Bayan Lepas

Bayan Lepas is a town located in Malaysia’s southeastern tip of Penang Island. It is home to Penang International Airport (PEN), one of the busiest airports in Malaysia and South East Asia. The airport is an important hub for flights within Southeast Asia, connecting various regional destinations. PEN also caters to long-haul international flights, providing airlines with direct access to Bayan Lepas and other locations across Malaysia.

PEN has become an increasingly popular gateway for tourists who wish to explore the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Bayan Lepas and Penang Island. With its wide range of flight routes, Bayan Lepas Airport offers travelers convenient access to this vibrant town and its many best attractions. Being a major economic center in the region, Bayan Lepas is an ideal destination for business travelers looking to explore opportunities in the area. From the airport, travelers can access nearby cities and towns, as well as international destinations around the world.

The airport is also conveniently situated near Bayan Lepas’ shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments. With its modern facilities, Bayan Lepas Airport is a gateway to this vibrant town and all that it has to offer.

Penang Bridge

Spanning 8.4km, the iconic Penang Bridge is one of Asia’s longest bridges and provides an unparalleled connection between the island and mainland Seberang Perai. As you traverse it, a breathtaking view of the port city awaits. While stopping on the bridge itself isn’t allowed, many take advantage of its emergency stop areas to snap some photos! A national symbol since 1985, this marvel was then joined in 2013 by Second Penang Bridge – extending further still from Batu Muang to Batu Kawan on land.

By Bus

The Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal, situated in the Bayan Lepas Area, provides an array of connections to and from Kuala Lumpur and Thailand via buses. This terminal serves the whole of Penang Island, with tickets for these routes costing between RM60-80 for travelers bound for Kuala Lumpur.

By Car

Getting around in Penang by hire car is easy. Bayan Lepas is connected to the mainland of Seberang Perai via two bridges – Penang Bridge and 2nd Penang Bridge. These are readily accessible thanks to the North-South Expressway, a connection that links up Peninsular Malaysia’s western coast in its entirety.