Best Things To Do in Greensboro
Best Things To Do in Greensboro

Are you planning a trip to Greensboro, North Carolina, but need help figuring out what to do while you’re there? Look no further! As a long-time resident of Greensboro, I’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in this vibrant city. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive list of the top things to do in Greensboro, including hidden gems and local favorites. Whether a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, you’ll learn new experiences and make unforgettable memories in this charming Southern city. So grab your walking shoes, and let’s explore Greensboro together!

Table of Contents

1. Celebration Station: Where Fun Meets Adventure

Located in the heart of Greensboro, Celebration Station is a hub for family fun and excitement. This amusement park offers a variety of attractions, including go-karts, miniature golf, arcade games, and bumper boats. 

It’s an ideal spot for family outings, birthday parties, or a fun day with friends. The park has facilities for all ages, making it a versatile destination whether you’re planning a day out with the kids or looking for a nostalgic trip to the arcades of your youth.

2. Catch the Spirit with UNC Greensboro Spartans Sports

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNC Greensboro) is home to the Spartans, who compete in various sports, including basketball, soccer, and baseball. Attending a Spartans game is not just about the sport; it’s about experiencing the vibrant community spirit and college atmosphere. 

The games are held at different venues across the campus, offering a great way to support local athletes and enjoy collegiate sports at its best.

3. Experience the Thrill of NC A&T Aggies Sports

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical (NC A&T) State University’s Aggies are a force to be reckoned with in college sports. From exhilarating football matches to competitive track and field events, attending an Aggies game is a great way to dive into the local sports culture. 

The Aggies pride themselves on excellence on and off the field, making their games a must-visit for sports enthusiasts.

4. Gateway Gardens: A Green Oasis in the City

Situated on the east side of Greensboro, Gateway Gardens offers a serene escape with its beautifully landscaped gardens and interactive features. This 11-acre garden is designed to delight with its various plants, sculptures, and themed gardens. 

It’s a perfect spot for leisurely walks, photography, and family picnics. Open year-round from sunrise to sunset; the gardens offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

5. Greensboro Arboretum

The Greensboro Arboretum is a living museum of plants, showcasing many trees, shrubs, and flowers. Spanning 17 acres, this botanical garden features themed gardens, unique display gardens, and structural features. It’s a favored spot for nature lovers, photographers, and anyone looking to enjoy the tranquility of nature. 

With its collection of native and exotic plant species, the Arboretum provides a unique educational experience for visitors of all ages.

6. The Greensboro Coliseum: A Venue for Premier Entertainment

The Greensboro Coliseum Complex, located in downtown Greensboro, is a multi-use entertainment and sports venue. The Coliseum is at the heart of Greensboro’s cultural and entertainment scene, from high-energy concerts and sporting events to family shows and conventions. It’s a place where memories are made, whether you’re cheering on your favorite team or singing along with your favorite artist.

7. Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden: A Stroll Through History and Beauty

Nestled in a tranquil part of Greensboro, the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is a testament to the city’s commitment to natural beauty and historical significance. This garden is renowned for its stunning sculptures, extensive perennial borders, and the historical re-circulating waterfall. 

It is ideal for quiet reflection or a leisurely walk and offers a picturesque setting that appeals to visitors of all ages. It’s a charming spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers, providing a peaceful escape into nature’s embrace.

8. Weatherspoon Art Museum: A Beacon of Modern and Contemporary Art

Located on the University of North Carolina campus at Greensboro, the Weatherspoon Art Museum houses one of the foremost collections of modern and contemporary art in the Southeast. 

The museum offers a rich experience for art lovers and casual visitors with a dynamic calendar of exhibitions and educational programs. Its collection includes works by prominent artists, providing insight into significant art movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Admission is free, making it an accessible cultural gem for everyone.

9. Atlantic and Yadkin Greenway: Greensboro’s Scenic Route for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Atlantic and Yadkin Greenway is vital to Greensboro’s extensive network of trails and greenways, providing a scenic route for walkers, runners, and cyclists. Stretching from the city into the picturesque countryside, it offers a unique way to experience Greensboro’s natural and urban landscapes. Along the way, visitors can enjoy views of local wildlife, lush vegetation, and the serene waters of Lake Brandt. It’s a perfect day trip setting, offering recreational and fitness opportunities in the great outdoors.

