Best Things to Do in Snyder, TX

When one thinks of Texas, the immediate imagery often comprises sprawling ranches, majestic horses, and roaming buffalos. While this paints a part of the picture, Texas has many gems to offer, one of which is Snyder. Situated as the county seat of Scurry County, Snyder is fondly referred to as the ‘Land of the White Buffalo.’ Located in West Texas, it’s a mere 90 miles from cities like Abilene, Midland, San Angelo, and Lubbock.

Historically, vast buffalo herds dotted its landscapes, giving the city its iconic nickname. Now, those picturesque scenes have evolved to showcase expansive cotton fields, towering wind turbines, and breathtaking Texas sunsets that never fail to amaze.

Beyond its natural beauty, Snyder stands out as an ideal place to start a family. The city invites you to opportunities for shopping, relaxation, recreation, dining, and cultural experiences. Key attractions include the SnTx Industrial Park, Mrs. Kathy’s, Cogdell Memorial Hospital, Windmill Ranch Reserve, and the charming Ritz Theatre. Additionally, the Scurry County Coliseum isn’t just an event hotspot; its surroundings boast a beautifully restored historic village and an impressive locomotive engine.

Snyder’s allure is endless, and there’s no better way to discover it than firsthand. Curious to learn more about this Texan treasure.

1. Nana Bear’s Notions

As a quilting enthusiast, I always make it a point to visit quilt shops wherever I go. This particular one in Snyder, TX, stood out for me. Hope, the delightful owner, is incredibly welcoming and always ready to assist. Browsing through the extensive range of fabrics and the riot of colors was an absolute treat. It was the perfect quilting pit stop during my vacation. I’m certain I’ll be returning the next time I’m in Snyder.

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2. The Scurry County Museum

The history of Scurry County stands as one of the most vivid and captivating in the nation. While books offer a glimpse, the true essence is best captured by visiting the Scurry County Museum when you’re in Snyder. With three distinctive galleries – the Scurry Gallery, the Texas Gallery, and the Lobby Gallery – the museum promises a hands-on experience replete with interactive exhibits that captivate both young and old.

Meander through the expansive space, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of the region’s past, enhanced by a diverse collection of artifacts, immersive films, and riveting tales. What’s more, the museum frequently updates its exhibits, ensuring a fresh experience on each visit. Boasting three detailed galleries, an impressive 16,026 artifacts, and over 1,000 enthralling stories, the museum paints a picture of Scurry County’s resilient and storied past.

Drawing in more than 8,000 visitors annually, the Scurry County Museum isn’t just a historical haven; it’s on a mission to evolve into a premier research center of global repute.

3. The Blessed Nest

Nestled within the historic Snyder Square, this charming store occupies a structure dating back to the early 1900s, and every brick resonates with stories from the past. Step in, and you’ll be greeted by the nostalgia of a vintage Coca-Cola cooler, where you can pick a refreshing glass of soda. As you sip, wander through the diverse offerings of the store. From antiques and eclectic finds to home décor and candles, from bath and body essentials to trendy clothing and specialty foods, there’s a delightful mix of old and new waiting to be explored.

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4. Buffalo Room Bar & Grill

From its exterior, the place exudes the charm of a cozy restaurant situated on the town square. Stepping in, the ambiance felt more like a bar, almost leading us to reconsider our choice. But their menu had caught our eye earlier, so we decided to venture in. While the dishes we sampled were delectable, it took a few tries to find items that weren’t out of stock. A trip to the restrooms revealed a shortage of toilet paper, leaving patrons resorting to paper towels. Overall, it felt as though the establishment wasn’t quite prepared for business that day. It’s a pity because with their prime location and evidently tasty dishes, there’s clear potential.

5. Marvel at the White Buffalo Statue

History tells us that only seven white buffalos have ever been shot in the county. A statue commemorating one of these majestic creatures stands proudly in Snyder’s courthouse square, representing the one taken down by J. Wright Moore. Initially, the statue was crafted as a fiberglass male buffalo. However, upon closer inspection, it became clear that the hide used was from a female. To rectify this, Snyder pooled resources and installed a new bronze statue of a buffalo cow, painted white to depict its rare color. According to local lore, when Moore hunted the buffalo, nearby Native Americans shared a legend: the white buffalo would one day return, and with it, their people would also come back. 

