White Castle Breakfast Menu

White Castle, an iconic name in American fast food culture, has been satisfying cravings since its inception in 1921. Known for pioneering the fast-food hamburger, White Castle has also carved out a niche for itself in the breakfast segment, offering a unique array of morning delights. The White Castle breakfast menu stands out for its variety, affordability, and the fact that it caters to the early bird and night owl alike, with select items available around the clock.

In this article, we’ll explore the details of White Castle’s breakfast menu, hours, and prices. So, if you’re a die-hard fan of White Castle or simply curious about their breakfast offerings, continue reading to uncover more details.

About White Castle

White Castle is a well-known fast-food franchise in the United States, celebrated for its distinctive square-shaped burgers. Established in 1921 by founders Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson, this chain has expanded to include 377 locations spread across 13 states, predominantly in the Midwest. The company’s main office is situated in Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to its famous square burgers, White Castle boasts a diverse menu that features breakfast selections, small-sized French fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes. The offerings from White Castle are commonly praised for their great taste and fulfilling nature.

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Detailed Breakdown of Breakfast Offerings

Breakfast Sliders

At the heart of White Castle’s breakfast menu are its breakfast sliders. These mini sandwiches come with a variety of fillings, including egg and cheese, bacon, sausage, and even options that cater to seasonal or regional tastes. Each slider is made with care, featuring fresh-cracked eggs and high-quality meats, all nestled between the chain’s soft, signature buns. For those concerned with nutrition, White Castle provides detailed nutritional information for each item, ensuring that customers can make informed choices. Moreover, the chain offers customization options, allowing diners to tailor their breakfast sliders to their specific preferences.

Breakfast Combos

For those seeking a more substantial meal, White Castle offers breakfast combo deals. These combos typically include a selection of breakfast sliders, hash brown nibblers, and a drink, providing a complete meal at a value price point. The combos are customizable, allowing customers to mix and match items to their liking, ensuring a satisfying breakfast experience that caters to individual tastes and dietary needs.

Sides and Add-Ons

No breakfast menu is complete without sides, and White Castle’s offerings are no exception. The chain offers a variety of sides, including hash brown nibblers, breakfast toasts, and other accompaniments designed to complement the main dishes. Among these, the hash brown nibblers stand out as a customer favorite, offering a crispy, flavorful addition to any breakfast order. These sides are not only delicious but also add an extra layer of variety to the breakfast experience at White Castle.


To round out the breakfast menu, White Castle provides a selection of beverage options. Customers can choose from freshly brewed coffee, a variety of juices, and soft drinks, ensuring that there’s a drink to suit every breakfast choice. Additionally, the chain occasionally offers special drinks or promotions related to breakfast hours, adding an extra incentive for customers to visit in the morning.

White Castle Breakfast Menu with Prices

White Castle Breakfast Menu with Prices

If you’re in search of a delightful breakfast choice, White Castle is an essential stop! Their outstanding breakfast menu caters to all tastes, offering a variety of delectable items. From waffles and sandwiches to the savory Breakfast Sliders, there’s plenty to savor on their morning menu.

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Breakfast Menu

1Sausage Breakfast Slider$2.69
2Bacon Breakfast Slider$2.09
3Bun, Egg, And Cheese Slider$1.89
4Chicken And Waffle Slider$3.09
5Belgian Waffle Sausage Slider$2.69
6Belgian Waffle Bacon Slider$2.69
7Mini Belgian Waffles$2.09
8Sausage Toast Sandwich$2.19
9Bacon Toast Sandwich$2.19
10Original Slider With Egg And Cheese$2.09
11Small Hash Brown Nibblers$1.79

Breakfast Combos Menu

12 Breakfast Sliders Combo (Bacon)$2.89
22 Breakfast Sliders Combo (Sausage)$2.89
3Belgian Waffle Slider Combo (Bacon)$2.89
4Belgian Waffle Slider Combo (Sausage)$2.89
52 Breakfast Toast Slider Meal (Bacon)$2.89
62 Breakfast Toast Slider Meal (Sausage)$2.89

Sliders Menu

NoMenu ItemsPrice
1Smoky Joe$1.49
2Sloppy Joe$1.19
3Spicy Joe$1.49
4Panko Fish Slider$2.29
5The Original Slider$0.91
6Cheese Slider$1.11
7The Impossible Slider With Smoked Cheddar$2.09
8Crispy Chicken Breast Slider$2.29
9Bacon And Cheese Chicken Slider$2.89
10Veggie Slider$1.59
11Bacon Cheese$1.81
12Double Cheese Slider$2.22
13Chicken And Waffles Slider$3.09
14Chicken Ring Slider$2.19
15Surf And Turf Slider$3.69

