How Much does it Cost to Maintain Real Estate in Turkey

To buy real estate in Turkey for expats can be a very profitable decision. Is it possible to make money by renting out housing in Turkey? To find out the answer to this question, you need to understand what taxes and other payments homeowners must pay in Turkey, what the utility bills are, and other nuances of owning real estate. The size of utility bills here is much lower than in other European countries, such as Spain or Bulgaria, and the demand for rental housing is quite high, especially during the holiday season. For future investors it a valuable information.

Taxes in Turkey

Foreign citizens pay the same taxes as citizens of the country, and there are no additional fees. The annual tax rate (Emlak vergisi) varies depending on the property type. The rate is different for residential and commercial real estate and land.

For an apartment or villa in a provincial city, you will have to pay 0.1% of its cost. For a big city – 0.2% of the cost of housing.

For commercial real estate, the rate is 0.2% in provincial cities and 0.4% in metropolitan areas. The tax rate for owning land without permits for construction work will be 0.1-0.2%, and if there is a permit for construction work – 0.3-0.6% (depending on the size of the locality where the site is located).

Utility bills. To calculate the tax, the cadastral value of the property registered in TAPU is taken. It is often significantly lower than the market price and approximately equal to the amount paid upon purchase. For an apartment or villa in a resort town, the owner pays about €100 annually and, more often, even less. To pay the fee, you must go to the district administration office (Belediye in Turkish) and present it to a TAPU employee. Here, the owner of a residential property will receive details for paying the tax fee. You can also fulfill your obligations to the state on the website of the local administration.

Utility payments in Turkey

Utility payments in Turkey include several main expense items, such as payment for the maintenance of the common area, water supply, electricity, and insurance.

Aidat is the cost of maintaining the common territory of a residential complex. The cost of the service depends on how extensive its infrastructure is: if there is a swimming pool or tennis court, the fee will be much more than the fee for an ordinary residential building. The minimum aidat amount is about €10-15 per month. For residential complexes with a sauna, games room, and other amenities, the allowance will be €30-100.

Every year, the management company reports to the owners on where the funds were spent. If there is a lack of money for the needs of the complex, the aidat may increase.

Management Company

As a rule, owners use the services of management companies to rent out housing. The homeowner can receive a fixed monthly fee according to the contract terms or pay a certain percentage of the company for its services.


Heat supply There is no centralized heating practically anywhere in Turkey. Most apartments are heated by private boiler houses running on electricity, gas, or liquid fuel. In the southern regions, an air conditioner is sufficient to heat an apartment.

Internet, television, telephone

Internet Cellular communications in Turkey will cost €10-15 monthly. This amount also includes several gigabytes of the Internet. Home Internet will cost €15-30. If the contract is terminated early, a fine may apply.

Tax on income from rental property in Turkey

Renting real estate in Turkey is subject to tax. The tax is calculated on a progressive scale:

  • less than 13 thousand liras – 15%;
  • 13 – 30 thousand liras – 20%;
  • 30 – 70 thousand liras – 27%;
  • over 110 thousand liras – 35%.

The responsibility to pay tax lies with the owner.

Utility bills are paid by the management company or the tenant by agreement with the property owner. It is worth noting that only long-term rentals are freely permitted. When renting out housing to tourists for a short period, you must obtain a license, like a hotel.

Home insurance in Turkey

Property insurance in Turkey is mandatory. When purchasing real estate, owners purchase a DASK policy in case of an earthquake. Its cost varies in the range of €15-150. On average, owners pay €50 per year for insurance.

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