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Justina Blakeney, who started “The Jungalow” lifestyle blog, has crafted a distinctive and thriving space dedicated to bohemian interior design and lifestyle elements. Since launching in 2010, she has positioned her brand as a hub for practical design advice and inspiration for those aiming to infuse their homes with a “boho” flair.

In this article, we will look at The Jungalow a Bohemian Lifestyle Blog by Justina Blakeneythe Jungalow, overview Justina’s success, and explore how much money experts on the blog can earn.

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Who is the owner of Jungalow?

The owner of Jungalow is Justina Blakeney. She is a designer and artist known for her vibrant, bohemian style that often incorporates a lot of greenery and eclectic, global influences. Blakeney started Jungalow as a blog and it has since evolved into a lifestyle brand, offering home décor, accessories, and more, all featuring her signature colorful, plant-filled aesthetic.

Background of Justina Blakeney:

A multi-talented designer and artist, Justina Blakeney wears many hats, but perhaps she’s best recognized for her distinctive bohemian style that has enchanted thousands. Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Justina’s exposure to diverse cultures, colors, and landscapes has profoundly influenced her aesthetic. She has journeyed through various creative fields, from fashion to graphic design, before finding her true passion in home décor and interior design.

The Origin of “The Jungalow” and its Significance in the World of Bohemian Lifestyle:

The term “Jungalow” is a blend of “jungle” and “bungalow”, embodying a space where nature meets home. Justina Blakeney coined this term when she began documenting her own home’s transformation, filled with an abundance of plants, vibrant colors, and global patterns. The Jungalow is more than just a décor style; it’s a lifestyle philosophy. It champions creativity, nature, and the colorful chaos that ensues when various design elements meet.

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What is Jungalow style?

Jungalow style, pioneered by Justina Blakeney, is a vibrant and unique approach to interior design that combines bohemian aesthetics with an emphasis on plants and nature. Key characteristics of Jungalow style include:

Botanical Abundance: The core element of Jungalow style is the abundant use of plants. Interiors are often filled with a variety of greenery, creating a lush, jungle-like feel. This not only adds color and life to the space but also promotes a connection with nature.

Bold Colors and Patterns: Jungalow style is known for its use of bright, bold colors and eclectic patterns. This often includes a mix of global textiles, such as Moroccan rugs, African mud cloth, or Indian tapestries, creating a rich, layered look.

Artistic and Eclectic Elements: Art plays a big role in Jungalow style, with walls often adorned with a mix of artworks, including paintings, prints, and woven pieces. The style embraces creativity and individuality, so handmade and artisanal items are common.

Global Influences: The bungalow style is heavily influenced by cultures from around the world. Elements of tribal, bohemian, and other ethnic designs are often incorporated, reflecting a love for travel and cultural exploration.

Texture and Material Mix: A variety of textures and materials are used in the Jungalow style, from natural fibers like rattan and bamboo to plush velvets and linens. This mix adds depth and interest to the space.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Focus: There’s often an emphasis on sustainability, with the use of vintage or second-hand pieces, as well as materials and products that are eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

Personalization: Above all, Jungalow style is deeply personal. It’s about creating a space that reflects the individual’s personality, experiences, and love, making each Jungalow-styled home unique.

Key Elements of Bohemian Lifestyle:

Historical Roots of Bohemianism:

Bohemianism dates back to 19th-century France when artists and writers began rebelling against the traditional bourgeois lifestyle. This counter-culture was more than just an aesthetic; it was a reflection of their free spirits, a rejection of societal norms, and a celebration of artistry and originality.

Fundamental Principles and Ethos:

At the core of bohemianism lies individualism, freedom, and a deep connection with nature. It’s about living authentically, embracing imperfections, and finding beauty in the unconventional. The bohemian ethos encourages open-mindedness, artistic expression, and a desire to break away from the constraints of traditional society.

How Bohemian Lifestyle Differentiates from Mainstream Culture:

While mainstream culture often champions uniformity, consumerism, and structured living, bohemianism promotes a more organic, fluid, and spontaneous way of life. It finds joy in the unique, values experiences over possessions, and nurtures the soul through art, nature, and meaningful relationships.

Interiors & Home Décor:

Interiors & Home Décor

Incorporating Plants for an Indoor Jungle Feel:

Plants breathe life into a home. From large potted palms to trailing pothos, the inclusion of greenery transforms spaces into living, breathing sanctuaries. Not only do plants purify the air, but they also create a sense of calm and connection with nature, even in urban settings.

Mix and Match Patterns: Tips and Tricks:

In the world of bohemian décor, more is more. Layer rugs of various patterns, throw in some patterned cushions and drape vibrant textiles on walls. The key is to maintain a cohesive color palette, allowing different patterns to coexist harmoniously. When in doubt, always revert to nature for inspiration, from the symmetrical patterns on leaves to the intricate designs on seashells.

Textures and Fabrics to Accentuate the Boho Vibe:

Textures play a vital role in bohemian interiors. Think macramé hangings, tufted ottomans, and shaggy rugs. Materials like jute, linen, and velvet can be incorporated for a tactile experience. Remember, it’s about creating a space that’s warm, inviting, and tells a story.