Drinks Menu

1Monster Energy$2.89
2Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie$3.95
3Strawberry Banana Smoothie$3.95
4Chocolate Shake (Small)$3.49
5Chocolate Shake (Medium)$4.05
6Chocolate Shake (Large)$5.29
7Orange Juice$2.55
8Apple Juice$1.69

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Nutritional and Allergen Information

White Castle takes the health and well-being of its customers seriously, offering detailed nutritional and allergen information for all its breakfast items. This information is readily accessible on the White Castle website and through their mobile app, providing customers with the ability to make informed choices about their meals. Whether you’re counting calories, watching sodium intake, or having specific dietary restrictions, White Castle ensures that you have all the information you need.

For those looking for vegetarian or health-conscious options, White Castle offers a selection of items designed to meet these needs. Among these are the egg and cheese sliders, which can be customized to exclude meat, making them a great choice for vegetarians. The chain is also transparent about the ingredients in its products, helping customers with allergies or sensitivities to navigate the menu safely.

White Castle Breakfast Hours

White Castle breakfast menu is available during morning hours, typically starting from when the store opens until 10:30 AM or 11:00 AM, depending on the location. It’s important to note that serving times can vary by location and day, with some locations offering extended breakfast hours on weekends. To ensure you don’t miss out, it’s a good idea to check the specific breakfast hours for your local White Castle either through their website or by calling the store directly.

For those looking to beat the crowd or ensure they’re getting the freshest options, visiting shortly after breakfast service begins is recommended. Early morning is generally less busy, allowing for a more relaxed dining experience and ensuring that you’re getting the freshest possible selections.

Customer Favorites and Recommendations

Among the vast array of breakfast items White Castle offers, certain dishes stand out as customer favorites. The Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Slider, with its savory sausage, fluffy egg, and melted cheese, consistently receives rave reviews for its taste and satisfying nature. Another popular choice is the Hash Brown Nibblers, praised for their crispy exterior and soft interior, making them the perfect side to any breakfast slider.

For first-timers eager to dive into White Castle’s breakfast menu, a great tip is to start with a combo meal. These combos offer a taste of different items, providing a well-rounded experience of what White Castle has to offer. Don’t hesitate to customize your sliders to your liking, and consider trying the coffee, which is often highlighted for its rich flavor and perfect pairing with breakfast items.

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White Castle breakfast menu stands as a testament to the brand’s innovation and commitment to offering diverse, tasty, and accessible options for the most important meal of the day. From the classic sliders given a breakfast twist to unique items like the Belgian Waffle Slider, there’s something to satisfy every type of craving. The convenience of all-day breakfast items ensures that whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, you can enjoy your breakfast favorites at any hour.

We encourage you to dive into the variety that White Castle’s breakfast menu has to offer. Experiment with different sliders, sides, and beverages to discover your perfect breakfast combo. With regular special offers and deals, trying new flavors and indulging in your favorites are always exciting and budget-friendly. Embrace the opportunity to start your day with a meal that’s fast, delicious, and uniquely White Castle.

FAQs about ‘White Castle Breakfast Menu’

When did White Castle start serving breakfast?

White Castle delights its customers by offering breakfast around the clock. This means you can indulge in breakfast favorites like pancakes, bacon, eggs, and French toast sticks whenever the mood strikes, day or night, at any White Castle location.

However, it’s important to mention that some breakfast items may only be on the menu for a limited duration. To ensure the widest selection, a morning visit is recommended.

Does White Castle serve breakfast all day?

Yes, White Castle serves its breakfast menu 24/7! Whether you’re in the mood for a breakfast treat early in the morning or late at night, White Castle has you covered.

Does White Castle offer allergen information for its breakfast menu?

Yes, White Castle provides detailed allergen information for all its menu items, including breakfast offerings. This information can be found on their website or by asking in-store, helping customers make informed choices based on their dietary needs.

Can I customize my breakfast order at White Castle?

Absolutely! White Castle allows for the customization of most breakfast items. Whether you’re looking to hold a particular ingredient or add extra cheese, they’re happy to accommodate your preferences. Customization can be easily done through the app, online ordering, or in-store.

Are there any seasonal breakfast items at White Castle?

White Castle occasionally introduces seasonal items to their breakfast menu, adding a special twist to the morning routine. These limited-time offerings are often themed around holidays or seasons, providing a fresh and exciting reason to visit. Keep an eye on their website or sign up for notifications to stay updated on these seasonal specials.