Is Super Travel Legit

You may have noticed SuperTravel (once known as SnapTravel) for its tempting hotel offers and easy-to-navigate platform.

However, if you’re an experienced traveler, you’re aware that great deals can sometimes have hidden downsides or even pose a risk of financial loss.

Before you hit the “Book Now” button, let’s get to the bottom of it: Is Super Travel legit, or is it a potential scam in the making?

Company Overview

SuperTravel, previously called SnapTravel, is an online travel platform celebrated for its competitively-priced hotel offerings. They’ve gained media attention, even being featured in The New York Times, and they offer a special hybrid debit-credit card with unique perks for bookings made through their service. That said, there are some potential concerns you may want to consider before selecting SuperTravel as your go-to travel agency.

One major sign of a company’s credibility is the availability of transparent contact information, enabling you to get in touch easily in case any issues crop up. Additionally, customer feedback and complaints can serve as vital signs; a sudden influx of negative reviews might signal that something could be amiss with the company.

Who Owns Super Travel?

The specifics about who owns SuperTravel are not disclosed to the public, which is often the case for privately owned businesses. For more information on the company’s leadership, you might contact SuperTravel directly or visit their website.

It’s crucial to assess the credibility of a travel agency by examining factors such as proper licensing, accreditations, customer testimonials, and the quality of services offered.

Is Super Travel Legit?

How could SuperTravel be anything but legitimate? It has been featured in high-profile publications like Forbes and The New York Times, which generally vet companies before giving them coverage.

Moreover, NBA star Steph Curry is among the investors in SuperTravel.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that booking through SuperTravel may come with a higher likelihood of issues compared to making reservations directly with hotels. While problems can also arise with direct hotel bookings, the odds are generally lower than when booking through SuperTravel.

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Criteria for Assessing a Travel Agency’s Authenticity

Licensing and Credentials

When evaluating the credibility of a travel agency, it’s important to check for valid licenses and accreditations. Agencies that are genuine should have recognition from both local and global tourism organizations.

Business History and Reputation

A consistent and long-term presence in the travel sector can be an indicator of a trustworthy agency. Make sure to peruse customer ratings and reviews to understand the company’s standing.

Client Feedback and Endorsements

Positive client reviews and testimonials are usually good signs of a dependable travel agency. Nonetheless, exercise caution and verify the genuineness of such reviews.

Transparency and Professionalism

A reputable travel agency will maintain transparent operations and demonstrate professional conduct in all customer interactions.

Financial Stability and Security

It’s crucial to ascertain that the travel agency has financial stability and provides secure avenues for payment, such as credit card transactions, to safeguard your investment.

What Services Does Super Travel Offer?

SuperTravel is a specialized travel agency offering journeys to diverse global locations. According to their website, they provide an array of services including flights, hotel bookings, and car rentals. They pride themselves on competitive pricing and offer options to tailor trips according to your financial capacity.

Beyond basic travel bookings, SuperTravel also presents a range of package options suited for various traveler types. These include family vacations, romantic escapes, and options for those traveling alone. For those seeking more adventurous excursions, they provide packages for experiences like safaris and mountain expeditions, as well as culturally-focused and historical tours.

In addition to these, SuperTravel extends several supplementary services such as airport shuttles, travel insurance, and assistance with visa applications. They also maintain a round-the-clock customer support line to handle any inquiries or issues you may encounter during your trip.

How to Verify the Legitimacy of Super Travel?

Still not sure if, Is Super Travel Legit? Here are some guidelines to ascertain its authenticity before making reservations:

Delve into the Company’s Profile:

Dive into the company’s origins, history, and any news stories or press announcements concerning its activities. Such details can give you a clearer picture of its trustworthiness.

Check Certifications and Accreditations:

Established travel agencies typically possess credentials or endorsements from notable industry entities. Investigate any associations or collaborations Super Travel might have with esteemed groups. These badges of honor suggest the agency maintains industry norms and upholds principled behavior.

Track Record and Milestones:

Given its record of successful trip reservations and an expanding clientele, Super Travel has evidently solidified its presence in the industry.

Engage with Customer Care:

Trustworthy travel agencies will be characterized by their efficient and approachable customer service. Engage with Super Travel’s support team for any queries or uncertainties. Gauge their timeliness, expertise, and eagerness to help. Swift and accommodating customer service signifies a genuine business.

