Best Things To Do in Kingsland, GA

Kingsland, a charming city located in the picturesque coastal region of southeast Georgia, is a gem waiting to be discovered. Although it doesn’t have the widespread recognition of some other U.S. cities, Kingsland, situated in Camden County, offers a wealth of natural beauty and intriguing activities that make it a must-visit destination.

Surrounded by expansive marshes and wetlands, Kingsland is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The untouched beauty of the city offers a serene and enchanting experience to every visitor.

While traveling to renowned cities like St Augustine or Jacksonville, taking a detour to explore Kingsland can be a delightful addition to your journey. The city’s allure might even beckon you to return for another visit, offering an idyllic retreat where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

If you’re contemplating a visit to the United States and pondering whether to add Kingsland to your itinerary, consider the variety of captivating experiences that await in this blossoming tourist destination. We believe that a visit to Kingsland will be a decision you’ll reminisce about fondly.

From the tranquil natural landscapes to the warm, welcoming community, every corner of Kingsland invites exploration and enjoyment. Enrich your travel experience by taking the opportunity to discover this unspoiled sanctuary of scenic beauty and peaceful ambiance.

1. Cumberland Island Ferry

A short distance from Kingsland Inn & Suites, the Cumberland Island Ferry awaits to whisk you away on a memorable journey to the historic Cumberland Island. Board the ferry and let it steer you across the waters for a day’s escape or an overnight adventure amidst nature.

Cumberland Island, with its secluded allure and unspoiled landscapes, promises an experience of sublime tranquillity. Imagine the splendour of witnessing the sun bowing down to kiss the horizon, painting a masterpiece of vibrant hues that reflect off the pristine beaches. Every sunset is a spectacle, every moment a cherished memory in the making.

Here, surrounded by nature’s grandeur, you’re invited to tread along untouched sands, immerse in the silent whispers of the ocean, and bask in the undisturbed serenity that graces the island. Each visit is not just a journey, but an odyssey of soulful discoveries and priceless reflections, to be treasured forever. Every sunset, every wave, every grain of sand, adds a stroke to the canvas of memories that Cumberland Island offers its visitors.

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2. Kingsland Welcome Center

The Kingsland Welcome Center stands as your premier tourist information hub, offering the most current and comprehensive details to enhance your visit.

Conveniently situated just off Interstate Highway 95, this welcome centre is your starting point for an exciting adventure in Kingsland. Here, you can effortlessly access all the vital information you require for your journey. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you, you’ll uncover a plethora of enjoyable, intriguing, and one-of-a-kind attractions in Kingsland.

The Kingsland Welcome Center boasts a range of amenities for your convenience, including free parking, impeccably maintained restrooms, and even charging stations for electric vehicles.

Take a brief pause at the Kingsland Welcome Center, where you can acquire essential information about must-see landmarks, discover the finest local dining establishments, and explore hotels that align with your budget. Additionally, you can delve into details about nearby destinations, such as the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge and the Cumberland Island Seashore. This information hub is your key to unlocking a memorable and well-informed experience in Kingsland and its surrounding areas.

3. Enjoy Various Outdoor Activities at the Crooked River State Park

Located just 12 miles to the east of Kingsland, you’ll discover Crooked River State Park, a treasured gem situated on the southern edge of the Colonial Coast. As one of the city’s closest state parks, it beckons visitors with a wealth of outdoor activities.

Crooked River State Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting numerous campsites that offer prime opportunities for fishing, hiking, and wildlife observation. However, its appeal extends beyond these activities. The park features a ferry service that transports you to the enchanting world of Cumberland Island National Seashore, home to wild horses and secluded beaches.

Before venturing to Cumberland Island, consider dedicating quality time to exploring Crooked River State Park. Meander through its picturesque wetlands and salt marshes, where you can encounter a thriving array of wildlife, including herons, fiddler crabs, and gopher tortoises. Additionally, the park’s nature centre houses a diverse collection of native Georgia animals, allowing you to observe turtles, snakes, and fish up close.

Crooked River State Park is your gateway to a world of natural wonders and outdoor adventures, promising an enriching and memorable experience for all who visit.

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4. Howard Peeples Park

Howard Peeples Park is an open-air recreational facility that offers a range of leisure activities. Visitors have access to amenities such as a ballfield, playground, and tennis court. The park also offers pavilions for the convenience of its patrons.

5. Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

Visiting a friend or family member stationed at Kings Bay is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their service and dedication. This award-winning naval base is a testament to its vital role in safeguarding our nation, both domestically and internationally.

6. Kingsland Veterans Memorial Park

The Kingsland Veterans Memorial Park stands as a tribute to the brave soldiers from all branches of the military who have risked and given their lives in service to the United States of America. Located in the downtown area of Kingsland, this park is a perfect destination if you’re seeking budget-friendly and family-friendly activities in the city.

This well-maintained park boasts a scenic setting with lush green landscapes, towering trees, paved pathways, picnic spots, and five vibrant walls adorned with intricately designed images representing the various military branches. It offers an excellent opportunity to engage in one of the top family-friendly activities in Kingsland.

Bring your kids along and spend quality time outdoors in this charming park. Here, you can collectively pay tribute to the courageous soldiers who have defended our nation. Additionally, you can have a delightful picnic, partake in games like tag, and engage in various other enjoyable activities under the warm sun.

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7. Experience Top-Notch Birdwatching Activity at the Colonial Coast Birding Trail

The expansive Colonial Coast Birding Trail comprises over 18 sites extending from Cumberland Island to the nearby town of St. Marys, with Kingsland conveniently close for birdwatching enthusiasts.

When visiting Kingsland, it’s advisable to have your binoculars handy because a visit to the Colonial Coast Birding Trail is likely to be on your itinerary. Regardless of whether you’re a dedicated birdwatcher or a casual traveler, you’ll find yourself captivated by the area’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife.

With more than 300 bird species indigenous to Georgia frequently spotted in this region, it stands as one of Georgia’s premier birdwatching destinations.

8. Camden County Psa Leisure Services Dept

Those affiliated with the Camden County Psa Leisure Services Department enjoy the privilege of using exercise and sports equipment available at their facilities. Additionally, the department features a pool where activities such as water aerobics, lifeguard training, and swimming lessons are conducted.

9. Jacksonville International Airport

If you have an early flight to catch, consider staying at Kingsland Inn & Suites, conveniently located just 28 minutes away from Jacksonville International Airport. Additionally, you’ll find excellent restaurants and shopping options within easy walking distance or a short drive from your hotel room.

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10. Laurel Island Links

Laurel Island Links Opened in 1996, and it is a top-tier 18-hole golf course that offers an affordable experience set against a stunning natural backdrop.

For couples who share a passion for golf, one of the most romantic activities to enjoy together in Kingsland is a day at Laurel Island Links. This renowned course is celebrated for its breathtaking scenery, captivating nature vistas, and modern amenities, including a restaurant and pro shop. Moreover, the presence of professional instructors on-site ensures that lessons are available for golfers of all skill levels.

Create cherished moments with your significant other as you spend quality time together on the greens of this exceptional golf course. Following your game, savor a romantic meal at the Bogey’s Bar and Grille, the course’s restaurant. Delight in dishes such as salads, chicken wings, fresh seafood, and a wide array of delectable options, all complemented by a glass of fine wine.

11. Explore Grover Island

Encompassing over 400 acres of lush forest and spanning more than 1,600 acres of interconnected waterways and salt marshes adjacent to the Crooked River, Grover Island is a captivating outdoor destination. Located just 11 miles east of Kingsland, it stands as one of the nearest forest preserves for you to explore with your loved ones or fellow travellers.

Grover Island offers a rich tapestry of wildlife, including both migratory and indigenous birds like the wood stork. The island also provides a sanctuary for various land-dwelling animals.

For those in search of outdoor attractions in Kingsland, Grover Island ranks as an ideal spot for wildlife observation. Furthermore, the island boasts a wealth of archaeological sites, including Aboriginal sites that date back centuries prior to the arrival of the first Europeans in America.

Additionally, you can explore the island’s nature centre, where you’ll encounter a diverse collection of native Georgia animals, ranging from snakes and turtles to fish.

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12. Georgia Visitor Information Center

The St. Mary’s Georgia Visitor Information Center serves as a valuable resource hub for both tourists and newcomers. It provides a range of helpful amenities, including maps, directories of local businesses, vending machines, well-maintained restroom facilities, and a variety of other conveniences.

13. The Okefenokee Trail

The Okefenokee Trail is a haven for nature enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse landscape filled with dense marshlands, swamps, exotic flora, and much more.