10. The Greensboro Science Center: A Fusion of Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo

The Greensboro Science Center on Lawndale Drive combines an aquarium, museum, and zoo in one exciting destination. It’s a place where curiosity is sparked, and learning comes alive through interactive exhibits, live animal encounters, and engaging programs. 

With its wide range of exhibits covering topics from the ocean’s depths to the far reaches of space, the center offers something for every age and interest. As a Smithsonian affiliate, it stands as a beacon of educational excellence, making it a must-visit for families and science enthusiasts.

11. Guilford Courthouse National Military Park: A Portal to Revolutionary War History

Situated in northern Greensboro, the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park commemorates the pivotal battle of the Revolutionary War fought on this ground. 

Visitors can explore the park’s monuments, visit the museum, and take guided tours to understand better the events that shaped America’s fight for independence. The park’s serene landscapes also offer a beautiful backdrop for walking and reflection, allowing visitors to connect meaningfully with the nation’s history.

12. Elsewhere Modern Art Museum: A Creative Laboratory in Downtown Greensboro

In the heart of downtown Greensboro, Elsewhere, a living museum set in a former thrift store offers a unique blend of art, history, and community. This dynamic space serves as a creative laboratory where artists worldwide come to experiment and create. 

With its ever-changing installations and collaborative projects, Elsewhere challenges traditional notions of art and museum spaces. It’s a place where visitors can engage directly with artists and the creative process, making art accessible and alive.

13. Fainting Goat Spirits: A Toast to Craft Distilling Excellence

Fainting Goat Spirits, located in the vibrant heart of downtown Greensboro, epitomizes the art of craft distilling. This family-owned distillery is known for its award-winning spirits, including smooth gins, bold whiskeys, and unique vodkas. 

Visitors can take a tour to discover the distillation process, learn about the history of distilling, and, of course, sample the spirits. It’s an ideal stop for those interested in the finer aspects of spirit production and the stories behind them.

14. LeBauer Park: A Community Hub of Activity and Relaxation

LeBauer Park is a dynamic public space in downtown Greensboro designed to offer something for everyone. With its interactive water feature, engaging play areas for children, and an outdoor performance space, it serves as a central gathering spot for the community. 

The park also hosts regular events, including movie nights, concerts, and cultural festivals, making it a lively place to experience the city’s community spirit.

15. Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum: Where Young Minds Explore and Learn

The Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum, situated in downtown Greensboro, offers an interactive learning environment for children. This museum has exhibits encouraging curiosity, creativity, and exploration. 

From hands-on science experiments to imaginative play areas, it provides a rich educational experience for young visitors. The museum’s commitment to fostering learning through play makes it a cherished destination for families.

16. The Bog Garden at Benjamin Park: Nature’s Symphony in the City

The Bog Garden, within Benjamin Park, is a natural sanctuary with a living wetland ecosystem. This tranquil garden includes an elevated boardwalk that meanders through lush greenery, native plants, and wildlife. The sound of Serenity Falls, a beautiful re-circulating waterfall, adds to the peaceful ambiance. It’s a perfect spot for nature walks, bird watching, and escaping into the tranquility of a natural setting.

17. Greensboro Country Park: An Outdoor Escape with Endless Recreation

Greensboro Country Park is a sprawling outdoor haven on the city’s outskirts. The park offers numerous recreation opportunities With scenic lakes, extensive trails, and dedicated picnic areas. 

Whether you’re into hiking, fishing, canoeing, or simply enjoying a picnic with family and friends, this park has something to cater to all outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a space where the community and visitors can connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

18. Tanger Center for the Performing Arts: The Stage for World-Class Entertainment

The Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Greensboro is a state-of-the-art venue that hosts many performances, including Broadway shows, concerts, and dance performances. The center provides an unparalleled entertainment experience with its sophisticated design and acoustics. 

It’s a focal point for cultural life in Greensboro, attracting performers and audiences from across the region and beyond.

19. Ambleside Gallery: A Glimpse into Global Artistic Talent

Ambleside Gallery, located just off Elm Street in downtown Greensboro, showcases an impressive fine art collection from local, national, and international artists. Specializing in contemporary and traditional paintings, the gallery offers art enthusiasts a chance to immerse themselves in works that span various styles and periods. 

