KBO Tornado E-Bike

The KBO Tornado is an electric bicycle with unique features that enable it to provide a pleasant experience. It will take you through any terrain in style and is offered at a better price than the competition. When you consider the KBO Tornado’s parts with other electric bikes sporting the same components, the price seems to stand out the most. How does this e-bike combine cool features with such a great price?

The unique experiences most e-bikes promise tend to be expensive. Most of these provide features you may need much later on future trips. The problem is, these items could have become ruined or old by then! The KBO Tornado’s features are concise and designed for active riding. Its other free accessories, which are included in your purchase, make this e-bike one-of-a-kind. And there’s more to explore.


Price $1,249
Motor750W brushless geared hub motor
Battery48V 14 Ah lithium-ion battery
Tire Size26″ x 4″
Derailleur System Shimano 6-speed gear shift system
Frame 6061 aluminum frame
Brakes160mm mechanical disc brakes
Payload Capacity 350 lbs
Suspension Front fork suspension

KBO Tornado Performance Review

The KBO Tornado is a fat tire e-bike designed for enjoying versatility across different terrains, from rocky grounds to snowy paths. Its high-quality features (listed above) enable it to perform exceptionally. Below are some other parts of the experience:


The torque of an electric bike is defined as the amount of rotational force it can generate, which is powered by the motor. This is what enables it to provide propulsion from a stop and acceleration during rides. The Tornado uses a 750W brushless geared hub motor, which can provide a torque of 60Nm. I found this reliable on the rough grounds around my neighborhood, where the streets are mostly smooth.

I decided to ride up a particularly steep road that most riders in the area tend to avoid for the stress of climbing. Suffice it to say the Tornado performed excellently and the ride up was almost as smooth and easy as being on a straight road.


This is one of the most debated aspects of e-bikes, and it is probably because there is no universal way to determine battery range. It is either listed among the specs or you can find out by yourself after riding and depleting the charge. Battery range is the total distance you can potentially travel on a full charge, and is one of the vital things to consider when getting an e-bike. Can the battery cater to your commute?

The Tornado fat tire e-bike uses a 48V 14Ah LG battery, which provides a range of 45 miles without assistance. Since this is affected by factors like riding weight, terrain, and electric power use, I decided to ride alone and on smooth ground. While I didn’t deplete the battery, it was remaining 60% after I’d traveled about 20 miles. Plus, I charged my phone for about 5-10 minutes.


The KBO Tornado has a step-thru option, which makes it accessible to a wider range of riders. Two versions of the e-bike are provided, instead of one. Besides this, there is a step-thru version that does not have a top tube that runs through the bike’s seat to the handlebars. This simple omission means all types of riders will find this e-bike easy to hop on and off.

Seniors and riders with limited mobility or other physical limitations will enjoy being outdoors more if they use the KBO Tornado Step-thru. Besides this and a $50 price gap, they both share similar features.

Derailleur System

E-bikes generally use a gear system, which enables you to adjust to the riding conditions of the different terrains you encounter. The KBO Tornado’s 26″ x 4″ fat tires are designed to adjust to both even and uneven grounds, making it suitable for all-season riding. This is helped further by its Shimano 6-speed gear shift system, which makes it possible to adapt to different terrains on the fly.

While riding up a particularly steep incline in the road, I shifted to the larger cog. The bike’s efficiency immediately improved, and I was able to move at a much higher speed than I anticipated.

Pedal-assist/Throttle System

The KBO Tornado features both pedal assist and throttle systems, allowing you to choose your preferred mode of operation. You can use them independently or in combination with each other, customizing the experience to your liking. The intelligent pedal-assist system uses both cadence and torque sensors to detect your pedaling and give assistance. To avoid surprises, use this in a safe place till you get used to it.

You can select from five pedal-assist levels to determine how much effort you want to put into pedaling. The throttle system allows you to cruise along at a consistent speed. It can be activated with a half-twist of the right handlebar. Use the throttle to avoid pedaling completely, and enjoy the ride.

Throttle System


The KBO Tornado comes with a front suspension fork that provides up to 100mm of travel, which can provide a smoother ride on rough terrain. It proved very useful in absorbing the shock when I rode across some bumpy roads. This front fork suspension should be adequate for most off-road terrain, including gravel paths and dirt trails.

Additionally, the bike has a suspension seat post that further enhances the bike’s overall suspension system. This addition works for an e-bike of its price and makes it more comfortable to enjoy riding longer distances.

In Conclusion

Many fat tire e-bikes are designed for different aspects of riding. However, only a few deliver the perfect combination of high-quality features and a great price, like the KBO Tornado. It combines several unique features that enable it to stand out from the competition and enhance your riding experience. I probably enjoyed using the saddle most due to its extra shock absorption.

The increased stability of its 4″ tires and the shock absorption of its front fork suspension prove this e-bike is a versatile beast for multi-terrain riding. It is worth giving it a try.