How to Add TSA PreCheck to Delta App

While at the airport preparing to board your Delta flight, you’ve likely seen a distinct security line designated for TSA PreCheck. Many of you are probably aware that TSA PreCheck is a Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) designed to expedite your journey through airport security.

However, the specifics of how to add TSA PreCheck to Delta app prior to booking your flight may not be as familiar to you. No need to worry! In this explanation, we cover everything you need to know – from the basics of what Delta TSA PreCheck is to the steps for updating your Known Traveler Number (such as TSA PreCheck) on your ticket ahead of your upcoming Delta flight, and more. Let’s dive in!

What is TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck is a subscription-based service that offers an accelerated security process at select airports. Members of this program are not required to take off their footwear, belts, or light jackets, and can keep their electronics and 3-1-1 compliant liquids inside their carry-ons while being screened.

To become a member, you need to pay a fee and provide personal details for a security assessment, including an in-person interview. The sign-up fee is $78, with the membership valid for five years, averaging out to an annual cost of $15.60. Notably, several travel credit cards offer to cover this application cost.

For ongoing membership, the renewal fee for TSA PreCheck is $70 every five years, which you can process online to maintain your status in the program.

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Benefits of TSA Precheck

TSA PreCheck provides numerous benefits that contribute to a smooth and efficient travel experience. Here’s what you stand to gain:

Swift Security Screenings

With TSA PreCheck, security checks become a breeze. You can skip the hassle of removing shoes, belts, light jackets, or taking out laptops and 3-1-1 liquids from your bags. This expedited process not only saves time but also significantly lessens the inconvenience typically associated with airport security.

Widespread Access

The TSA PreCheck program boasts a broad network, being available at over 200 airports throughout the United States, and is recognized by 85 leading airlines, Delta Air Lines included. With such extensive coverage, TSA PreCheck’s expedited services can be enjoyed at numerous locations and on various airlines.

Convenience and Efficiency

Becoming a TSA PreCheck member means you’re entitled to a more streamlined and efficient security check. You’ll often find the PreCheck lines to be shorter and move faster than regular ones, which translates to a quicker progression through airport checkpoints. The reliability of this process adds a layer of certainty to your travel plans, allowing for a smoother itinerary.

Consistent Travel Flow

TSA PreCheck members typically face fewer unpredictabilities in their airport experience. The program’s elimination of longer procedures provides a consistent flow, enabling you to better predict and manage your time before a flight. Consequently, you’re less likely to be caught off-guard by lengthy security lines, helping to prevent missed flights.

How To Add TSA PreCheck To Delta App?

Before securing your spot on a Delta flight, whether you’re planning a local jaunt or an international voyage such as from Chicago to Delhi, it’s important to enter any traveler identification numbers, including TSA PreCheck, KTN, or Redress numbers, into your passenger details. Here’s a guide on how to add these numbers to your Delta profile.

Post-approval of your TSA PreCheck application, sign in to your Delta SkyMiles account and proceed to update your ‘Personal Details.’ Here, you’ll find a field labeled ‘Known Traveler ID’ where you can input your TSA PreCheck information. Follow the outlined procedures for both new and existing reservations as detailed below.

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For New Reservations

When you’re setting up a new booking with Delta, start by logging into your Delta SkyMiles account. This action will auto-fill your personal information, including your Known Traveler or PreCheck number, into your booking details.

If you don’t have a SkyMiles account or aren’t signed in, you’ll have the option to manually enter your Known Traveler Number during the booking steps under the ‘Secure Flight Info’ section.

For Existing Bookings

Already have a Delta booking? You can still add your TSA PreCheck or Known Traveler Number by visiting Delta’s official website. Look up your reservation and choose to edit your passenger information, where you can include your PreCheck details.

How to add TSA PreCheck to Delta Air Lines?

Once you’ve been cleared for TSA PreCheck, you can easily update your Delta SkyMiles profile by logging in and entering your Known Traveler Number (KTN) in the designated TSA PreCheck/Known Traveler ID section under ‘Personal Details.’

For New Delta Bookings

When booking a new flight, the most efficient way to include your TSA PreCheck is by signing into your Delta SkyMiles account. Doing so will auto-fill your details, including the PreCheck number, in your flight reservation.

For those without a Delta SkyMiles account or if you’re not signed in, you still have the option to input your KTN manually while providing your details during the booking process.

For Existing Delta Reservations

Wondering if you could update an already-made booking with TSA PreCheck on Delta. The answer is yes. To do so, simply go to Delta’s website, pull up your existing reservation, and modify your passenger information to add your PreCheck number.

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Tips for Using TSA PreCheck with Delta

Always use your Delta account with the linked TSA PreCheck when booking flights. This ensures the benefit is automatically applied whenever you make a reservation.

Make it a habit to check in online and verify that the TSA PreCheck indicator is on your boarding pass. If it’s not there, you still have time to correct it before heading to the airport.

With TSA PreCheck on your boarding pass, proceed to the designated PreCheck lanes at security checkpoints. This allows you to take advantage of the expedited screening process and get to your gate with less hassle and more time to relax.


Incorporating TSA Precheck into your Delta App simplifies your travel routine by offering a more efficient way through airport security. The instructions provided in this blog will guide you through the easy steps to avoid the typically long lines, allowing for a quicker and more relaxed screening process with TSA Precheck. This convenient service is beneficial not only for those who travel often but also for any traveler looking to enhance their check-in experience. It’s a matter of utilizing technological advancements to improve the overall quality of your journey. Dedicate a moment to configure it now, and you’ll reap the advantages of a streamlined and satisfying travel process in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some example frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the “How to Add TSA PreCheck to Delta App?”:

What is a Redress Number? 

A Redress Number is a distinctive seven-digit identifier provided by the Transportation Security Administration via the DHS TRIP initiative under its Secure Flight program. This number is designed to prevent misidentification related to watch lists at airports.

What if My TSA PreCheck Number Changes?

If you receive a new KTN after renewing or updating your TSA PreCheck information, promptly update your profile in the Delta app to ensure uninterrupted PreCheck benefits.

Does TSA PreCheck work for international flights?

Certainly. TSA PreCheck can be utilized for expedited security when departing from an American airport to an international destination, as well as for domestic connections upon re-entry into the United States. If you find yourself traveling abroad four or more times annually, you may want to opt for Global Entry as it includes TSA PreCheck benefits and facilitates faster clearance through customs upon returning to the U.S.

How Far in Advance Should I Add My KTN to My Delta Profile Before Flying?

It’s best to add your KTN to your Delta profile as soon as you receive it. If you’ve recently been approved for TSA PreCheck, add your KTN at least 72 hours before your next flight to ensure it is recognized during the check-in process.

Can Family Members Also Get TSA PreCheck if I Have it on My Delta App?

TSA PreCheck is assigned individually. Each family member must have their own KTN to use PreCheck benefits. However, children 12 and under can accompany an eligible guardian through PreCheck lanes without their own KTN.

What to Do if TSA PreCheck Benefits Are Not Recognized at the Airport?

If your boarding pass does not reflect your TSA PreCheck status, first verify your information in the Delta app. If everything appears correct, contact a Delta representative at the airport for assistance. Be prepared to show proof of your TSA PreCheck membership.