tender forehead kiss. Hold that pose for a few seconds to allow your wedding photographers to capture the moment. The shot may be best taken during the early morning or late evening when the sun’s light is soft and unlikely to cast harsh shadows.

A Non-face Photo

Are you and your partner camera-shy but still want a unique shot? Try a pose that highlights the beauty of your relationship without focusing on your faces. You can achieve this by having your backs face the camera. Once in position, you can intertwine or rest your hands on each other’s shoulders or cuddle for an intimate moment.

Pick a location with beautiful scenery, such as a beach, a field of wildflowers, or a sunset spot for the perfect backdrop. What’s left is for your wedding photographers to capture the candid moment and create a beautiful, intimate-looking moment.

The Walk Pose

The walking pose may seem ordinary, but walking shots can look stunning when done right. It involves the couple walking side by side or one partner, particularly the bride-leading the groom.

You can walk hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm, gently nudging each other for a playful touch. Try different walking poses in different locations to give your engagement photos more variety. You could then use a picture collage tool to create a “walking” series that tells the story of your love. The shot works best in outdoor locations such as a beach, a garden, or a place that holds special meaning for you and your partner.

Lifting the Bride-to-Be in the Air

If you’re a fan of romantic movies or fairy tales, this is a common pose that can add a whimsical feel to your engagement photos. To achieve this look:

  • Have your partner lift you in the air while you look down at them
  • Wrap your arms around their neck
  • Pop your legs in the air or curl them on your partner’s waist for an even more dramatic look
  • Make sure you’re comfortable, secure, and have a good balance

Beaches or fields of wildflowers make a perfect backdrop for this shot. Discuss with your wedding photographers what angles work best, or have them take a series of shots for more options.

Detail Shot

A detail shot allows you to capture intimate details that tell your love story. It may include intertwined fingers or the sparkle of your engagement ring. Don’t be afraid to get creative and incorporate items that have special significance to the two of you. Keep the background as simple and uncluttered as possible to draw attention to the main subject.

Ring Shot

Make the ring the focal point of the photo by positioning it front and center. Hold the hand with the ring slightly above eye level so the wedding photographers can capture it without any obstacles.

Experiment with different angles to find the one that best accentuates the ring’s sparkle. Incorporate props, such as flowers or candles, to add depth and interest to the photo.

Work With the Best Wedding Photographers for Your Engagement Photoshoot

Your engagement photoshoot should be a fun experience that captures your love in its truest form. Take some time to plan the details with your wedding photographers and decide what you both want to achieve out of the session. Planning what shots you want in advance may help you to get the most out of your shoot.