Best Places to Stay in Sequoia National Park
Best Places to Stay in Sequoia National Park

On my trip to Sequoia National Park, I felt incredibly small in front of the great scale of nature. The sequoias in this famous California park are the most popular attraction for tree climbers, who come to see these ancient giants that are just as old as the world. As you stand at the base of the General Sherman Tree, you will want to take a picture, and post it on your social media page. This is especially the case for those who go on a hike and don’t come back with any memorable memories.

A visit to Sequoia National Park is an integral part of any trip from San Francisco or Los Angeles to Yosemite or Death Valley. If one tours the parks in the winter, it is commonplace for those who have visited Death Valley to treat Sequoia as a substitute stop for Yosemite.I heard that people have been complaining about the effects of the government shutdown of Yosemite on the highways. It is terrible that they are not allowed to go to the national park to enjoy the majesty of its trees and meadows, and they can’t even get to the jewel of the national park, Yosemite Valley, since the Tioga Road is closed. However, at the link below, you will find some helpful tips for this great trip from Sequoia to Death Valley.

Can be exhausting

No, that’s not exactly true. Visiting the park is a lot more tiring for me, at least. There are some trivial logistical issues, namely that it’s mountainous, so if you want to see the points of interest, you have to drive a long way on the narrow curvy roads for at least an hour from the park entrance.If you want to reach Kings Canyon Visitor Center from Giant Forest, not to mention those who want to reach Kings Canyon Visitor Center is must drive another 30 miles of winding roads from Giant Forest.

Hotels in Sequoia: Where to Stay Inside the Park?

We had already mentioned some hotels in Sequoia National Park in our short in-depth guide in the Hotels across the US page. Here is a description of all those available:

John Muir Lodge

Lonely as the world’s first big hotel is, Muir’s Loneliness is among the least lonely on the planet. John Muir would have been proud of the accommodations. One of the most popular attractions in Kings Canyon National Park is the General Grant Tree. The view from the lobby of the John Muir Lodge is a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the city, and our well-furnished rooms are an excellent starting point for your adventures.

Wuksachi Lodge

One of the more traditional accommodations available in Sequoia National Park is the Wuksachi Lodge, located near the General Sherman Tree trail. Wuksachi Lodge offers beautiful, luxurious accommodations that provide comfortable lodging for visitors.

Back in Sequoia National Park, right within the confines of the park, there is the Wuksachi Lodge, another hotel in a breathtaking location, just a few miles away from the trail that leads to General Sherman.

Montecito Sequoia Lodge

I enjoy the moment I first see the hotel framed by the dark forest. The perspective opens up to a peaceful view of the lake, which, the sunset painting the horizon in rich oranges and golds, gently kisses the lodge. The simplicity of the place has its charm, though I would not mind the company of more luxury. I enjoy the rate, which includes all meals, though I would not mind the company of more luxury.

Cedar Grove Lodge

A beautiful retreat at the base of Kings Canyon, the Cedar Grove Lodge is the perfect place to experience nature without sacrificing modern conveniences. This old motel has been fully renovated with six quaint cottages, five rooms, and twelve cabins to choose from, each of which is appointed with cozy amenities. You’ll have plenty of space to spread out in our two fishing ponds, on the patio, or just taking in the view of the South Fork King River. With full amenities including laundry.


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