Travel Health Insurance
Travel Health Insurance

Simply doubling up on payments isn’t always a wise choice, which is why it’s important to have a discussion with your travel insurance provider about how they can best meet your needs. In doing so, you will most likely find that most providers include a small amount of medical coverage. With this upgrade, you’ll have the peace of mind to make the most of your time abroad. Whether it’s a beach holiday with the family, or a business trip away, our international travel health insurance means you’ll have the protection you need.

Why should I consider international travel medical insurance?

When you’re traveling far from home, international travel health insurance offers medical benefits, medical evacuation coverage, and non-insurance-related travel assistance. When you’re traveling internationally, be sure to find an insurance provider that is “worldwide” for the best protection.

Travel health insurance can help you:

  1. Medical Travel insurance is there to help you pay for eligible medical expenses 2. Trip Interruption is there to help you cover the expenses of interrupting your trip and get you back on your feet 3. Personal Accident Travel Insurance protects your baggage and provides coverage for property loss and damage.

Seven Corners Assist, our international travel assistance service, can:

  1. Help you find and access local and international medical care and stay updated on medical needs and emergencies.
  2. Pay for your transportation and evacuation if necessary and keep you up to date with the latest on your condition and the status of the services available.

Does my health insurance cover international travel if I already have it at home?

  1. The medical and health care in other countries can be much different than in your own country. It may be difficult to find the resources and resources in a timely manner 2. Keep in mind that it is easy to get lost in another country. There may be language barriers that inhibit your understanding of your medical needs.

If I’m healthy, do I need travel health insurance?

Accidents happen, regardless if you’re healthy or not. We help customers with many different situations that occur while traveling such as Car accidents boat accidents slip and fall injuries latitude sicknessFood poisoning

I’m sure you have had some form of an accident when you were traveling. It could be when your luggage was misplaced on the plane, your rental car had a flat tire or you slipped on some dog droppings at a restaurant. Well, even if you think you are very good

A lot of countries have national healthcare. If I get sick abroad, am I covered?

Many countries with national healthcare have strict requirements that must be met before you can use the benefits. There are some countries that might even require you to produce a visa before using their healthcare benefits, so be sure to speak with the country’s health plan to find out if you qualify for coverage.