6. Continue Discovering the History of Scurry County at the 1818 Arthouse

The 1818 Arthouse serves as an exciting hub for fostering arts and culture, seamlessly extending the offerings of the Scurry County Museum. Within our space, we provide both gallery exhibitions and functional workspaces for artists, host frequent juried exhibitions, facilitate engaging art activities, and offer a wide array of cultural experiences. Join us to explore the vibrant world of art and creativity!

7. The Blessed Nest

Nestled on the charming Snyder Square, this delightful boutique inhabits a building steeped in early 1900s history, its brick walls whispering tales of bygone eras. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic ambiance as you pluck a glass of soda from the vintage Coca-Cola box and embark on an enchanting shopping journey. Our eclectic collection boasts antiques, curiosities, home decor, aromatic candles, indulgent bath and body products, fashionable attire, gourmet delights, and a treasure trove of other captivating items waiting to be discovered. Come and experience the allure of our store!

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8. Marvel at the White Buffalo Statue

Historical records indicate that Scurry County has witnessed the shooting of only seven white buffalos throughout its history. One of these remarkable creatures is commemorated by a statue gracing Snyder’s courthouse square, and it was J. Wright Moore who hunted it down.

Initially, the statue depicted a fiberglass male buffalo, but keen observers later discovered that the animal’s hide actually belonged to a female. In response, Snyder initiated a fundraising effort to replace the fiberglass bull with a bronze buffalo cow, which was meticulously painted white to faithfully honor the legend.

When Moore shot the buffalo, the Native Americans present held a belief that the return of the white buffalo would herald their own return. Regrettably, despite this legend and the hope it carried, Snyder has not witnessed the appearance of a white buffalo within its borders in the past century.

9. Visit the Largest Park in Snyder—the Towle Memorial Park

Snyder’s largest park, conveniently located near Towle Park Pond and the US National Army Guard Recruiting station offers an abundance of hidden gems waiting to be explored. Welcome to Towle Memorial Park, standing proudly at an elevation of 714 meters, and catering to the diverse interests of your entire family.

This park serves as a beloved gathering spot for local communities, hosting a variety of occasions, including the lively Fourth of July celebration. While here, families can relish the serene picnic areas, providing a perfect setting to soak in the ambiance. For the youngsters, there’s an inviting swimming pool and an exciting playground, promising hours of joy.

Fishing enthusiasts, both young and old, can cast their lines in the picturesque lake, while the athletic fields offer opportunities to test one’s physical prowess. Those seeking more leisurely activities can indulge in a game of croquet or tennis on the courts provided.

Keep an eye out for the delightful prairie-dog town within the park, where you might spot some charming and rare little animals up close. And before bidding farewell to this wonderful place, don’t forget to pay a visit to Engine No. 5, a historic locomotive on display, which served as the last locomotive of the Pacific, Snyder, and Roscoe Railroad.

10. Try the Scurry County Golf Course

You might be inclined to believe that the people of Snyder are passionate golf aficionados, and you’re absolutely right. However, it’s not just the locals who enjoy it; our Scurry County Golf Course welcomes visitors with open arms.

This charming 9-hole course boasts medium-sized fairways, a gently rolling landscape, and even offers the option of two sets of tees for those seeking an 18-hole experience. What sets this course apart is its unique combination of holes, featuring three par 5s, three par 4s, and three par 3s. The par 5s measure under 500 yards, while the par 3s offer a delightful challenge with their shorter distances.

If you didn’t bring your golf clubs along on your trip to Snyder, fret not! We provide rental clubs and even offer rental cars for your convenience, ensuring you can fully enjoy your time on our picturesque golf course.

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11. Do a Round of Swingin’ at the Sammy Baugh Golf Course

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or not, a trip to the Sammy Baugh Golf Course is a definite must-do! Why pass up the opportunity? This course is nestled within the scenic campus of Western Texas College and bears the name of the legendary “Slingin’ Sammy Baugh,” a football Hall of Famer celebrated for his collegiate and professional career spanning from the 1930s to the 1950s, first with TCU and later with the Washington Redskins.

This 9-hole golf facility goes beyond the ordinary, offering visitors a practice putting green, a chipping and bunker practice area, and a spacious driving range. What sets it apart is its exceptional status as recognized by the Dallas Morning News, which has ranked it among the Top 10 9-hole courses in Texas. So, be sure to carve out a day in your itinerary to experience this truly unique destination.

