Why You Should Visit Alberta

Canada is a vast country, second only to Russia in landmass, and draws in millions of tourists every year. One of the finest provinces to visit is Alberta, which combines major urban centers with national parks to provide visitors with distractions, both man-made and natural. From museums delving into the distant past to the latest in online casino gaming, lakes that have amazed human admirers for thousands of years to charming hiking trails, Alberta is a province with attractions to suit every soul.

Number One – Online Casinos

Some of Alberta’s top destinations have been visited by humans for literally millennia, while others (such as Calgary Tower) date to the mid-20th century. One of the most popular diversions to enjoy in this part of Canada is entirely ephemeral. The best casino sites for Alberta players can be easily accessed when there’s little time to kill or indulge for hours at a time. Finding top sites is easy, just follow Online-Casinos.ca’s take on Alberta for impartial reviews that concisely assess where to play and where to avoid. It will save you time, which you can use to discover Alberta’s top attractions.

Number Two – Athabasca Falls

Located in Jasper National Park, Athabasca Falls is a perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy some outstanding beauty. While the overall drop is not huge (24 meters or 79 feet) fans of waterfalls will be struck by the power of Athabasca Falls, and numerous viewing platforms make it easy to get great photos from varying vantage points. There’s also a 12-minute hiking trail nearby, which is popular with birdwatchers and runners.

Number Three – Royal Tyrrell Museum

Alberta has more than its fair share of fantastic views and beautiful landscapes, but it’s also not short on cultural attractions, with a prime example being the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The exhibits cover the fossils and bones of the ancient past, such as the Cretaceous and Palaeozoic, and the dinosaurs are always popular (particularly the resident Tyrannosaurus Rex). Visitors can also experience a plethora of activities, including camp-ins for children aged 5 to 13, a science camp for children aged 9 to 17, and a moderately difficult hike for those aged 16 and older.

Number Four – Calgary Tower

The world-famous Calgary Tower is one of the tallest structures in Canada (and the tallest outside of Toronto). Built-in the 1960s, today, the tower offers a feast for the eyes at Sky360, a restaurant that perfectly complements the view with award-winning wine and excellent food. There are also ample shopping opportunities, with plenty of souvenirs available at the gift shop. Plus, those who purchase admission to the observation deck can take advantage of free Wi-Fi to access distractions such as online casinos in Alberta.

Number Five – Lake Minnewanka

Cold and starkly beautiful, the glacial Lake Minnewanka of Banff National Park has an incredible history of human visitation. For over 10,000 years, people have admired the waters of this lake, as proven by the ancient stone tools discovered nearby. Summer activities available here include hiking in the pretty surroundings or taking a canoe onto the lake waters. Local wildlife means photography fans can snap not just the lake and mountains but also deer and elk (with wolves and bears also present).

Number Six – Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is a wonderful place to visit, although it’s worth knowing the road there is only open in the summer months (June to October), and personal vehicles are not permitted. Access requires a shuttle or public transit, therefore. Located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake is another great national park attraction and has a breathtaking azure hue that looks spectacular in person (and makes for great photos). The Rockpile Trail is a popular way for visitors to stretch their legs before taking a picture of the lake.

Number Seven – Maligne Canyon

Alberta is brimming with excellent hiking trails, and one of the very best can be found at Maligne Canyon. Half a dozen bridges span the deepest canyon in Jasper National Park, and the first two are ideal for those seeking a gentle hike. Crossing the third provides the perfect place from which to take photographs, while those really wanting to stretch their legs can explore all the bridges. In winter, intrepid adventurers can venture into the canyon for a guided ice walk surrounded by frozen waterfalls and ice-laden caverns.

Number Eight – Heritage Park

Heritage Park Historical Village is acres of parkland where fun meets history. Exhibits include ancient motor vehicles such as the 1905 Brush Model B Runabout and the 1920 Fuel Tank Wagon. Locomotive exhibits abound in the train yard, and the museum is home to buildings from the Bachelor’s Tent Cabin to the Bruderheim Windmill. Numerous eateries are available, with The Selkirk standing out thanks to its fine dining menu. The fun programs of Heritage Park engage youngsters with activities such as scavenger hunts, historic games, and art.

Number Nine – Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo

Appreciators of fantastic fauna will enjoy visiting the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo. There’s a diverse array of charming inhabitants for visitors to admire. These include native Canadian species such as black, grizzly, and polar bears, otters, caribou, cougars, moose, owls, and wolves. Big cats are always a big draw, and Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is home to both lions and tigers, plus the rare snow leopard, with other big beasts, including giraffes, gorillas, and hippos. But when it comes to cuteness, it’s hard to beat the adorable red panda.

Number Ten – Johnston Canyon

Hikers who like a mild challenge might find Johnston Canyon one of the most intriguing places to visit in Alberta. The hiking trail is slightly over 5 km and takes less than two hours to complete. It’s also a great choice for anyone with a four-legged friend, as dogs are welcome (but must be kept on a leash). The wooded canyon provides gloriously scenic views, with the earlier portion of the trail making use of walkways and bridges, while the latter section is more natural. The frozen waterfalls are also popular for ice-climbing in winter for those brave of heart.

From beautiful canyons and lakes to marvelous museums, online casinos, and soaring towers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Alberta.