If you’re seeking enjoyable outdoor activities in Kingsland for an ultimate adventure, make your way to the Okefenokee Trail. This destination offers a range of amenities, including designated picnic areas, a watercraft launch deck, and a souvenir shop where you can purchase keepsakes. Additionally, an on-site facility provides rentals such as kayaks and canoes, which is perfect if you prefer not to carry bulky equipment for your trip.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and embark on a fantastic outdoor journey with your fellow travellers at this natural attraction. Engage in various activities like picnicking, honing your photography skills by capturing the stunning surroundings, biking, hiking, and many more exciting adventures.

14. Play Golf at the Scenic Trident Lakes Golf Club

Trident Lakes Golf Club, situated on USS Proteus Boulevard in Kingsland, is an 18-hole golf course located on a former military base. Spanning 220 acres, this golf course is set against the stunning backdrop of Georgia’s natural landscapes, making it a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts, whether you’re playing solo or enjoying a memorable round with your travel companions or family.

Much like any top-tier golf facility, Trident Lakes Golf Club offers all the essential amenities, including club rentals, golf carts, restroom facilities, a restaurant, and a well-stocked pro shop. Additionally, the club provides golf lessons for individuals of all skill levels, led by experienced instructors. It’s a golfing paradise that caters to both seasoned players and those looking to improve their game.

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15. Fish Master Charters

Guests have the opportunity to embark on a guided fishing expedition with Fish Master Charters, where they can reel in red snapper, flounder, and shark. Before venturing to the fishing locations, the captain treats visitors to a scenic island sightseeing tour near St. Mary.

16. Kingsland Royal District

The Kingsland Royal District, also recognized as the Royal District, Historic Downtown Kingsland, or the Historic Royal District, is characterized by its charming red-brick sidewalks and buildings that trace their origins back to the early 1900s.

If you’re on the lookout for captivating historical sights to explore during the upcoming weekend, make your way to the Kingsland Royal District. This district beckons with a multitude of downtown attractions, including an array of diverse restaurants, an assortment of shops offering unique treasures, and numerous historical landmarks to uncover.

Strengthen the bonds with your companions as you meander through the streets of this downtown neighbourhood, uncovering its many tourist-friendly destinations. Engage in a delightful shopping spree, discovering items like antiques, quilts, leather crafts, collectables, furniture, organic and vegan skincare products, and much more.

Moreover, you can indulge in other enjoyable activities such as dining at a restaurant, spending leisurely hours in a park, or exploring exhibits at a museum. The Kingsland Royal District promises a weekend filled with enriching experiences and delightful discoveries.

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17. Try Ax-Throwing at Unleashed Camden

Unleashed Camden, located along Haddock Rd, presents a distinctive and exciting attraction in Kingsland, introducing visitors to the emerging sport of ax-throwing. This establishment features dedicated ax-throwing lanes where you can put your strength and marksmanship skills to the test. For those feeling a bit apprehensive, Unleashed Camden provides in-house trainers to guide you in the proper and safe techniques of ax-throwing.

This is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience suitable for everyone, especially those intrigued by the idea of trying axe-throwing, often seen only in movies. Additionally, Unleashed Camden offers a range of other activities to enjoy, including billiards and engaging bottle-painting sessions. It’s a destination that promises both thrills and creative leisure for its visitors.

18. St. Marys Railroad

Visitors have the opportunity to take in the picturesque woodlands and marshes as they journey along the historic rails of St. Marys, Georgia, courtesy of the St. Marys Railroad. These scenic trips have a duration of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, allowing guests to ride in open-air rail cars, a caboose, or even the locomotive itself.

19. Fabulous Face Aesthetics

Fabulous Face Aesthetics is a comprehensive spa offering an extensive range of services administered by licensed physicians.

Before concluding your visit to Kingsland, GA, consider indulging in a day of pampering and rejuvenation at this exceptional spa. It provides a diverse selection of treatments and themed packages, such as the “Girls Night Out” package, which includes cocktails and snacks. Both locals and tourists appreciate its opulent atmosphere and tranquil setting, making it an ideal destination for a stress-free retreat.

If you’re in search of indoor activities to enjoy during inclement weather or chilly days, there’s no better choice than scheduling a day at Fabulous Face Aesthetics. The spa offers an array of services, including facials, waxing, skin treatments, peels, and more. Additionally, you can unwind in an infrared sauna, explore high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy, and explore various other options for relaxation and rejuvenation.