With its warm and inviting atmosphere, Ambleside provides a unique cultural experience, allowing visitors to explore art that connects and resonates on a personal level.

20. Blandwood Museum: A Journey Back to the 19th Century

The Blandwood Museum stands as a captivating historical landmark in Greensboro, offering a window into the life of the 19th century. 

This beautifully preserved mansion, once the home of Governor John Motley Morehead, exemplifies Italianate architecture and offers guided tours that reveal the property’s history, architecture, and historical significance. Visitors will find themselves transported back in time, gaining insight into the lifestyle and customs of a bygone era.

21. Tannenbaum Historic Park: Where History Meets Nature

Near the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, Tannenbaum Historical Park is a historical gem set amidst natural beauty. The park includes the Hoskins House Historic District, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who were part of the Revolutionary War era. 

With its historical buildings, informative plaques, and serene environment, the park is a must-visit for history buffs and nature lovers alike, providing a peaceful setting for reflection and learning.

22. Greensboro Grasshoppers Minor League Baseball Game: A Hit with Fans

The Greensboro Grasshoppers, the city’s beloved minor league baseball team, play their home games at the First National Bank Field, right in the heart of downtown Greensboro. Attending a Grasshoppers game is more than just watching baseball; it’s an experience filled with family fun, great food, and community spirit. 

Whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or just looking for a fun evening out, a Grasshoppers game is perfect.

23. Green Hill Center for NC Art: Celebrating North Carolina’s Artistic Heritage

Located in the Greensboro Cultural Center, the Green Hill Center for NC Art is dedicated to promoting and supporting the art and artists of North Carolina. Through its diverse exhibitions, educational programs, and community outreach, the center plays a vital role in the cultural landscape of Greensboro. 

Visitors can explore a wide range of artworks, from traditional to contemporary, all showcasing the rich artistic talent found within the state.

24. Breakout Games: An Adventure in Teamwork and Puzzle-Solving

Breakout Games offers an engaging, interactive experience where teamwork and problem-solving skills are tested. Located in the bustling area of downtown Greensboro, this escape room adventure challenges groups to solve puzzles and clues to ‘break out’ within a set time limit. 

It’s a fun and exciting way to spend time with friends, family, or coworkers, fostering collaboration and providing a thrilling escape from the ordinary.

25. Center City Park: Greensboro’s Gathering Place

Center City Park, a gem in the heart of Greensboro, serves as a vibrant gathering space for the community and visitors alike. This beautifully landscaped park features a stunning fountain, a performance pavilion, and ample seating, making it a perfect spot for picnics, outdoor concerts, and strolls. 

Throughout the year, the park hosts various events, from cultural festivals to live music, embodying the spirit and energy of downtown Greensboro.

26. O’Henry Book Statue: A Tribute to a Literary Legend

Located in the quaint setting of the Greensboro Historical Museum, the O’Henry Book Statue pays homage to William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name O. Henry. This unique tribute in bronze celebrates the renowned short story writer who called Greensboro home. 

Visitors are invited to reflect on O. Henry’s contributions to American literature and enjoy the serene surroundings of this historical site, offering a moment of inspiration for literature lovers.

27. The Barn Dinner Theatre: Dining and Entertainment Combined

The Barn Dinner Theatre brings a unique experience to Greensboro, combining the enjoyment of a hearty meal with the thrill of live performance. As America’s oldest operating dinner theater, it offers guests a chance to dine while watching Broadway-style plays, musicals, and comedy shows. 

Located just outside the downtown area, it’s a fantastic way to spend an evening, offering entertainment and culinary delight under one roof.

28. Carolina Theatre: A Historic Venue for the Arts

The Carolina Theatre, standing proudly in downtown Greensboro, has been a beacon of entertainment since its opening in 1927. This historic venue hosts various performances, from films and live theater to concerts and comedy shows. Stepping into the Carolina Theatre is like stepping back, with its original opulent décor and ambiance. Yet, it remains a cutting-edge center for arts and entertainment in the city.

29. Scuppernong Books: More Than a Bookstore

Scuppernong Books, located on vibrant Elm Street, is not just a bookstore but a cultural hub for Greensboro. With its extensive collection of books, cozy café, and welcoming atmosphere, it’s a place where book lovers gather to explore, discuss, and share their love of literature. Scuppernong hosts regular events, including author readings, book clubs, and community discussions, making it a cornerstone of Greensboro’s literary scene.

30. Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe: A Splash of Fun

Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe is the largest water park in both Greensboro and the Carolinas. With over 36 rides and attractions, including thrilling water slides, wave pools, and a lazy river, it offers endless fun for the whole family. This summer hotspot provides a fantastic escape from the heat, where visitors can splash and create lasting memories.

31. Pig Pounder Brewery: A Taste of Local Craftsmanship

Pig Pounder Brewery celebrates Greensboro’s craft beer scene, offering a range of locally brewed beers that highlight the creativity and skill of its brewers. Located just a short distance from downtown, the brewery features a tasting room where visitors can sample various beers, from traditional ales to innovative new brews. Pig Pounder also hosts brewery tours, giving beer enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process.

32. Bur-Mil Park: A Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Bur-Mil Park, situated on the outskirts of Greensboro, offers a lush retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This expansive park features a wildlife education center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and a beautiful golf course catering to various interests and activities. 

The park’s walking trails and greenways provide a peaceful escape into nature, where visitors can enjoy bird watching, hiking, or simply a relaxing day in the great outdoors. It’s a perfect spot for family outings, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

33. Crafted The Art of the Taco: A Culinary Adventure

Crafted The Art of the Taco differs from your ordinary taco joint in the heart of downtown Greensboro. This restaurant takes tacos to a new level, blending traditional flavors with innovative twists. 

Each taco is a masterpiece, crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a dash of creativity. Alongside a diverse menu of craft beers and unique cocktails, it offers a dining experience that tantalizes the taste buds and celebrates the art of culinary innovation.

34. Freeman’s Grub and Pub: Where Comfort Meets Flavor

Freeman’s Grub and Pub is a testament to Greensboro’s vibrant food scene, offering a cozy atmosphere combined with a comforting and exciting menu. Known for its gourmet burgers, craft beers, and friendly service, this pub is a favorite among locals and visitors. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or just a few snacks to accompany your drink, Freeman’s delivers quality and flavor in every bite.

35. Stamey’s: A Taste of North Carolina Barbecue Tradition

Stamey’s, a Greensboro institution, is synonymous with authentic North Carolina barbecue. With a history dating back to the early 20th century, this restaurant serves up slow-cooked, pit-smoked pork barbecue that’s tender, flavorful, and served with a vinegar-based sauce, staying true to regional culinary traditions. Visiting Stamey’s is not just about enjoying a meal; it’s about experiencing a piece of North Carolina’s barbecue heritage.

36. Jerusalem Market on Elm: Exploring Global Flavors

Jerusalem Market on Elm brings the flavors of the Middle East to downtown Greensboro. This market and eatery offers an array of authentic dishes, from savory kebabs to fresh, vibrant salads and pastries. 

The welcoming atmosphere and the smell of spices that greet you upon entering make it a culinary destination worth exploring. It’s a place where food bridges cultures, inviting visitors to explore and enjoy the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern cuisine.

37. Bandito Bodega: A Fusion of Flavors

Bandito Bodega stands out in Greensboro’s culinary landscape for its innovative approach to fusion cuisine, blending Latin American flavors with Asian influences. This casual eatery offers an adventurous yet approachable menu, with dishes that surprise and delight the palate. From tacos with a twist to unique rice bowls, each meal celebrates global flavors and is served in a laid-back and friendly environment.

38. Banh Mi Avenue: A Vietnamese Delight

Banh Mi Avenue brings the vibrant tastes and textures of Vietnamese cuisine to the streets of Greensboro. Specializing in banh mi sandwiches, this eatery combines fresh, crisp vegetables, seasoned meats, and a variety of sauces, all nestled in a light, airy baguette. 

The result is a perfect balance of satisfying and refreshing flavors. It’s an ideal spot for a quick lunch or a light dinner, offering a taste of Vietnam right in the city’s heart.

39. Bur-Mil Park: A Haven for Recreation and Relaxation

Bur-Mil Park, set along the picturesque shores of Lake Brandt, is a recreational paradise offering a wide range of activities for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With facilities for golf, tennis, swimming, and a wildlife education center, it caters to diverse interests. The park’s expansive network of walking and biking trails, coupled with the serene backdrop of the lake, makes it a perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat or an active day out in nature.

