The Ultimate Sailing Holidays Europe

Although most people rely on airlines for their traveling adventures, it’s occasionally necessary to sample other modes of transport during a trip away. For some, once they’ve caught a flight somewhere, spending time on the water is an enticing opportunity, with people being able to either relax on deck with a good book or improve their sailing skills with some expert help.

Embarking on a sailing adventure in a foreign land certainly isn’t for everyone, but it can create plenty of memories and take people out of their comfort zones. The same whirlwind of excitement that is featured in Evoplay’s game Catch The Wind and in popular pirate-themed movies like Pirates of the Caribbean can be enjoyed for yourself, with people everywhere relishing the opportunity to swap a bustling area full of tourists for the calming open water. You can catch fish to be freshly cooked in the evening, try island-hopping for the first time, or even cruise in peace while soaking up some much-needed rays. `The options are extensive.

What many people perhaps don’t realize, though, is that Europe caters to this exact type of adventure. In fact, there is a comprehensive selection of sailing holidays that travelers from around the world flock to the continent of Europe to experience for themselves. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ultimate sailing holidays Europe has to offer below.

Enjoy some gentle sailing in Greece

When the Greeks aren’t smashing plates and serving up deliciously fresh grub, they enjoy winding down on a boat while out at sea. Luckily, visitors to the country can do the same, with a variety of modern yachts enabling them to avoid the crowds, snorkel, relax on deck, swim with fish, and enjoy excellent accommodation in some of the private cabins that can be found in the various modern yachts that people tend to book for an unforgettable trip.

Croatia’s reputation continues to grow for a reason

Croatia is a country that can cater for a variety of different holidays. For people seeking a water-based vacation, the Dalmatian Coast is the perfect location. Filled with quaint villages, towns that are steeped in history, clear waters, and a warm summer climate that won’t let you down, it’s the perfect destination to jump onboard one of the many yachts that are moored there. Along the journey, you’re likely to come across pristine beaches to explore, you can even take in historic cities like Split and Dubrovnik, while the variety of cuisine you can try is enough to satisfy the most discerning of diners.

When traveling to Croatia, one can consider exploring the location through different means, like starting a scenic road trip or indulging in luxurious cruising experiences. Picture yourselves meandering along coastal roads, stumbling upon hidden beaches and cultural treasures at your leisure. Alternatively, you can always go for sailing holidays like the ones on a Lagoon 50 charter, where you can see the amazing views of the Croatian coastline.

At every stop along your journey – whether it’s exploring the historic cities of Split and Dubrovnik or unwinding on the charming islands of Hvar and Korčula – you’ll find endless opportunities for romance and adventure. Whether you’re wandering through ancient streets hand in hand or sharing a toast under the starlit sky, let Croatia’s beauty set the stage for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Go yachting on the Amalfi Coast

Go yachting on the Amalfi Coast
Go yachting on the Amalfi Coast

A delightful stretch of coastline in southern Italy that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast has been a popular holiday destination for decades. Nowadays, though, holidaymakers are exploring the area in more detail by yacht. Taking place over four days, you can go from Amalfi to Procida via Capri, all while cooling off in some crystal clear waters, looking at some colorful fish underwater while snorkeling, and sampling some of the freshest seafood around. While the conditions are fairly cramped, this trip is well worth doing if you’re keen to immerse yourself in this glorious part of the world.

Spain’s Balearic Islands are truly stunning

Whether you rent a boat yourself for a day’s fishing or you go on an adventure with one of the many trusted yacht operators there, Spain’s Balearic Islands really are stunning. Filled with amazing landscapes, cliffs, and golden beaches, alongside some historic towns and great food and drink, you can’t really go wrong there.