12. Book the Dallas Cowboys Packages from VIP Sports Getaway

VIP Sports Getaway is your ultimate destination for unforgettable Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys game trips. When you’re in Snyder, there’s no better idea than booking the Dallas Cowboys package for a lasting memory of your stay.

With VIP Sports Getaway, you gain access to a world of luxury, including top-notch transportation, game tickets, and full-service hotel accommodations. But that’s just the beginning! You’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Ultimate Bill Bates Tailgate Party.

This extraordinary tailgate experience includes a delightful array of beverages, from wine and margaritas to beer, along with a mouthwatering catered meal courtesy of Eddie Deen’s BBQ Catering. Get ready to be thrilled as you collect autographs from Cowboys Legend Bill Bates, a three-time Super Bowl Champion. And that’s not all – you can also meet Rowdy, the Cowboys’ official mascot, and Jackie Bob Pearson, an Alumni Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

VIP Sports Getaway offers various packages to suit your budget, ensuring that no matter which one you choose, you’re in for a truly memorable time that will linger in your heart for years to come.

13. Experience Gastronomic Heaven at the Butcher’s Block Eats and Drinks

Nestled along 25th Rd, this steakhouse is your go-to dining destination. While renowned for their delectable steaks, their menu extends far beyond, offering a diverse selection that includes pasta, pork chops, and more. Whether you crave appetizers, salads, hearty main courses, or indulgent desserts, this establishment caters to every discerning palate.

To complement your meal, the restaurant boasts an extensive collection of beverages, allowing you to savor the delightful combination of great food and delightful company in a cozy ambiance.

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14. Clear your plate at Ponderosa

Delicious food with generous servings. The staff is truly friendly. Visited for dinner and returned for breakfast the following morning. Dinner took a bit longer to serve, but it was justified by the freshness of the meal. It’s a place to relax and savor, so don’t rush.

15. Key RV Park

Traveling to Snyder with an RV? Key RV Park on Tuscola Avenue is the ideal spot for you and your vehicle. This campground is tailored for RVs, providing amenities like water and electrical hookups for guests. Plus, it’s a great place to connect with fellow RV enthusiasts who might be keen to explore Snyder with you.

16. Park Nature Trail

Craving a quick outdoor escape? Try the Scurry County Park Nature Trail. At just 1.61 kilometers, this loop takes roughly 25 minutes to complete. Whether you’re walking or running, you’ll appreciate the tranquility due to fewer crowds. It’s a gentle trail that won’t wear you out, making it perfect for those seeking a breath of fresh air.

17. Find food nirvana at Mrs. Kathy Southern Comforts

Absolutely loved this spot. It’s the quintessential neighborhood cafe you see in movies and read about in books. A haven for locals who relish well-prepared, authentic local dishes. Despite arriving at 1:00, with the place closing at 2, my food was promptly served. The chicken fried steak I had for lunch was top-notch – a delightful culmination to my week. It was flavorful, with just the right amount of breading and cooking. The green beans were so good I wanted to rave about them, and the jalapeño creamed corn was equally delicious.

The only unexpected element was the loud rap music. It felt out of place in such a traditional Texas diner. Although some patrons seemed a bit taken aback, I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the lyrics – it seemed more like Christian Rap from south-side Chicago. Who would’ve thought I’d make such a discovery in Snyder? A genuinely satisfying Friday meal with standout chicken fried steak, complemented by those unforgettable green beans and corn. This place has a genuine local vibe, from its interiors to its food. Head to the back to order and prepare for a delightful dining experience.

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18.  Check in and get settled at Motel 6

Peaceful, impeccably clean, and top-notch service. The room was spacious and came with a FULL FRIDGE. The bed was exceptionally cozy, and I appreciated the added touch of a couch with a table, so we didn’t need to eat on the bed. The indoor pool was a bonus, bringing a touch of humidity to the otherwise dry atmosphere. Hands down, this surpasses any other Motel 6 I’ve stayed at.

19. Stop by Hampton Inn Snyder

This hotel provided an ideal quantity of Splenda for its guests. The availability of Splenda seemed limitless, yet it was not overly excessive and remained within reasonable bounds.

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20. Blackland Smokehouse

Impressive, especially for a small town! The food quality is top-notch, the place is impeccably clean, and the hospitality is outstanding. We’re definitely returning the next time we’re in town; it’s well worth taking a detour from the highway for such a satisfying dining experience!