40. Crafted The Art of the Taco: A Culinary Adventure

Crafted The Art of the Taco takes you on a culinary journey, reinventing the traditional taco with creativity and flair. Located in the heart of downtown Greensboro, this restaurant is celebrated for its innovative approach to flavors and ingredients, offering a menu that excites and surprises. 

It’s a vibrant spot where friends and family can gather to enjoy a meal and an experience that delights the senses.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Greensboro?

If you’re planning a trip to Greensboro, what is the best time to visit? The city is beautiful year-round as a local, but certain times are better than others, depending on what you’re looking for.


Spring is a great time to visit Greensboro, especially if you love flowers. The city is known for its stunning gardens and parks, and during the spring months, they come alive with colorful blooms. The Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is one of the most popular spots to visit during this time. It’s a great place to take a stroll, picnic, or enjoy the scenery.


Summer is a popular time to visit Greensboro because of the warm weather and abundance of outdoor activities. If you’re a fan of water sports, you’ll love spending time at Lake Brandt or Lake Higgins. Both offer opportunities for swimming, boating, and fishing. You can also hike at nearby parks, such as Guilford Courthouse National Military Park or Hanging Rock State Park.


Fall is a beautiful time to visit Greensboro, especially if you enjoy autumn foliage. The leaves on the trees turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, making for some stunning photo opportunities. You can take a scenic drive through the countryside or visit one of the many parks in the area to see the fall colors up close.


Winter is a quieter time in Greensboro, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. If you’re a fan of holiday lights, you’ll love visiting the Tanglewood Festival of Lights. It’s a stunning display of over a million lights to get you in the holiday spirit. You can also see the Greensboro Science Center, which is open year-round and offers indoor exhibits and activities.

How to Spend a Day in Greensboro, NC?

There are plenty of options to choose from. As a local, I recommend starting your day with coffee and breakfast at Scrambled Southern Diner. Their menu features delicious Southern-style breakfast dishes, and their coffee is always fresh.

After breakfast, head to the Greensboro Science Center, home to an aquarium, museum, and zoo. In the Wiseman Aquarium, you can see sharks, penguins, otters, stingrays, and other amazing animals worldwide. The museum features interactive exhibits that are perfect for all ages, and the zoo has a variety of animals, including tigers, lemurs, and red pandas.

Next, take a stroll through the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden. The garden is a beautiful spot for sightseeing and relaxation, and it’s widely regarded as one of the best things to do in Greensboro. The garden is home to various plants and flowers and is a great place to take photos.

For lunch, head to Crafted – The Art of Street Food. This restaurant serves delicious street food-inspired dishes, including tacos, burgers, and sandwiches. They also have a great selection of craft beer and cocktails.

After lunch, head to the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. This museum is dedicated to the sit-in movement and the struggle for civil rights. You can learn about the movement’s history and see historical artifacts.

Finally, end your day with dinner at Print Works Bistro. This restaurant serves up delicious farm-to-table dishes in a beautiful setting. Be sure to try their famous Green Valley Grill Chicken and their selection of craft cocktails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Greensboro, NC, Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Greensboro is a vibrant city with a lot to offer. From museums to parks, there is something for everyone.

What are some popular attractions for families to visit in the city?

Families will love visiting the Greensboro Science Center, which features an aquarium, museum, and zoo. Another great option is the Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park, where you can cool off on a hot day.

Where can couples find romantic activities in the area?

A romantic stroll through the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is a great way to spend an afternoon. For a more upscale experience, try the Print Works Bistro, which offers delicious food and a cozy atmosphere.

Can you suggest some unique experiences that are available to visitors?

One unique experience in Greensboro is visiting the Antique Market Place, Inc., where you can find one-of-a-kind treasures. Try the Skywild adventure course at the Greensboro Science Center for a more adventurous activity.

What are the best ways for young adults to enjoy a day out?

Young adults will love exploring downtown Greensboro, which has a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars. Catch a movie at the historic Carolina Theatre or visit the Greensboro History Museum to learn about the city’s past.

Which landmarks and historical sites should I be aware of?

The International Civil Rights Center & Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the civil rights movement. The Greensboro History Museum and Blandwood Mansion are also worth checking out.