Belgium's Capital Explored

Belgium, a country rich with historical significance, offers an amalgamation of cultures and traditions that converge splendidly in its vibrant capital, Brussels. Nestled at the heart of Europe, this capital city extends a warm invitation to travelers seeking an exclusive experience that’s as cosmopolitan as it is historically rich. Whether you’re planning short weekend trips from Brussels by car or luxurious vacations to Brussels, this guide will help you tailor a journey that captures the essence of this mesmerizing city.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

From its historic squares to modern European Union institutions, Brussels offers a harmonious blend of the past and present. The juxtaposition of the ornate Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site, against the backdrop of contemporary structures, paints a vivid picture of a city steeped in history yet embracing modernity with open arms.

Royal Palaces and Gardens

Begin your vacation to Brussels with a serene stroll through the Royal Palace and its magnificent gardens. This official palace of the King and Queen of Belgium, although not their residence, stands as a testament to Belgium’s rich monarchical history. Here, you can explore the opulent rooms and halls that narrate tales of Belgian royalty through the centuries.

Satisfying Your Gastronomic Desires

Brussels offers an exquisite culinary journey that promises to satiate even the most discerning palate. From delectable Belgian chocolates to the finest brews of beer, every meal here is a celebration.

Belgian Chocolate: A Journey of Flavours

Immerse yourself in the world of Belgian chocolate, renowned for its superior quality and rich heritage. Take a guided tour of some of the oldest chocolatiers in the city, where you can learn the art of chocolate making and even craft your delicacies.

Savor the Iconic Belgian Waffles

No visit to Brussels would be complete without indulging in the iconic Belgian waffles. Whether you prefer them topped with fresh berries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar or drizzled with chocolate sauce, the waffles here are a gastronomic delight not to be missed.

Exploring the Vibrant Neighbourhoods

Brussels is home to diverse neighborhoods, each boasting a unique personality and charm. From the lively atmosphere of Ixelles to the historic heart of the Marolles, exploring these neighborhoods offers a glimpse into the vibrant lifestyle of Brussels’ locals.

Marolles: A Stroll through History

The Marolles district invites visitors to take a leisurely stroll through history, with its antique shops and the famous daily flea market at Place du Jeu de Balle. This neighborhood, with its cobbled streets and historic façades, offers an authentic Brussels experience.

Ixelles: The Heartbeat of Contemporary Culture

On the other hand, Ixelles pulsates with contemporary energy, home to a plethora of trendy cafes, modern art galleries, and stylish boutiques. This neighborhood embodies the modern spirit of Brussels, where tradition meets contemporary culture in a lively, youthful atmosphere.

Weekend Trips from Brussels by Car

When the heart seeks adventure beyond the city limits, Brussels serves as a perfect base for exploring the enchanting locales that Belgium and neighboring countries have to offer.

Discovering the Belgian Countryside

Embark on a scenic drive through the picturesque Belgian countryside. The rolling hills and quaint villages offer a refreshing contrast to the bustling city life, providing an opportunity to witness the tranquil beauty of Belgium.

Venturing to Neighboring Countries

Due to its strategic location in the heart of Europe, Brussels offers the unique advantage of being a stone’s throw away from several European destinations. Plan weekend trips from Brussels by car to neighboring countries like France, the Netherlands, or Germany, each offering a rich and varied cultural experience.

Crafting Your Tailored Brussels Vacation

To craft your tailored Brussels vacation, begin by identifying your interests and preferences. Whether you are a history aficionado, a food connoisseur, or an art enthusiast, Brussels has something for everyone.

Customized Tours and Experiences

Consider opting for customized tours that cater to your specific interests, offering a deeper insight into the aspects of the city that fascinate you the most. From culinary tours to art gallery hops, tailor your vacation to encompass experiences that resonate with you.

Accommodation Choices

From luxurious hotels to charming bed and breakfasts, Brussels offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. Choose a place that not only provides comfort but also aligns with the theme of your vacation, adding a touch of authenticity to your stay.

Sustainable Travel

In your pursuit to explore Brussels, consider embracing sustainable travel practices. Engage with local communities, choose eco-friendly transportation modes, and strive to leave a positive impact on the environment and society.

Engaging with the Vibrant Art Scene

In Brussels, art isn’t just confined to gallery walls; it breathes life into the very streets of the city. As you traverse through various neighborhoods, you’ll be greeted by splendid street art that showcases the creative pulse of Brussels. The Comic Strip Route, for example, leads you on a picturesque journey through murals of famous comic characters that adorn the city walls. 

Moreover, the city hosts an array of art museums and galleries, from the iconic Magritte Museum, dedicated to the works of surrealist artist René Magritte, to BOZAR, which offers a diverse range of contemporary art exhibitions. To immerse yourself fully, consider taking guided art tours that provide deeper insights into the Brussels art scene, letting you explore the nexus of creativity that flourishes here.

Embracing the Festive Spirit of Brussels

Your tailored Brussels vacation wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the festive spirit that the city harbors. Throughout the year, Brussels plays host to a series of festivals and events that celebrate its rich cultural tapestry. From the vibrant hues of the Brussels Flower Carpet event that transforms the Grand Place into a floral paradise every two years, to the rhythmic beats of the Brussels Summer Festival which brings together music enthusiasts from around the world; there’s always a celebration awaiting around the corner. 

Additionally, during the winter months, the city dazzles with the Brussels Christmas Market, offering a magical setting with twinkling lights, festive stalls, and an ice-skating rink, making your vacations to Brussels a mesmerizing experience irrespective of the season. So, ensure to check the local event calendar and incorporate some of these festive happenings into your itinerary for a fully-rounded Belgian adventure.


Your tailored Brussels vacation awaits, promising an experience that beautifully melds tradition and modernity. With its rich historical heritage, vibrant neighborhoods, and the possibility of exciting weekend trips from Brussels by car, the city stands ready to offer a vacation that’s as unique as it is unforgettable. Embark on this journey of discovery and let Brussels carve a special place in your heart.