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DIY Projects for Bohemian Home Décor:

The beauty of the bohemian style lies in its personal touch. Consider creating a wall hanging using driftwood and yarn or painting terracotta pots in vibrant hues. Repurpose old furniture with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Each DIY project not only adds character but also infuses the space with your unique energy and creativity.

Remember, bohemianism isn’t just a design trend; it’s a celebration of life, diversity, and the unbridled spirit of creativity.

Plant Love

The Significance of Plants in the Jungalow Lifestyle

In the heart of the Jungalow lifestyle lies a deep-rooted appreciation for nature and its calming presence. Plants, with their myriad shapes, colors, and textures, play a pivotal role in shaping this aesthetic. They breathe life into spaces, transforming ordinary rooms into lush, vibrant sanctuaries. The wild, organic feel that plants introduce aligns with the free-spirited essence of the Jungalow philosophy.

How to Choose and Care for Indoor Plants

Selecting and caring for indoor plants is both an art and a science. Here’s how you can start:

  • Determine Light Levels: Identify the amount of sunlight your space receives. Different plants have varying light requirements, from low-light-loving snake plants to sun-thirsty succulents.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle: Some plants, like the ZZ plant or pothos, are forgiving and require minimal attention, making them perfect for busy individuals or frequent travelers.
  • Watering: Overwatering is a common mistake. Ensure you understand the water needs of each plant and always check the soil before watering.
  • Placement: Plants aren’t just for windowsills! Play with height by using plant stands or hanging pots.
  • Regular Maintenance: Prune dead or yellowing leaves to keep your plants healthy and looking their best.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Having Plants at Home

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, plants offer an array of therapeutic benefits. They purify indoor air by removing toxins and releasing oxygen, facilitating better breathing. The act of tending to plants can also be meditative, reducing stress and promoting mental well-being. Their presence has been shown to boost mood, enhance concentration, and even improve sleep quality.

Fashion & Personal Style

Fashion & Personal Style
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The Jungalow aesthetic is all about bold patterns, earthy tones, and a touch of the unexpected. To incorporate it into your personal style, experiment with flowy fabrics, mixed prints, and natural materials. Don’t shy away from vibrant colors—embrace them wholeheartedly!

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Wardrobe Essentials for a Bohemian Lifestyle

  • Maxi Dresses: Loose and flowy, they are perfect for both day and night.
  • Palazzo Pants: These wide-legged wonders pair perfectly with cropped tops or fitted tees.
  • Earthy-Toned Layers: Think cardigans, kimonos, or vests in shades of olive, terracotta, or mustard.
  • Anklets and Toe Rings: They add a playful touch to your summer attire.
  • Wide-Brimmed Hats: Ideal for sun protection while making a style statement.

Accessorizing with a Jungalow Vibe

Jewelry made of wood, stone, or natural beads complements the Jungalow aesthetic. Layered necklaces, chunky bracelets, and statement earrings can elevate even the simplest outfits. Additionally, handcrafted bags, embroidered scarves, and sandals adorned with tassels or pompoms can infuse a Jungalow spirit into your everyday look.

Travel & Exploration

From the bustling markets of Marrakech to the tranquil beaches of Bali, the world is teeming with destinations that resonate with the Bohemian soul. Seek out places rich in culture, art, and nature. Often, these are spots where local traditions and crafts flourish, offering travelers a unique and authentic experience.

Travel Stories and Experiences that Influence the Jungalow Style

The essence of the Jungalow style is influenced by global aesthetics. Justina, for instance, might share a story of how an intricate rug pattern she stumbled upon in a Turkish bazaar became the inspiration for her living room decor. Or how the vibrant hues of a sunset in Santorini shaped her next color palette.

Tips for Eco-Friendly and Conscious Traveling

  • Pack Light: Embrace the minimalist traveler mindset.
  • Stay in Eco-Friendly Accommodations: Seek out places that value sustainability.
  • Support Local Artisans: Buy handmade souvenirs directly from the makers.
  • Use Public Transport or Carpool: Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Carry Reusable Items: Always have a water bottle, tote bag, and cutlery set.

Traveling with intention and respect for the places you visit not only enriches your own experiences but also contributes positively to the world.

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Art & Creativity

Art & Creativity

The Jungalow lifestyle isn’t just about decor; it’s a canvas for artistic expression. The bohemian ethos emphasizes individuality and free-spiritedness, often manifested through artistic endeavors. In the Jungalow world, art is omnipresent—from intricate wall hangings and vibrant paintings to hand-painted ceramics and embroidered cushions. Each piece tells a story, adding depth and soul to the space it occupies.

Justina’s Personal Art Journey and Creations

Justina Blakeney’s passion for art has been evident since her early years. Her travels around the globe, interactions with diverse cultures, and natural surroundings have heavily influenced her artistry. Known for her eclectic style, Justina seamlessly blends vivid colors with bold patterns, creating art that resonates deeply with the Jungalow aesthetic. Her creations, whether they are watercolor paintings, digital illustrations, or textile designs, reflect her belief in the therapeutic and transformative power of art.

