Washington Real Estate License Courses

WA has a diverse and competitive real estate market. Recent studies show a steady rise in the properties available for listing. Rent and property prices also vary depending on the neighborhood.

Working in a diverse industry is a goal of any upcoming real estate salesperson. You must get your license before you can work as a realtor in WA. However, skimming the world of pre-licensing courses can be stressful.

However, this article has you covered. Here, we’ll share essential tips to help select the perfect WA real estate license course and kick-start your career.

Course Structure Breakdown

Check out the eligibility prerequisites from the WA Real Estate Department website. If you are over 18 years old with a high school diploma and no felony charges on your name, you are good to go. Remember, the state will still run a background check to ensure that you meet their trustworthiness and integrity guidelines.

The pre-licensing curriculum will equip you with knowledge about the realty industry and prepare you for the main exam. The course itself is 90 hours long and split into two sections. The first part is 60 hours long, covering all of the basic topics. You will learn about fair housing, drafting contracts, and real estate law.

Part two will take you deeper into how to manage transactions. It is 30 hours long and covers topics ranging from agency relationships to marketing and finance.

Finding the Perfect Course

Choosing the perfect program can be challenging. However, always go for a program complementing your learning style. We aren’t the same, and some prefer live one-on-one sessions, while others learn best using self-paced courses.

Another decision you must make is whether to study online or attend physical lessons. Online programs like RealEstateU offer flexibility, which can be perfect if you have a job or busy daily routine. Attending physical lessons offers interactivity that’s not available in remote learning.

Once you have made your decision, ensure that the school is accredited by the Washington Real Estate Commission. This will help you later when submitting your papers for exam registration or applying for jobs.

Reviews, Costs, and Extra Resources

Read reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of the study plans, student support, and instructors’ experience. A high pass rate is also a good sign that the school’s curriculum and tutors are the best.

Compare costs between different schools. The fees can vary depending on format, materials, and additional features. But don’t compromise on quality to save money. Enrolling in the best school or program will boost your chances of passing the state exam.

Consider the extra resources offered by the school. For example, some schools provide free exam prep materials, seminars from professionals working in WA’s real estate industry, and placement in brokerage firms.

Summing Up

Earning your WA real estate license will set you toward a rewarding and dynamic career. Research and ask for recommendations when looking for the best real estate course in Washington. Your goal isn’t to pass exams alone but to prepare yourself well to become a proficient real estate salesperson.