William Shakespeare's Home

Are you traveling to the United Kingdom (UK) and wondering how you should spend your time while visiting England? Are you interested in literature and learning more about one of the greatest authors and artists of the English-speaking world? If you answered yes, you should take a day trip to William Shakespeare’s house and home on your vacation to the UK!

Visit William Shakespeare’s House in England!

Even if you haven’t read many or all of William Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets, and poems, visiting the Shakespeare House makes for a fascinating day trip or afternoon tour. While Shakespeare lived and wrote during the Elizabethan Age, his plays are relevant still today, with MacBeth just made into a feature film in 2021 starring Denzel Washington! Shakespeare is known not just for his poems and plays but is famous for his wry sense of humor. Shakespearean insults are famous on the Internet too.

Now, are you convinced to travel to and visit William Shakespeare’s house? You might be surprised to hear that there is actually more than one Shakespeare house to visit in England. The city of Stratford-Upon-Avon in England is famous as the one and only birthplace of William Shakespeare. There you can visit the house where Shakespeare was born on Henley Street. There is a small museum by Shakespeare’s first home recounting the life of England’s most famous playwright. Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful gardens that surround the home too while you are there!

Travel to Shakespeare’s Adult Home in New Place

Like most people, Shakespeare moved away from his family home when he got married to Anne Hathaway. He moved to New Place shortly after his marriage and lived there until his death. Sadly, Shakespeare’s house at New Place in England was torn down in the 1700s. While there isn’t a physical house to walk through and tour, you can again enjoy some fresh air and some of England’s beautiful gardens in New Place that function as an outdoor museum celebrating the work and life of William Shakespeare.

Day Trip Idea: Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in Stratford

Looking for another Shakespeare house to tour? If you aren’t satisfied by Shakespeare’s childhood home in Stratford-Upon-Avon or visiting New Place, you can also learn more about the life of William Shakespeare and his family by visiting his wife Anne Hathaway’s childhood home, also located in Stratford. Called the Hathaway Cottage, Shakespeare was a frequent visitor to his wife’s family’s home while he courted Anne before marrying her. True Shakespeare fans shouldn’t miss it!

Obviously, there are many places to visit on your trip or vacation to England that relate to the life and work of William Shakespeare. The Globe Theatre in London is another important place in the life of William Shakespeare. There is a lot to do and see while in England that will educate you about the fascinating writers and rich intellectual and artistic history of the United Kingdom.