How to Use Eco-Badges to Promote Your Travel Company

More than ever before, environmental consciousness has become an important factor when it comes to consumer decisions. This has forced businesses across various industries to look for ways to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to potential customers.

Travel companies have not been left behind, and it’s without a doubt that embracing eco-friendly practices sits well with ethical responsibilities, and at the same time offers a significant marketing opportunity. One of the effective strategies becoming so popular is the use of eco-badges to promote travel companies.

Understanding eco-badges

Eco-badges are accessories made from biodegradable materials, such as special plastics, that can disintegrate faster than most of the commonly used ones. These badges are custom-designed and made as per the company’s specifications and can be imprinted with different messages or images to display the commitment of the business to sustainability.

People can use eco-badges as accessories on their clothes, bags, and in other ways, complimenting their outfits, and at the same time displaying a message to the world.  Travel companies can give out eco-badges to their staff, customers, and other stakeholders so they convey their intended sustainability messages to the world.

Ways travel companies can use eco-badges to promote themselves

Below are some of the ways that travel companies can use eco-badges to promote themselves:

Using them in marketing and branding campaigns

Travel companies can use eco badges as promotional tools in their marketing and branding strategies to help them communicate their branding strategies and show their commitment to environmental sustainability efforts. By incorporating these accessories into advertising campaigns, website design, product packaging and so on, the company can reinforce its green image.

Giving them to employees to increase employee engagement

Because employees are the face of any business, travel companies can gift their staff eco-badges as a way to boost their morale and engagement. Besides, given that staff often take pride in working for companies that have environmental stewardship top on their list of priorities, they are likely to become advocates for the brand and help push it in the highly competitive market.

Giving out to customers to build trust and confidence

Another way travel companies can use eco badges is by gifting them to their customers as tokens of appreciation or gifts for their patronage, or even include them as part of other give-away merchandise like bags, T-shirts and other items. When the customers receive the eco-badges it could help to boost their trust and confidence in the commitment of the business towards sustainability. Such gifts give an impression to the environmentally conscious customers that the company is taking the various necessary steps to minimise its environmental impact.

Using eco badges as part of CSR initiatives

As travel companies look for ways to execute their corporate social responsibility initiatives, they can consider using eco badges as giveaways for various stakeholders. The badges can help disseminate information about environmental conservation showing that the company is taking responsibility for its environmental impact and working towards a more sustainable future.


Travel companies can use eco badges in many ways to promote themselves. They can use them in their marketing and branding campaigns, give them out to staff, distribute them to customers, and use the badges as part of their CSR initiatives.