Newcastle Travel Guide

Newcastle upon Tyne is considered to be one of the most exciting cities in the Northeast of the UK. This city has just shaken off its industrial persona and become famous as a cultural hotspot with an iconic skyline and vibrant nightlife. Newcastle has some of the best world-class attractions and culture that could rival any modern western capital. The best thing about this city is that it offers all these attractions on a much smaller budget which makes it a great tourist destination for people who want an affordable trip without compromising on the quality of the holiday. It is always best to get in early with hotels Newcastle. As it’s a busy city and they fill up fast.

Getting to the City

You can reach Newcastle by car, train, airplane, or coach. But the cheapest is a low-cost coach service such as Megabus if you are visiting the city from London. Rail is another cost-effective option provided you book your seat well in advance. Budget airlines like Easyjet and Flybe fly to Newcastle from Belfast, Bristol, Exeter, and Southampton but not from London. If you are traveling from outside the UK, you may find it much cheaper to fly directly to Newcastle on a low-cost carrier that serves the city.

On the other hand, if you plan to travel by train within the UK or from continental Europe, it’s always cheaper to travel by train to an airport in the UK and fly to Newcastle from the airport within the UK. Trying to fly from continental Europe to the UK and then travel by train to Newcastle is much more expensive. Some of the European airports that travel via low-cost or budget airlines to Newcastle include Barcelona, Gdansk, Dublin, Geneva, and Madrid.

Getting around the city (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Much of central Newcastle is navigable by foot unlike some of the bigger cities in the UK and Europe such as London or Paris tour. In fact, walking is the cheapest way to go around the city. If you plan to travel farther than the city center, you can use the metro – which is the most efficient way of getting around. There isn’t a big difference between the metro and bus fares. The Metro Day Pass for Zone One is under £3, and not much expensive even if you include outer zones.

Free or low-cost attractions

Take a wander

Travel guides use the word “buzzing” more frequently when describing the activities of a city. But there are very few cities where the word is more applicable than Newcastle. One of the low-cost things to do in Newcastle is to just wander and try to take that buzz in. Experience various smells and sights in Chinatown and then take a walk to the Sage, which is a riverside venue in Gateshead with outdoor seating and chances to watch free concerts. On the other hand, the “Newcastle Walk of Fame” is another popular free activity down by the Quayside.

There are pavement stones laid for all sorts of celebrities including Marc Knopfler, Alan Shearer, Ant and Dec, Mo Mowlem, Sting, and Lindisfarne. Don’t forget to take a walk along the Millennium Bridge while you are at the Quayside. In fact, Newcastle is home to seven such bridges including the famous Tyne Bridge. If you have time, try to walk them all. Also, you should try to walk around the city walls.

Catch a free movie

A great way to start your Sunday morning is to visit the Tyneside Bar and Cafe at 10.30 am for a low-priced brunch and a free movie.

Free galleries and museums

When it comes to art and culture, the city has developed a unique name for itself. In fact, Newcastle has a number of galleries and many of them are free to enter including the Baltic Art Gallery and the Hatton Gallery. On the other hand, you can enter the Discovery Museum in Blandford Square free of charge.

Where to eat and drink on a budget

It’s easier to eat and drink on a budget since Newcastle is considered a student town. Pubs in the student-friendly area offers happy hour deals including 241 cocktails & reduced drink prices. Hancock and the Spy Bar are great places for happy hour cocktails. Many student-friendly pubs in the city offer trebles or a triple shot of spirit with a mixer for just a fiver. The most famous clubs in the city have entrance fees. But there are also some bars that are free to enter. They will keep serving into the wee hours – such as Bijoux and Empress.

If you want to have something really good on the go, you should pick up a Burrito for under a fiver. It’s available at the Zapatista Burrito Bar – Grainger Street. There are some food joints at Grainger Market that sell lunch bites for £2 or £3.