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Working with a cosmetic formulation chemist can help your beauty brand in many ways. Cosmetic chemists specialize in developing safe products for personal care. You can leverage their expertise to develop a new beauty product or improve an existing formula. Leading chemists work in a fully equipped laboratory where all the development and testing happens. Here are four reasons why your beauty brand needs help from a cosmetic chemist:

1. Develop Unique Products

A certified cosmetic chemist can help you work on a new beauty product. Some chemists specialize in specific products like soap and shampoos. Others cover the full range of personal care products, from skincare and haircare to baby care, aromatherapy, sun care, and makeup. Your beauty brand needs the help of a chemist to develop custom formulas. At the end of the process, you’ll have a unique product formulated to your specifications.

Leading cosmetic chemists offer non-disclosure agreements, so your formula won’t be shared with anyone. A chemist will be helpful throughout the process if you plan to formulate a product that leads to manufacturing. You engage them at the start of the process to find quality ingredients, develop and test the formula, and complete manufacturing. Chemists are experienced in formulating cosmetic products that meet industry standards.

2. Test Your Products’ Safety

Beauty products must undergo various tests to make sure they’re safe, stable, and effective. Some products require accelerated stability testing, which measures how well the formula will retain its quality. Your product may also require preservative efficacy testing to test how efficient the preservative is under varying conditions.

You must complete specific preservative efficacy testing if your beauty products contain natural preservatives or other OT active ingredients. Cosmetic chemists can advise you on the necessary tests for your products. The goal is to develop stable, safe, and durable beauty products. Your chemist can complete all requirements and provide detailed reports. The chemist can also identify ways to improve your formulations before mass production.

3. Source Quality Ingredients

Working with a reputable cosmetic formulation chemist is the best way to source quality raw ingredients for your beauty products. Your formulation may need standard or certified organic ingredients. Some brands also use 100% natural ingredients. When developing beauty products, your chemist will source ingredients based on provided specifications. The cosmetic chemist can provide a list of ingredients useful for your brand and find reliable sources.

When hiring a chemist, choose experts specializing in the product you’re creating. Some chemists have experience with vegan and natural products. Others specialize in skin care, lotion, makeup or shampoos, serums, oils, and perfumes. Find a cosmetic chemist that can provide quality ingredients for your beauty products. Chemists know where to find ingredients for your formulation and can help you order bulk ingredients for mass production.

4. PIF & Contract Manufacturer Matching

A cosmetic chemist can help you prepare the product information file (PIF). Leading chemists collaborate with qualified consultants and professionals to make sure your product complies with regulatory standards. If you’re selling to various countries, the formulation must comply with regulatory requirements in each country. A cosmetic chemist will help you formulate safe beauty products suitable for the target market to prevent issues later.

Cosmetic chemists can help you develop and own a custom formula. Owning your products gives you the freedom to choose the best manufacturing partner. A cosmetic chemist is your long-term partner and can help you improve and diversify the formula as your brand grows. You need chemists that partner with a wide range of contract chemist manufacturers. The goal is to find suitable manufacturers for your products and transition from the lab to industrial production.

Reputable Cosmetic Formulation Chemist

Hiring a cosmetic chemist is the right thing to do when developing a new beauty product. A chemist can also help you improve your formula or add new ingredients. Although chemists are experienced in formulation, they’re helpful throughout the process and should be seen as long-term partners. Your chemist will help you source quality ingredients that align with your brand. Cosmetic chemists can also help with accelerated stability testing and preservative efficacy testing.

You may need a cosmetic chemist for various other services, including packaging sourcing, product cost analysis, introduction to manufacturers, and design. When hiring a cosmetic formulation chemist, stick to experienced professionals with a beauty product development laboratory. Work with the best chemists in your area and look for references and testimonials to find reputable labs.