Tahiti vs Moorea
Tahiti vs Moorea

Tahiti and Moorea are like a family because of the less distance between these two places. People often refer to Moorea as the younger sister of Tahiti. But still, it shouldn’t be overlooked because from its lagoon, eight peaks of mountain rise. From the top of this island, you’ll get a view of a roughly shaped heart. Therefore, it appeals to people as a popular honeymoon destination as well. On the other hand, Tahiti is known for its volcanic towering peaks, chill Tahitian vibe and translucent lagoons. Overall, Tahiti vs Moorea this two geographic marvels where you must spend a vacation, or honeymoon, or alone time.

Geographical identification

If you are wondering about the location of Tahiti and Moorea, then you don’t need to search more. You will get them both in French Polynesia which is located in the South Pacific. Tahiti and Moorea are so close to each other that you can make a tour plan of both these places at a time. They are roughly around 5700 KM from Australia, 4400 KM from Hawaii, and 7900 KM from Chile.

About Tahiti

Tahiti is the biggest island in French Polynesia that is also divided into the larger Tahiti Nui western section and Peninsula Tahiti Iti eastern section. Tahiti got its recognition as a travel destination when “Mutiny on the Bounty” starred Marlon Brando was shooting there. After that, it firmly established itself as a desert and idyllic island.

About Moorea

Moorea is only 16 KM across from Tahiti and is a great place of attraction because of Mount Tohivea, its highest point. It can take your breath away by showcasing two small bays view on the north shore and it also can be seen from Tahiti. In the north of Moorea, you will find Mount Rotui which can overview the Opunohu Bay as well as Cook’s Bay. Both of them are pretty settling and beautiful. You can hike inland trails through the rainforest wind on the nice slopes of Mount Tohivea.

Though Moorea is just a part of the 118 atolls and islands which can make up the society of French Polynesia Island and it certainly is a haven for the divers who love the variety of marine life and want to see the beauty of colorful corals.

Tahiti vs Moorea

Though both of these places are quite close to each other, still there are some indifferences between them on which you can compare them with each other. Here we will be comparing Tahiti vs. Moorea on two different grounds as follows:


Whenever the word “tropical island” comes to your mind, the thought of a honeymoon must cross your mind. Newly married couples choose these two places for their honeymoon most of the time because their romantic vacation can get the taste of real adventure as well as a full pack of romance there.

Tahiti and Moorea are a great place to start their newlywed life as they can get a lot of things in honeymoon packages out there. They can have romantic dinners with each other where they can gaze into each other’s eyes. They can get free spa treatments together which is also a nice experience. 


If you want a destination wedding, Tahiti and Moorea are the perfect places to come and tie a knot. You can use the natural assets of both of these islands to your advantage to make your wedding more gorgeous. You can also hold your marriage ceremony on the beach and keep Mount Otemanu as a backdrop of your chapel.

Wrap Up

Tahiti and Moorea are quite similar places, but still, there are a few things that make them comparable to each other. According to our research and recommendation, you should certainly go to Tahiti, if you want to visit one place.

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