Best Beaches & Things to Do in Malta
Best Beaches & Things to Do in Malta

Transportation of Malta

The growth rate of road network in Malta is lower than the European average. Despite the level of higher urbanization, Malta has less than 100 kilometers of highways. Public transport in Malta is regulated by the Malta Transport Authority, an agency operating under the Ministry of Transport. Buses are the main mode of public transport in Malta. The Public Transport Association has ensured road connectivity by bus across the island for a fleet of more than 500 buses from the private islands. Traveling by bus to Malta for business meetings is mainly not suitable due to time delays.

Another mode of transport in Malta is a taxi. Taxis are easily identifiable for their white color. Thanks to the need to set the price before traveling in a taxi to avoid any unpleasant experience. There is also a taxi network run by private garages, which is particularly reliable.



Best Place to visit in Malta


The Silent City has been named Modina for good reason. In a small country where construction development is moving at an alarmingly fast-paced pace, Medina is probably the only and only place where you can lie down without hearing the peace-disrupting sounds of modernization. This does not mean that you will get rid of people

Modina is a very touristy place and once you get there you will fully understand why. However, tour guides and those who visit the silent city always respect its first rule – to remain silent. So of course, Malta always has a reputation for being on any of your holiday destinations. It is equally enjoyable in summer and winter, most of its roads are left for pedestrians and you can walk all over the place with all the interesting offers that this beautiful spot has to offer.


Rabat is another place to visit on your holiday in Malta. It is located right next to Modina: once you get out of the castle city you are already in Rabat!

The Best Beaches in Malta

Gazan Tufia

Gazan Tufia is my favorite beach in the vicinity of the island of Malta with the great scenery and sea you will face. To me, this beach is a perfect balance between being raw in nature and having the benefits of feeling comfortable on the beach.

Yes, it is a popular beach, yes, it can be very favorite and busy even among tourists, but the stunning beauty, its panoramic view, and the clear water are just amazing. This is a must-see and worth a bus ride if you are not in Malta.

Golden Bay

The Golden Bay is located on the northwest coast of Malta, right next to the Gazan Tufiana and is a popular spectacular beach that was one of the first to achieve Blue Flag status.

Easily accessible and accessible with public transport, this beach offers plenty of amenities and is a perfect place for families to enjoy some sunburn. Although North Clift has taken on a large hotel, the area around the beach is mostly scattered and has created great views. Golden Bay is a popular place for barbecues, mostly on Fridays and Saturday evenings.

Melia Bay

Melia Bay is the largest sandy beach in Malta and one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. It is by far one of the most popular beaches in Malta and with a surf that is shallow for a good distance and easy access, this spot is a favorite of families of children who came for the day, mostly on weekends.

Melia Betty is located in the north of Malta and it is very easy to find, several bus routes stop at the bay on the way to Cirkewwa.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a stunningly beautiful creek on the small island of Comino. It is sheltered and contains water in the beautiful sky. Access to this fascinating inlet by boat from Gozo or Malta. There are two white-sand beaches on either side of the crystal clear water: the draft also has white sand at the bottom.

The rest of the bay is rocky: here visitors can soak up or dive into the freshwater. Snorkeling is popular because of the clarity of the water and the presence of several caves. No boating is allowed, so it is a particularly peaceful environment.

It’s not much of a beach in my personal top ten because 1) there’s no real beach and it’s a tour stop and it’s 2) it’s a tourist hot spot, which means it’s busy with people during the summer months. Nonetheless, it is a must-visit place in Malta, but something that you should plan a day trip for.

Dwijra Bay

With one of Malta’s most famous geological locations, the Bizarre Bay of Gozo is a beautiful and small bay with a natural pool created by rock erosion, with impressive, forced, and beautiful azure windows. The area has some amazing cave diving sites that are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Swimmers should always be kept in small pools as the waves around the azure window can become very rough in high winds.