Fun Activities for Pigeon Forge Spring Trip

Spring is in the air–it is the perfect time to plan your Pigeon Forge vacation if you want an unforgettable experience. With spring comes plenty of opportunities to explore beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and great attractions in this vibrant Smoky Mountain town. The area offers a wide array of family-friendly activities that guarantee an exciting trip that everyone can enjoy.

Whether looking for outdoor adventure or fun indoor activities, Pigeon Forge has something for everyone! Join us as we look at all the amazing things you can do on your next visit here.

Stay at a Relaxing Cabin with a View:

An amazing way to experience the beauty of Pigeon Forge is to rent a cabin nestled in the mountains. You can wake up to the sounds of nature and breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains right outside your window. There are many options for cabins in Pigeon Forge, ranging from rustic to luxurious, so you can find the perfect one for your group.

Many cabins come equipped with amenities such as hot tubs, fireplaces, and game rooms, making them an ideal choice for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. Plus, staying in a cabin allows you to disconnect from the hectic schedule of everyday life and fully immerse yourself in the area’s natural beauty.

Experience Theater Shows:

If you’re looking for a family-friendly comedy show in Pigeon Forge, The Comedy Barn is a great choice. This long-running show features a clean, wholesome comedy suitable for all ages. The performers at The Comedy Barn include comedians, jugglers, ventriloquists, barnyard animals, and musicians, all of whom work together to create a hilarious and memorable experience. One of the show’s highlights includes the ventriloquist act when the audience is introduced to Bonzo and other friendly puppets.

Play at Dollywood:

Dollywood is one of the most popular attractions in Pigeon Forge. This sprawling theme park has over 50 thrilling rides, including roller coasters, water rides, and gentle rides for young children. There are also plenty of country-themed shows and live entertainment throughout the park.

Dollywood also offers a variety of delicious restaurants and snack bars where you can refuel before hitting the rides again. Plus, there are several shops that sell souvenirs and handmade crafts from local artisans. No matter your age, Dollywood has something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on the many special events in Dollywood throughout the year. The park hosts concerts, festivals, and other exciting seasonal activities that add fun to your visit.

Hike in the National Park:

No trip to Pigeon Forge is complete without a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This sprawling wilderness area spans over 520,000 acres and is home to various wildlife, including black bears, elk, and wild turkeys. The park has plenty of trails to explore, ranging from easy hikes suitable for all ages to more challenging ones for experienced hikers.

One of the most famous trails in the park is the Alum Cave Trail. This trail takes you to some of the most breathtaking views in the Smokies, including the Alum Cave Bluffs and Mt. LeConte. Along the way, you’ll pass by some of the highest peaks in Tennessee, including Clingmans Dome and Mt. Cammerer. Hiking the trails in the Smokies is one of the best ways to experience their natural beauty.

Explore the Local Art Scene:

Pigeon Forge is home to a thriving arts and culture scene. This small town has several galleries, studios, and museums that showcase the work of local and regional artists.

You can browse pottery, paintings, jewelry, and more from talented artisans at The Old Mill Square, one of the most popular places in Pigeon Forge. Several shops and boutiques sell unique gifts and handmade items, such as jewelry, quilts, and home decor.

Additionally, Pigeon Forge hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, including music concerts and art shows. Be sure to check out the local calendar to find out what’s happening during your visit.

Explore the Island:

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Pigeon Forge, The Island is the place to be. This entertainment complex features a variety of attractions, including the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, a 200-foot observation wheel that provides stunning views of the Smoky Mountains.

The Island also has plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes to explore. And be sure to take advantage of the live shows and entertainment, including music, laser tag, and an arcade. The Island is a great place for the whole family to have fun in the spring.

However, the best part of The Island is its beautiful outdoor setting. Here you can relax in a rocking chair and watch the Island Show Fountain put on an incredible performance of dancing water and light. No matter what you choose to do, The Island is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Visit Titanic Museum Attraction:

Visiting the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge is a unique and educational experience. This museum is a tribute to the famous Titanic and the passengers and crew aboard during its fateful maiden voyage. The museum features numerous exhibits and artifacts that provide a glimpse into what life was like on the ship, including a replica of the Grand Staircase, a collection of personal items belonging to passengers, and interactive displays that allow visitors to experience what it was like to be on the Titanic.

One of the most wanted exhibits at the museum is the “Iceberg Experience,” which allows visitors to touch a simulated iceberg and feel the temperature of the water on the night of the Titanic’s sinking. The Titanic Museum Attraction is an excellent destination for history buffs, families, and anyone interested in learning more about this tragic event in world history.


Pigeon Forge is an amazing place to visit in the spring season. Whether you want to experience something unique or soak up the sunny days while engaging in some outdoor recreation, you will surely find something just right for you. And be sure to remember the delicious food served throughout the town. A great way to treat yourself after a day of enjoying all that Pigeon Forge has to offer.

So, now all that’s left is planning your trip and gathering what supplies you need to make it one of your most memorable trips yet. With all the options available, you won’t be ready for your big adventure in beautiful Pigeon Forge.