Grand Canyon West Rim Entrance Fee-min
Grand Canyon West Rim Entrance Fee-min

Grand Canyon West Rim

Go to the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and let the experts at Grand Canyon West furnish you with an excursion experience like no other.

Claimed and worked by the Hualapai Indian Tribe, Grand Canyon West furnishes visitors a chance to interface with nature and investigate the West Rim of the Grand Canyon from start to finish. From strolling on our reality well-known Skywalk and climbing at Guano Point to flying and stream boating visits, we let you absorb nature’s magnificence at your own speed. Stay at one of our Hualapai Ranch lodges during your visit and appreciate fun on-location exercises like huge fires and toasting s’mores just as speedy admittance to every Grand Canyon West experience.

The West Rim may not be home to as numerous famous perspectives, however, guests to the rough West Rim can appreciate perspectives that are similarly just about as fabulous as the ones at the South Rim.

There are a few sights and attractions presented inside the Hualapai space of Grand Canyon West, including the well-known Grand Canyon Skywalk. Whenever you’ve entered the Hualapai region, a dependable and continuous transport administration assists you with effectively seeing every one of the various destinations.

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When To Visit:

Quick becoming perhaps the most discussed destination at the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon West draws in around 700,000 guests every year. The objective has gotten progressively well known among Grand Canyon vacationers since the March 2007 thousand opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This cantilevered glass-lined scaffold is only 2 ½ hours from Las Vegas and requests to adrenaline searchers, Las Vegas jet-setters, and customary people the same. While not a piece of Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West’s guests actually experience dazzling vistas, the Skywalk, Guano Point, Eagle Point, and Hualapai Ranch, all places of pride for the West Rim’s administrators, the Hualapai Native American Tribe.

The best season to visit Grand Canyon West is pre-winter through spring, when daytime temperatures are lovely, going from the mid-60s to the mid-90s, and for the most part under bright conditions. Mid-year temperatures can take off to well above 100° Fahrenheit, so remaining in line for the van or the Skywalk can be sweltering under the extraordinary sun.

Regardless of when you visit, make certain to achieve a quart of water for each individual, a wide-overflowed cap, high SPF sunscreen, shades, and exceptionally light layers.

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Grand Canyon West Rim Entrance Fee

Keep in mind, the West Rim isn’t inside the Grand Canyon National Park. It is possessed and worked by the Hualapai Tribe; the Hualapai gathers charges for access toward the West Rim. A National Park 7-day section pass, Golden Age Passport, or other National Park Service pass won’t have any significant bearing at Grand Canyon West.

In any event, every individual is needed to buy the Legacy Package, valued at $44.05 (counting all expenses and charges) per individual.

No private vehicles are allowed past the Grand Canyon West passage. You should leave your vehicle at the Grand Canyon West Welcome Center, situated at the West Rim Airport. Guests then, at that point board the free Hop-On Hop-Off transport administration to get toward the West Rim attractions.
At the Welcome Center, you’ll have the chance to meet with a visit administrator and select a visit bundle. The essential bundle and each and every other overhauled bundle remembers the Hop-For Hop-Off transport to regional attractions like Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point, Guano Point, Native American exhibitions, and cattle rustler exhibitions at three perspectives, a Hualapai appearance authentication, and photograph openings with Hualapai individuals.

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The bundles are valued per individual (kid or grown-up) as follows:

The Legacy Package — $42.99 per individual comprehensive of duties and charges: This essential section bundle is the base required bundle. The Legacy bundle DOES exclude strolling on the Skywalk.

The Legacy Gold Package — $79.00 per individual comprehensive of duties and charges: This is the most affordable bundle that remember passes to stroll for the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It remembers everything for the Legacy and Legacy Silver bundles, with the expansion of a grown-up Skywalk ticket.

Extra additional items are accessible at any level, including helicopter rides that land at the lower part of the Grand Canyon, barge boat rides down the Colorado River, horseback rides, supper bundles, and overnight housing bundles and overhauls.

  • Dinner bundle — $16.00 per individual
  • Proficient Skywalk photographs — ~$30 each
  • Overnight lodge on the Rim — $149.90 (per individual dependent on twofold inhabitance)
  • 30-minute horseback ride to the Rim — $37.45 per individual
  • hour-long horseback ride to the Rim — $59.39 per individual
  • an hour and a half horseback ride along the Rim — $80.25 per individual
  • 12–15-minute Flight of the Eagle air visit — $143.03 per individual
  • 40-minute Grand Canyon Discovery helicopter visit with 20-minute arriving underneath the Rim — $153.73 per individual
  • Helicopter/Boat trip with flight, Canyon floor landing, and a barge boat ride — $199.99 per individual.

The West Rim includes for the time being facilities close by; Hualapai Ranch and Hualapai Lodge are worked by the Tribe. The Hualapai Ranch is situated inside the Grand Canyon West amusement region, while the Lodge is around an hour and a half from the West Rim in Peach Springs, AZ on memorable Route 66. A third alternative is the Grand Canyon Ranch Resort, only 2 miles outside Grand Canyon West on Diamond Bar Ranch Road.

Here’s a list of estimates, exclusive of taxes, gratuities, and fees where applicable:

  • Hualapai Ranch & Cabins — $129 per person
  • Hualapai Lodge on Route 66 — $69.95 per person
  • Grand Canyon Ranch Resort — $300 per person

The Hualapai Tribe also operates Hualapai River Runners, the only provider of 1-day whitewater river rafting at the Grand Canyon. Trips operate from March through October, departing in the early morning from Peach Springs, so it’s wise to book the night before at the Hualapai Lodge on Route 66. The Hualapai tourism site can assist visitors with booking these lodging/rafting packages.

1-day Colorado River whitewater rafting trip — $382 per person, after taxes and fees.



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