Best Things to Do Red Fort
Red fort tour india

Red Fort Tourist Attraction

Red Fort Most tourist attraction place for visiting in Delhi. It was a very delightful and great day. When I and my friend visited one of the best historical monuments in Delhi.

History of Red Fort:

It was established by the Mughal emperor in 1638. It took over a decade to construct that is 10 years. We took the metro to visit there. Firstly we reach Chandani chowk metro station. Then we walk 10min and finally, we are in front of our goal.

Red Fort Building Material:

Most of the people don’t know the color of the Red Fort. It is white in color as it is made with the limestone but after a few periods its color is chipping off. Then the British decide to paint with red.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit in July Season. The temperature of Delhi is quite high in this season. So, if you are planning to visit red fort come in November to February season to protect your body from dehydration. Then you will enjoy lots. It’s open at 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (except Monday)

Red Fort Entry Fee for Indians and Others :

Somehow we find the location of the ticket counter and we buy a ticket for entry. The cost of the ticket is 80 for Indians and 500 for foreigners. Also for the foreigner, there is a special line other than us.

Entered Red Fort:

After the security checkup, we both get entered through the gate. While walking after 10 – 20 steps inside there are lots of things to buy as many small shops are there. Also, many things to buy which is related to this historical monument.

Note: (I can say that lots of selling things are related to girls. so if you are going with your girlfriend or wife be aware of the price of items.)

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Best Things to Do Red Fort:

When I went more inside the red fort I saw outside there is construction or renovation is going on by the government of India as some parts of the red fort are little bit damage due to weather conditions. The best part of this fort. There is no restriction you can take photos as much as you can it might be a great place for photography for photo lover person.

Red fort is spread across 256acres. So if you want to see all the things inside this fort come in the morning and keeps your legs tight. You will probably walk 1.5 km while watching all the things of there. (suggestion: if you are going in between April to July so keep your water bottle with yourself.)

Interesting Facts:

It is established by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1648. After that, it was controlled by the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.

As we know the British are taking control over India after defeating Bahadur Shah Zafar. ( Diwan-i-khan trial by the British count when they found the emperor guilty and he stripped of his title).

The Mughal emperors as used to call it as Qila-e-Mubarak. So, we got to know that the real name of the red fort is Qila-e-Mubarak. Which simplifies the blessed fort.

The main purpose of making this beautiful fort by the Mughal emperors is that he went to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi.

Inside the, there is the museum, and rang mahal is also built. where some fun activities should be held. The meaning of rang mahal is ” place of color” this place is also used by clients of the emperor. Nearby the rang mahal, Khas mahal is situated for the personal palace of the emperor.

If we talked about entrance then there are two entrance of the red fort which includes the Delhi Gate and the Lahore gate. As Lahore gate got its name as it was as open towards Lahore because earlier in India and Pakistan is the same country. On every independence day. The prime minister of India hoists the national flag at the red fort and deliver the speech.

One more interesting point about the red fort. The shape of the it is octagonal. when one’s visit inside it does not seem o be octagonal also from outside but if you can see from upwards while traveling in an airplane then appears to be octagonal. which shows the real creativity that is out of standing design by Ustad named and Ustad Ahmad.

World Heritage:

The red fort is also included in world heritage site y UNESCO in 2007 for his historical and cultural importance.

After taking British control over the red fort they start destroying spree. Also, they continued to demolish and harming several parts of the red fort. There are lots of valuable things that were sold by the British.

You Should Visit :

So, conclude in simple words it is a\good to place to visit if you visited Delhi. It is your bad luck that you don’t see this beautiful architecture by Mughal emperors. when there were no advanced technologies were introduced.

For reaching your destination place. Take the metro train and there is a station name Lal Qila visit there. After 5-minute walking distance. you will reach your destination place.