Save Money on Your Heating Bills

Cold weather often takes a toll on our pockets as we try to keep our homes warm and comfortable. During winter, your heating bills may skyrocket, burdening you with large sums of money you’d otherwise spend elsewhere. Several techniques exist to help reduce your heating costs, including regular furnace repair and servicing. Here are ways to save money on heating bills:

1. Schedule Furnace Repair and Servicing

A furnace has many components that work together to heat your home. Some components may become worn and break down over time, resulting in an inefficient furnace that uses extra energy to heat your home. Air filters may also become clogged, reducing airflow and preventing your furnace from running as efficiently as possible.

A furnace repair expert can inspect your unit, clean or replace dirty air filters, and repair damaged components, improving efficiency. If you’ve noticed a spike in your heating bills over the last few months, servicing may be necessary to determine the cause and handle it.

2. Upgrade to a Digital Thermostat

An old-fashioned thermostat may be costing you extra energy bills without your knowledge. Digital thermostats can provide more precise temperature readings, allowing you to adjust the temperature in your home without guessing. They can also be programmed to turn the heater on and off at certain times of the day, helping you save energy when you’re not home.

You can choose a smart thermostat instead of a regular programmable thermostat. This type can connect to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to adjust temperature settings even when you’re away. When you forget to turn off your furnace, you can do it on the go using your phone, tablet, or laptop.

3. Check Your Ductwork for Leaks

A leaky ductwork system can cause your home to lose heated air, forcing your furnace to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. That leads to higher energy bills, as your furnace consumes more power than necessary. A furnace repair technician can inspect your ductwork for any leaks or damage. If they find any, they can repair or replace the ducts to improve your furnace’s efficiency.

Your HVAC professional may also recommend insulating your ductwork if it’s not already insulated. Insulating helps keep the heated air inside your ducts, reducing the energy needed to heat your home.

4. Switch to an Energy-efficient Furnace

Today’s furnaces are designed to be much more energy-efficient than units made decades ago. If you still use an older furnace, you may be spending extra money to heat your home. A furnace repair and installation specialist can assess your needs and budget to help you choose a suitable model. The upfront cost of a new furnace may be high, but it can result in long-term savings.

5. Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home is an easy and effective way to reduce heating costs. It helps keep heated air inside, preventing warm temperatures from escaping. Your furnace may not need to work as hard to warm your home in winter. It also helps keep the cold air out, allowing your heater to maintain comfortable temperatures without too much effort. You can add insulation to your attic, windows, walls, basement, and other areas. An energy audit can help you determine the areas requiring insulation. 

6. Regulate Your Thermostat

While you may want as much heat as you can get, sometimes a lower temperature may be just as comfortable. Turning your thermostat down by just a few degrees can help reduce energy bills significantly. You can lower the temperature even further at night and still feel comfortable.

7. Wear Warm Clothes

You may not have to turn up your thermostat as high if you wear warm layers. Put on a sweater or use a cozy blanket when the temperature drops. You can also put on a pair of socks and slippers to keep your feet warm. This can keep you comfortable without the need to increase the temperature. When your furnace doesn’t work so hard, energy bills may decrease.

Start Saving Money On Heating Bills

High heating bills can take a toll on your budget, especially during winter. These tips can help you save money on energy bills while keeping your home comfortable. Choose one or more of these tips to reduce costs and still enjoy the warmth in your home. Contact a reputable HVAC professional if you need help with furnace repair and servicing.