Reasons to Visit Sevierville

Traveling within your own country should be the first step in your travel plans. Of course, you can travel across the world if your budget allows, but it would always be a good idea to see what your country has to offer first. We often forget that the US is one of the largest countries in the world and, therefore, has some of the most beautiful sites you have ever seen. Take the Great Smoky Mountains, for instance. The Range in Tennessee is one of the largest in the country and is now a protected national park.

If you plan on visiting the great range, start with the surrounding cities. Sevierville is a little town at the foot of the mountains with a wealth of personality. Planning a vacation in the town will be one of the best decisions you make this year and will surely be worth your while. It’s certainly going to be cheaper than booking a trip to LA, NY, or Miami.

If you have never heard of the little city before, that’s okay. We are here to help you sort your plans out and tell you why Sevierville is a great place to visit this year. Here are some of the top reasons to take a trip.

Amazing board and lodging facilities

If you plan on spending a vacation in the mountains, you would probably hope to live authentically the way people usually do in mountainous regions. If you are traveling with your family or a group, consider opting for some large cabins in Sevierville TN to accommodate more people. They come in varying shapes and sizes, and you can get one that suits your needs. So, whether you are traveling solo or with a family, you can be sure that a cabin will be waiting for you.
Moreover, they come with many different amenities you might enjoy. Most of them have Wi-Fi, some come with pools, and others have their own little unique traits.

Make sure you check the options and gauge which ones suit you best. Moreover, they are cost-effective if you book them in the off-season, so that’s great for budget-friendly travel plans.

Get to see Dolly Parton’s hometown

World-famous singer Dolly Parton was born right here in Sevierville. Being in the hometown of someone who has achieved stardom and is now a household name is a unique experience. There is a sense of being starstruck without them being there with you. Dolly Parton is one of the most respected country-music singers, so you can be sure to see a few tributes to her around the city.
While embracing the proximity to one of the most famous female singers in the world, take the chance to learn more about her and the life she lived. Not many people come from small mountain towns and achieve what she has.

Though she now lives in the greater Nashville area, her roots are and always will be in Sevierville. On several occasions, she has talked about the small town she comes from with a sense of pride and belonging.

Collect antiques

One of the most notable things about the town is how easy it is to shop there. They have a bunch of shops and markets waiting for locals and tourists to drop by and invest in the little town. You can find everything from handmade items to antiques and much more.

If you enjoy cooking, consider taking back some of the sauces and spices that Tennessee cuisine is known for. This is a great chance to understand the subculture better and truly understand what the little town is all about.

While on vacation, take little knick knacks back home with you to remember the time spent visiting these new locations. Pick and choose whatever you like and help the local businesses.

Enjoy the cuisine

Nashville fried chicken is a brand of its own, but there is one thing that the locals are known for, and it’s their barbeque. Check out what they are known for and get your hands on something that suits your taste buds. Whether you like chicken, pork, or beef, there is something for everyone here. Venture out and find what suits you best.

One of the best ways to embrace a culture is by trying out its food and learning how they cook. Food is a unifying factor that brings people together, so make sure you don’t go back without checking out some of the famous food joints in downtown Sevierville.

Just be careful where you eat. Food poisoning is the most common illness tourists may contract, even when traveling within the country.

There are several museums that you can check out

The aviation museum is the first place you should stop on your museum tour in Sevierville. They have aircraft from several major wars and some of the rarest planes in the world. If nothing else, it will give you an insight into how brutal war can be and the determination of the fighters.

After that, you can check out the car museum if you are a petrolhead or love cars. Consider visiting with your kids and showing them some of the cool cars they have throughout the facility. Finally, check out the city’s heritage museum to truly understand what the place is all about. There is no better way to get to know a place than by looking at its heritage.

History is a great way to keep your kids entertained and occupied throughout the vacation. Moreover, getting out of your room is important sometimes, and embracing your surroundings is one of the essential aspects of a vacation.


The best part about Sevierville and the Great Smoky Mountains is that you can visit any time of the year, and you’ll find something or the other to keep you entertained. Whether you want to take a trip when the leaves start to change color or when the sun shines brightest, we highly recommend a trip to this small yet adventurous town.

So, book your tickets, arrange your accommodation, and get a move on. Traveling within the country will surely leave you satisfied and ready to see more of what Tennessee and the Smokies offer.

Enjoy your vacation. You earned it!