20. Hop on the Georgia Coastal Railway

Located on S. Lee St., the Georgia Coastal Railway invites you to embark on an enriching and immersive journey by boarding one of its nine train coaches stationed in Kingsland. Each train provides a themed excursion from Kingsland to St. Marys in Georgia, traversing diverse landscapes that include commercial districts, residential neighbourhoods, marshes, and woodlands. This entire experience offers passengers a distinctive tour of southern Georgia aboard these vintage train coaches.

You have the option to travel in the closed and air-conditioned coach or savour the fresh air while riding in the open-air coach, ensuring a delightful experience tailored to your preferences.

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21. St. Marys Submarine Museum

St. Mary’s Submarine Museum, located in the vicinity of one of the world’s two Trident submarine bases, the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, boasts an extensive assortment of submarine-related memorabilia. This remarkable collection comprises a wealth of artefacts, photographs, paintings, historical documents, and various other items of significance.

22. Help Save Wildlife at the White Oak Conservation

Located just a short distance beyond the Florida-Georgia border, the White Oak Conservation is a truly remarkable destination that deserves your attention. Situated approximately five miles southwest of Kingsland, this conservation center is renowned for its dedicated efforts to preserve and protect rare and endangered animal species. It stands as a premier wildlife facility dedicated to research, training, and breeding, with a primary goal of restoring the populations of critically endangered animals to sustainable levels.

Furthermore, the White Oak Conservation offers guided public tours, providing a unique opportunity to encounter some of the rarest animal species in the world. Among the rare animals housed here are Florida panthers, cheetahs, tigers, Okapi, black rhinos, bongo antelope, zebras, giant Eland, and more. It serves as an exceptional place to gain insight into the significance of wildlife conservation and witness firsthand the passionate efforts undertaken by the facility to prevent the extinction of these mentioned animals.

23. Up The Creek Xpeditions

Up The Creek Xpeditions is a kayaking tour company specializing in guided excursions along the scenic St. Mary’s River. Additionally, the company offers paddleboards and tandem kayaks for both rental and purchase.

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24. Remembering a Tragedy at the Thiokol Memorial Project Museum

The Thiokol Memorial Project Museum, situated along South Lee Street, offers a truly unique and compelling narrative about the tragic incident involving the Thiokol Chemical Corporation.

This museum was established as a tribute to and in remembrance of the individuals who played a role in the devastating 1971 plant explosion, which claimed the lives of 29 people and left over 50 others injured. Many of the victims hailed from Camden County, while the initial responders came from the Kingsland Fire Department.

In the 1960s, the Thiokol Chemical Corporation was recognized as a key manufacturer for NASA, particularly in the production of solid-propellant rocket motors, until an unfortunate incident unfolded at its facility in Camden County.

Presently, the museum is open to the public, offering an in-depth portrayal of the tragedy, the lives lost, and the heroic actions of those who participated in the rescue efforts.

A visit to this museum provides a captivating opportunity to gain insights into a real-life event that not only profoundly affected Camden County but also resonated throughout the entire nation.

25. Motorized Canoe Adventures

Motorized Canoe Adventures offers environmentally conscious guided tours of the Amelia Island region using battery-powered canoes. These tours provide a peaceful and safe opportunity for visitors to get up close to the area’s wildlife.

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26. Step Inside the Neutral Zone Studios

Situated on W. William Avenue, Neutral Zone Studios is a one-of-a-kind attraction dedicated to honouring the world of Star Trek. It’s the result of a collaborative effort by enthusiasts and volunteers from across the United States, who have come together to create this unique facility. The studio’s primary draw is its full-scale replica of Constitution-class starship sets, and the entire facility covers an expansive 9,600 square feet. In addition to being a hub for fan-made Star Trek films, it’s a haven for Star Trek enthusiasts, offering meticulously crafted sets, costumes, and fan-produced movies. Visitors can take a peek behind the scenes during scheduled set visits, making it a must-visit destination for any Star Trek aficionado.

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27. Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach, situated along the Atlantic coastline, is a picturesque stretch of shoreline characterized by its pristine white sand. It serves as a highly sought-after location for a variety of water activities, including swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding. In addition to these active pursuits, visitors can also enjoy the beach for sunbathing and leisurely relaxation.