Tips to Snag Cheap Airline Tickets

Dreaming of distant lands and exotic destinations is something many of us think about after a long day. Buying those airline tickets is the first step to doing that, and sometimes, that can be pretty pricey.

So, what do you do if you dream of these exotic destinations but you’re on a budget? Does that mean you can’t go out and enjoy adventures across the globe? Absolutely not!

Take Advantage of Deals and Loyalty Programs

Just like a lot of businesses, airlines have promotions and discounts that they roll out frequently.  So, making sure that you stay informed can give you an upper hand in finding budget tickets. One of the best things you can do is subscribe to airline newsletters, follow their socials, and keep an eye on deal websites for flash sales.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of offers

Another common saving technique is taking action when the airline has an offer available. This is a tip that can be used in many different industries. This means if you’re traveling with BA, shopping at Tescos or playing Slingo bingo games at Paddypower, you can often get bonuses and discounts. This could be in the form of discounted airline tickets, buy one get one free on your grocery shopping or free spins on certain games and sign-up bonuses. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for playing their favourite bingo games or doing their weekly shopping? 

Pro Tip: Loyalty Programs

These aren’t just for frequent flyers. They can benefit people who travel only on certain occasions as well. So make sure you sign up for those airline loyalty programs and start accumulating miles and points. These will eventually help you get discounted or even free tickets.

Timing’s Key: Mastering the Art of Booking

Airline companies tend to release tickets for their flights around 11 months before the actual flights. Planning your trip in advance or being flexible with your travel dates could help you save a ton of money. On the flip side, there are also last-minute deals that can also be a pretty big gold mine if you’re willing to be super spontaneous with your travel plans.

Pro Tip: Use Fare Comparison Websites

If you really want to have a wide range of options, looking at comparison websites to find the best deals might be a great way to find those cheap tickets. Skyscanner, Kayak, and Google Flights are all websites that allow you to compare prices across not only various dates but also airlines.

Stay Flexible with Your Departure and Arrival Airports

When we’re looking at flights, we try looking at the airport that’s closest to us. Sure, this makes sense, but if you’re willing to expand your field of view and look at other nearby airports or even alternative routes, you may be able to have significant savings.

Often, there are different strategies and pricing options for various airports depending on the airlines. Also, a slight detour might be a secret to unlocking a little bit of cheaper airfare.

Stay Flexible with Your Departure and Arrival Airports

Pro Tip: Mix and Match Airlines

When it comes to flexibility and being open, choosing not to limit yourself to one airline when you’re booking those tickets could also be pretty cost-effective. So, when you’re looking at airlines, mix and match the different carriers for your departure and return flights.

And It’s Plane Sailing

Utilizing these tips should get you well on your path to finding budget-friendly airfare. Traveling is an experience that everyone should have because it opens your mind and leaves you with memories that’ll last a lifetime. Your bank account shouldn’t keep you from having that experience!