Airline Deals and Gambling

There has been a lot of travel news for American passengers regarding airlines recently. Some of them are good, while others aren’t. Still, they all pose a question: how can you make the most of an airline deal to boost your gambling? Is it worth using the betway app on board? Well, look no further!

This article will explain why airline deals are the perfect excuse for some exciting gambling sessions and how you can better take advantage of them. It will also cover not-so-good news and how it impacts your gambling when traveling. So, buckle up as it’s time to take off!

What’s the Deal with Airline Deals?

Airlines are constantly looking to improve their services. This means adding new destinations or using new routes. Sometimes, they reward passengers participating in these new offerings with cheaper flights or programs where you accumulate miles.

For instance, when JetBlue announced the new New York – Paris connection, the fare was below $500, which is quite a good deal for a transatlantic flight. But, sometimes, patience pays off. This was the case when Delta launched a New York – Buenos Aires route. It was $1200, but later on, it was lowered to about half the price.

You can also use your points and miles to book business-class flights. However, it’s difficult to find availability except when you notice a new route. In such situations, some airlines allow booking business class seats with miles.

Regarding the JetBlue Airline, there are other benefits not necessarily related to cheaper fights. For instance, on Wednesday, it was announced that the airline will guarantee sitting 13-and-younger children with their parents for no extra cost. 

However, you should be wary of conditions changing, such as Delta’s recent overhaul of its SkyMiles program. The problem was that elite status holders were a substantial number and it was taxing for the airline. Some new restrictions ensued.

If you think of it, airplane deals and casinos have a lot in common. Both reward recurring customers with features like loyalty points, exclusive promotions and other features to keep people engaged and coming back for more.

Still, there is generally more good news than bad ones when it comes to airline deals. But what does it have to do with gambling? And, more importantly, can you actually gamble on a plane or even download the Betway app?

iGaming: Possible Above the Clouds?

If you’re thrifty, you can find great deals constantly. This can make you a world-class explorer on a budget. And you might think there’s no better way to spend your time on a plane than by enjoying your favorite casino games on your readily downloaded Betway App. 

If that’s the case, it’s crucial for you to know that gambling is banned on US commercial aircraft under the Gambling Devices Act of 1962. So, even if you can use WiFi and technically connect to a casino when flying, you’re not allowed to do so.

If you do so, you do it under your own discretion while knowing you could face some consequences. While this might be disappointing, there are plenty of reasons to get on a plane with the purpose of gambling.

With the idea of online gambling on a plane being out of the question, why don’t airlines push to change the legislation and offer onboard games of chance? And what about non-US commercial aircraft?

There have been some nods to allow gambling on airplanes. For instance, in the 1990s, Swiss Airlines tried seat-based gambling, but a crash in 1998 cast doubt as to whether the wiring for this entertainment option was the culprit.

Ryanair also announced in 2005 inflight gambling. The CEO went as far as saying that the company would make so much money with these games of chance that it’ll allow passengers to fly for free. None of it ever happened.

Today, it’s anyone’s guess as if new initiatives might pave the way for a change in legislation and allow you to pull out the Betway App on your phone. 

There’s A Better Place Than Home

When you enjoy some casino gaming sessions at home, it can be fun. But something much more interesting is taking your hobby with you and exploring exciting new locations.

Imagine getting a good deal for a flight to the Fiji Islands and enjoying the warmth of the Sun together with some exciting slot games. Or perhaps being cozy and warm in the Alps, comfortably gambling while sipping hot cocoa and watching the snow falling all around. Rather than packing a heavy laptop, all you need to do is bring your phone with the Betway App readily downloaded.

You could make a habit of it. Playing online casino games while enjoying a different landscape each time would greatly enhance the enjoyment factor. It can also let you discover some great land-based proposals.

You can gamify the concept further. For example, you can set aside a portion of your casino winnings to get exclusive airplane deals and keep the ball rolling. Of course, always do it responsibly and don’t fuel your gambling with the idea of getting a cheaper plane ticket!

No matter the destination, airline deals are a sure way to enhance your iGaming sessions the right way: discovering fantastic new places at a bargain price.