Road Trip Essentials
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There’s nothing like embarking on a new adventure. If you’re headed out on your next road trip, be sure you have the basics. First, make a list of clothes and toiletries. Once you pack your luggage, it’s time to grab what you need for the ride. The following road trip essentials will keep you entertained and comfortable. Even the most experienced road tripper can use these ideas to inspire their next excursion!

1. Tasty Wholesome Snacks

If you’ve been out on the road before, you know that greasy bites will only weigh you down. Instead, stay energized with delicious, high-quality snacks. Some favourites include dry fruit and fresh fruit. You’re also sure to love craft chocolate and plant-based confections.

You can keep things toothsome and wholesome on the road with plant-based oat milk chocolates or vegan dark chocolate bars. Choose truffle-filled chocolate with fudgy cacao to get a little boost. Or stay motivated in the driver’s seat with plant-based chocolate infused with organic coffee. If you’re a fan of trail mix, create your twist on a classic with ingredients like roasted chickpeas or banana chips. Toss cashews in garlic and dill seasoning for a savory treat. Pack mini pretzels or air-popped popcorn to pair with your trail mix and chocolate bars. Trust us: You’ll be satisfied for hours.

2. Relaxing Comfort Items

It’s easier to manage on a long road trip when you feel relaxed and comfortable. Your car is not a vacation rental, but it’s a start! If you’re tagging along with someone, you can bring a cozy blanket and a small pillow to help you rest. A neck pillow is a smart choice for a passenger’s seat. Some neck pillows even include calming aromatherapy sachets. These products are designed for a portable soothing experience. You can also find pillow covers with a plush material to keep you warm and cozy.

If you like essential oils, try wearing a personal aromatherapy diffuser. A bracelet diffuser or a diffuser necklace is relaxing but ensures you keep your experience to yourself. When everyone likes the same oils, you can use a plug-in diffuser. Some of our favorite blends for the road include lavender and cedarwood. Peppermint oil and ginger oil can help with fatigue or queasiness on car trips.

Some road trippers are too busy to wear a blanket, so drivers can stay comfy with a plush sweatshirt or jacket. A seat cushion made of memory foam can make road trips more comfortable and ergonomic. When you’re napping in the back seat, feel free to wear a silky eye mask instead of sunglasses. Add UV window covers for more shade and sun protection.

Relaxing Comfort Items
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3. Checking The Car Before You Go

Before you set out, it’s important that you are checking the car from top to bottom, left and right, and even getting it looked at by a professional. This might feel a bit like overkill, but it’s better than having to hire a car accident lawyer because you got into a crash that could have been prevented. If something happens to your car that you could have avoided if it would have been checked and someone gets hurt, you will not be able to live with this guilt. Just get the car checked, it doesn’t take long, and it will give you the peace of mind you need.

4. Group-Friendly Car Chargers

You’ll need your smartphone for everything from navigation to entertainment. Keep your device charged with trip-friendly USB car chargers. These days it’s easy to find quality and budget-friendly models for the road. You can shop for plenty of lightweights, and portable chargers with one or two USB ports.

Spend a little more and you’ll find products that charge faster and offer power delivery. If you’re travelling with family or friends, choose a car power adapter. They’re an excellent choice for big groups because they have up to six charging ports. Charge multiple phones or tablets without fuss. They’re even compatible with cameras and smartwatches.

Car chargers with extension cords will appease those in the backseat. Let them stay up on their devices while you manage your own phones and tablets. Bring more than one USB charger in case you lose one under a seat. Consider keeping them in a glove compartment or center console, so you don’t forget them in a hotel room or restaurant.

5. Your Favorite Playlists

Every road trip needs a little entertainment. If you create a couple of playlists before your ride, you’re sure to stay inspired throughout your trip. Make a compilation of your favorite songs or choose tracks about where you’re going. You can even pick songs about adventures or the joys of traveling.

When you’re playing the music for a group, make sure the songs work for everybody. Or you can always bring a pair of noise-canceling headphones so you can enjoy your own tracks. If you prefer, you can listen to interesting podcasts or audiobooks. Get caught up on your favorite sports teams or enjoy a television series. Learn something new or listen to something laugh-out-loud funny.

Audiobooks can give you an introduction to your destination. If you’re traveling for hours, you can listen to a literary classic. Check a book off your bucket list with nonfiction. Some music and podcast apps will create playlists based on your preferences. Start listening to find the perfect playlist for your trip.

6. Navigation Tools

Now that you’ve packed your smartphone and chargers, you have plenty of tools to keep you safe and informed on your trip. Create a folder on your phone with your favorite maps and navigation apps. Download your maps offline, so you’re always connected. Some apps will tell you where to get gas or what to expect from traffic. Research alternate routes or find out where there’s an accident.

As a road tripper, it’s best to stay prepared for any adventure. Say your cell signal goes down or you get lost on a hike. You’ll need some basic navigation tools to get around. Keeping a travel compass in your pocket or bag is always a good idea. Add it to a keychain or a necklace so you never lose it.

A handheld GPS can help you find your bearings if your smartphone isn’t working. A printable map is also helpful if you’re going somewhere new on your trip. A physical map can help you see the road differently. It’ll give you essential information when you’re in remote areas and exploring natural locations like state or national parks.

Navigation Tools
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Create Your Own Adventure

With these road trip essentials, you’ll have what you need to create an inspired adventure. You’ll stay connected with your digital devices and your delicious snacks will help to power you through long stretches of your trip. Stay comfortable with your favorite relaxation items. Other helpful supplies to bring include cash and a small cooler.

Don’t forget to stay energized and hydrated with plenty of water and reusable water bottles. Road safety essentials like jumper cables and a first aid kit will give you peace of mind on the road. If you have a bunch to bring, make a list beforehand. Check it off as you pack your vehicle and luggage. You’ll see how simple and easy it is to prepare for your next adventure. You’ll also stay more relaxed and inspired throughout your trip!