How Readers Can Incorporate Art and Creativity into Their Everyday Lives

  1. DIY Projects: Embrace do-it-yourself crafts. Try creating your own wall art, pottery, or even upcycling old furniture.
  2. Art Journals: Document your daily inspirations, doodles, and thoughts.
  3. Workshops: Attend local art workshops or online classes to learn new techniques.
  4. Display Art: Dedicate spaces in your home to showcase your creations or art pieces you’ve collected.
  5. Collaborate Team up with friends or family on collaborative art pieces.

Sustainability & Ethical Living

Bohemianism inherently values authenticity, nature, and mindfulness. Thus, sustainability naturally aligns with the Bohemian lifestyle. The philosophy is about making conscious choices that benefit both the individual and the planet. It’s about consuming less, but more meaningfully, ensuring that what we bring into our homes and lives has a positive impact.

Tips and Ideas for Leading a More Eco-Friendly Life

  • Reduce Waste: Invest in reusable products and reduce single-use plastics.
  • Shop Local: Support local artisans and farmers. This not only boosts the local economy but also reduces carbon footprints associated with transporting goods.
  • Energy Conservation: Use energy-efficient appliances, switch to LED bulbs, and unplug devices when not in use.
  • Green Transportation: Opt for walking, cycling, or public transport over driving.
  • Mindful Consumption: Before buying, ask yourself if you truly need the item. Consider its lifespan and impact on the environment.

Brands and Products That Align with the Jungalow Ethos

Several brands resonate with the Jungalow’s commitment to sustainability:

  • Bambeco: Offers eco-friendly home goods from reclaimed and recycled materials.
  • Ten Thousand Villages: A fair-trade retailer providing handcrafted items from global artisans.
  • Etee: Known for their plastic-free products, from kitchen items to personal care.

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Community & Collaborations

Highlights from Collaborations with Other Artists, Designers, and Brands

The Jungalow’s magic is magnified when blended with the genius of other creatives. Justina has partnered with various artists and brands, from local potters to renowned textile designers, producing unique, limited-edition pieces that encapsulate the essence of the Jungalow style.

Stories from the Jungalow Community: How Readers Have Incorporated the Style into Their Own Lives

The Jungalow community is teeming with creativity. Every day, readers share snippets of their transformed spaces: a corner turned into a cozy reading nook, patios transformed into lush urban jungles, or bedrooms that echo the warmth of the bohemian style. These shared stories create a tapestry of inspiration, motivating others to embrace the Jungalow way.

Events, Workshops, and Pop-Ups Hosted by The Jungalow

From pottery workshops to textile design classes, The Jungalow hosts various events that bring the community together. These events serve as a platform for learning, sharing, and celebrating the bohemian lifestyle. Pop-ups offer a chance for enthusiasts to get their hands on exclusive Jungalow merchandise, while workshops facilitate hands-on learning in a collaborative environment.

Shop & Products

At the heart of The Jungalow lies a meticulously curated product range that is both ethically sourced and steeped in bohemian charm. Offering everything from handwoven rugs and artisanal pottery to vibrant textiles and eclectic wall art, The Jungalow ensures that every item in its collection resonates with the brand’s core ethos. These pieces aren’t just decorative elements; they are stories, memories, and a celebration of art and craftsmanship.

Featured Products and Reviews

  • Bohemian Tassel Throw Pillow: A vibrant piece infused with an array of colors and textures. Review: “This pillow was the perfect addition to my living room, adding a touch of bohemian flair. The quality is impeccable!” – Maria
  • Handcrafted Ceramic Planter: A beautifully crafted planter that marries form with function. Review: “I’ve placed this on my balcony, and it’s been a conversation starter ever since. The craftsmanship is top-notch.” – Raj
  • Woven Wall Hanging: A blend of traditional weaving techniques with a modern touch. Review: “It’s mesmerizing to see this piece on my wall. The textures, patterns, and colors are so harmonious.” – Lila

A Peek into the Product Design and Sourcing Process

The beauty of The Jungalow’s products lies in the stories they carry. Each piece is the result of countless hours spent brainstorming, designing, and refining. Collaboration with artisans is at the core of their process. Justina often immerses herself in the communities she works with, understanding their traditions, skills, and stories. This holistic approach ensures that every product is not just beautiful, but also ethically produced and true to its roots.

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The Jungalow is more than just a brand or a design style; it’s a movement. Over the years, it has inspired countless individuals to embrace nature, art, and authenticity in their homes and lives. The lifestyle encourages people to break free from the shackles of convention and discover their unique design voice.

If you’re in search of a Bohemian-modern touch for your lifestyle, ‘The Jungalow’ is the spot to check out. The Jungalow a bohemian lifestyle blog by Justina Blakeneythe Jungalow boasts a variety of excellent products designed to morph your home into the comfortable and distinct haven you’ve always desired.