Surfing Lessons

If you are the sort of traveler who revels in adventure, particularly of the sea variety, you may have a hankering to move beyond the typical banana boat experience and onto something a little more interesting. If this sounds like your outlook on travel, then that something might very well be hitting the waves on a surfboard.

But before catching some surf, it’s a good idea to get a few lessons under your belt to ensure you will hit the ground running, so to speak! With that in mind, let’s dive into the main reasons for adding surfing lessons to your pre-travel itinerary that will help you get the most out of your beach vacation.

Getting In Shape Will Help To Reduce Injuries

Surfing is one of those sports that engages numerous muscles you didn’t know excited! Consequently, hitting the surf before you’ve spent some time getting “board-ready” can lead to some pretty nasty injuries running from pulled muscles to broken bones…everything that you want to avoid when on your hols. To accomplish this feat, you have plenty of options at your disposal, including the highly recommended 5/3/1 routine. The Wendler 5/3/1 routine benefits for surfers include being fiendishly simple to get up to speed with and activating all the muscles and joints you will end up using on the board.

Although it consists of a weightlifting routine, it’s easily achievable by taking out a gym membership and utilizing the various weights they offer. Alongside the muscle aspect of things, you should aim to increase your stamina in order to help you stave off tiredness as you repeatedly paddle and stand on your board. The amount of work involved in the correct surfing procedures can rapidly wear you out if you are not already in a fit state, which can cause other issues such as extreme fatigue…not what you want when several hundred meters out in a roiling sea!

You Can Avoid Costly Beachside Lessons When You Arrive In Country

Beach vendors have a habit of charging over the odds for all manner of things, partially because they know they have a captive audience. The same is true of surfing lessons, and while most beach instructors are reputable enough, you can save a few bucks by getting your lessons in before you venture out into the briny deep. 

Avoid Costly Beachside Lessons

Pre-Vacation Practice Allows You To Get On The Board Right Away

Aside from the points already mentioned, one of the most compelling reasons to start learning ASAP is because it allows you to get to the beach and jump on a board immediately. Instead of waiting to find an instructor that meets your needs vis a vis cost and time, you can simply jump on your board, start paddling, and rip it up, showing off your newfound skills to all who are lucky enough to lay eyes upon you!

Practice Will Enable You To Go Further And Explore More Confidently

One of the more interesting aspects of surfing is the freedom it provides you compared with other forms of sea-based activities. However, before you are able to head out and explore that random beach cave you saw on Google Maps, you must ensure you have the skills to get there and back safely. Practicing beforehand will give you the confidence you need to achieve whatever you desire and push your trip from mere fun to utterly astounding.

Surfing is an activity that most folks would love to attempt but are typically unaware of how to begin. If you put in the hours getting fit and learning the various skills involved beforehand, you will have a much more exciting and fulfilling experience.