Pack Smartly for Travels
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Vacation time is sometimes hard to come by, so it is important to make the most of each trip. Researching your chosen vacation destination will help you plan the perfect getaway itinerary! The Travel Makes Me Happy team has compiled some steps to help you plan the perfect vacation. If you are looking for Great travel tips and vacation guides you can get a proper guide here.

Step 1:

Once you have chosen your trip destination, it’s time to start researching the trip.

Step 2:

Use state tourism websites and travel review websites such as Tripadvisor to gather information on all of the areas of interest in the city that you are planning on visiting to get an idea of what there is to do and what you would like to see while there.

Step 3:

Consult a map to find out the closest airport to your destination and which hotels are nearby for the activities you plan on doing. Also, research airfare prices (if flying) and varying dates (if flexible) to see when the best time to travel is for your trip.

Step 4:

Book your airfare and hotel to lock in the dates and prices that you have found during trip research.

Step 5:

Decide if you are going to rent a car or use ride-share/taxi services during your stay and book the rental if necessary.

Step 6:

It is helpful to use a calendar app or itinerary template to add your information for each day of the trip and keep everything organized.

Step 7:

Plan vacation activities or tours by looking at what is available during your stay on websites such as Viator get your travel Guide or similar websites. Once you’ve booked tours or planned activities for your vacation make sure to add them to the calendar template or itinerary so that there are no overlapping plans.

Step 8:

As the vacation date gets closer, verify all plans that you’ve booked and look at the meeting spots of the tours booked to make sure you know where and what times to meet. Also, make dining reservations (if necessary) for popular restaurants that you want to visit.

Step 9:

Review your itinerary or calendar template days to make sure each day is not overbooked and there are no unforeseen scheduling conflicts.

Step 10:

Take your amazing vacation and truly enjoy your chosen destination!