Scottish Road Trip Holiday

What do you wear? What should you bring? These are all important questions to ask yourselves before going or considering going on a motorhome holiday. Scotland is a country of magnificent landscapes – from the rolling green hills and medieval castles of the Lowlands to the dramatic cliffs and deep lochs of the Highlands. With such diverse scenery across the regions, a Scottish road trip is an excellent way to experience it all. However, Scotland’s changeable weather means packing properly for all conditions is a must. In this guide, we explore what you need to pack for a Scottish road trip holiday.

Why Scotland?

Have you ever visited Scotland? If you haven’t then you are missing out. Scotland is home to dramatic landscapes like the Highlands, Loch Ness, and the Isle of Skye. You can go for a day out to wherever you choose with scenic views at every turn.  Scotland is renowned for its wide variety of high-quality, fresh, and delicious ingredients. Scottish restaurants’ remarkable culinary experiences, which feature anything from locally grown vegetables and organic meat to hand-dived scallops from the Isles, rely solely on the availability of their produce. With its rich heritage, dramatic landscapes, and lively culture, Scotland has something for everyone. The Scottish charm continues bringing travellers back year after year.


Clothing is a must. It is Scotland and the rain is incredibly unpredictable but that won’t come in the way of enjoying your holiday if you are prepared by bringing waterproofs. When bringing comfy clothing, you should consider bringing layers that can be mixed and matched as the weather changes so you can always feel confident in what you wear. You should bring clothes if you are going sightseeing and looking in the local towns but just be prepared for the rain.

Outdoor Gear  

It will be important for you to feel as cosy as possible. There will probably be a lot of walking, traveling by bus, and rail while in Scotland if you choose to take a break from your motorhome in the city. If a motorhome seems like a good idea, take a look at the website. Not to add that the problematic design of cities is a well-known problem in Scotland and the UK overall.  However, you can avoid having to attempt to find your hotel or Airbnb while pushing a suitcase over narrow pathways and cobblestones as you are in the comfort of a motorhome. If you plan on going for hikes you should bring waterproof shoes, an umbrella, and a hat for all weather conditions.


Pack toiletries in a cosmetics bag or toiletry kit. With your toiletries covered, you’ll feel fresh on a Scottish road trip! Since you are in a comfy motorhome, if needed there are secure places to put any prescription medications needed. It is essential to bring the usual toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. There are places to put all of the required toiletries in the bathrooms or wherever co invented for you before you go off exploring. A small tip to be on the safe side is to bring along painkillers and any other first aid/medical essentials in case you are in an undesired situation.


Having both a paper map and a GPS is ideal. Certain areas may have extremely poor internet and Wi-Fi coverage, or none at all. GPS systems’ postcodes can frequently cover a vast area of land. In the more isolated locations, there may not always be a phone service, so make sure you have directions of where you want to explore. Be aware that there are locations in Scotland where you can only pay with cash or a card. Most places do accept both card and cash but, in certain isolated locations, you might need to pay with cash.


Packing for a Scottish road trip requires some strategic preparation. Focus on versatile layers that can handle the changeable weather, along with sturdy outdoor gear if hiking. Don’t forget travel documents, medications, and electronics to stay connected and safe. Toiletries and clothing specifically for evenings out or swimming during warm spells are also recommended. Adjust and pare down the list as needed depending on the season, activities planned, and length of your stay. The key is packing smart, not heavy! With the essentials covered in your luggage, you’ll be ready to hit the road and immerse yourself in Scotland’s incredible landscapes and culture. Just remember to pack wisely so you’re prepared for any conditions.