Honesty and Professionalism:

Super Travel stands out due to its candid pricing strategies and its professional manner of dealing with customers, further validating its authenticity.

Financial Stability and Security:

Super Travel’s fiscal robustness, combined with its secure transaction methods like credit card payments, solidifies its reputation as a dependable option for travelers.

Should You Book Hotels Through SuperTravel or Directly?

Is Super Travel Legit? Yes, it is. But whether or not it’s the right choice for you hinges on specific circumstances. If SuperTravel provides a cost-saving option that’s kinder to your wallet, then it’s worth considering.

On the other hand, if there’s no price difference between booking through SuperTravel and booking directly with the hotel, involving SuperTravel may be unnecessary.

However, there are scenarios where I would recommend SuperTravel:

  • You’re on a tight budget, and there’s a significant price difference between SuperTravel and direct hotel bookings.
  • You plan to keep your booking details consistent.
  • You’re willing to accept potential risks associated with booking through SuperTravel.

Once these criteria are met, here are some tips to enhance your booking experience:

  • Make sure all the information you provide to SuperTravel is accurate.
  • As soon as you’ve made your reservation via SuperTravel, verify it with the hotel directly.
  • Conduct thorough research on the hotel you’re planning to book to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  • Opt for a refundable booking if your travel plans are uncertain.

Potential Issues with SuperTravel

Booking through SuperTravel may present several challenges. Here’s a summary of the main concerns:

No Refunds in Some Situations:

If there’s a potential for altering plans, avoid the non-refundable booking option. While it might be cheaper, there’s no assurance of getting your money back if plans change. The remedy? If you’re confident about your travel dates, choose the non-refundable option. If not, select the refundable one to ensure your money’s safety.

Limited Booking Alterations:

Double-check all reservation details, such as dates and package inclusions, before confirming on SuperTravel. The platform restricts changes once bookings are confirmed, irrespective of the hotel’s willingness to adjust. Hence, ensure your booking details are accurate.

Reservation Problem:

Is Super Travel Legit? One prominent concern is SuperTravel occasionally failing to relay guest reservation details to hotels, leading to either unregistered bookings or overbookings. Moreover, some hotels may prioritize guests who book directly, pushing SuperTravel users down the preference list. To avoid this, it’s advised to call the hotel and confirm your reservation directly.

No Control Over Hotel Standards:

SuperTravel doesn’t govern hotel standards. To sidestep potential disappointments, research the hotel meticulously beforehand. Check reviews, amenities, and pictures to get a comprehensive idea. If your hotel stay doesn’t meet expectations, neither SuperTravel nor the hotel might take responsibility since it was a third-party booking. This leaves guests stuck in a blame game between SuperTravel and the hotel. The best approach? Research thoroughly before confirming a booking.

Customer Reviews About Super Travel

SuperTravel’s customer reviews present a varied picture. The company holds a 4-star rating out of a possible 5 on their website. Many clients commend the firm for its excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and flexible trip customization options.

On the flip side, there are also negative reviews. Some customers have reported that they didn’t get the trip they had expected, or that the experience didn’t match the advertisement. A few have also mentioned that customer service was less than satisfactory, particularly in terms of responsiveness.


In summary, SuperTravel is a bona fide travel agency that offers a wide array of services and packages catering to diverse travelers. Their competitive pricing and generally favorable customer service rating make them a reliable option for planning your next journey. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to conduct due diligence, read customer feedback, and research thoroughly before making any bookings. With the appropriate precautions and research, you can be confident that your travel experience with SuperTravel will be both safe and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Is Super Travel Legit

Is SuperTravel Real?

Is Super Travel Legit? Yes, SuperTravel is an authentic online travel agency offering various services like hotel reservations, tours, and travel packages. Their track record in the travel sector and accreditation from reputable tourism bodies confirm their legitimacy.

That said, it’s crucial to do your due diligence and compare various travel agencies to make an educated choice.

Are there any reported scams related to SuperTravel?

There have been instances where concerns about potential scams involving SuperTravel have been raised, including cases of overpricing, deceptive promotions, or subpar customer support. It’s advisable to be vigilant and double-check all details prior to making any financial transactions.

Are There Hidden Fees With SuperTravel?

No, SuperTravel doesn’t have hidden charges. You only incur costs for the specific hotel or flight bookings you make. The platform is free to use for everyone, and there is also a complimentary app available for managing your trips.

Not only does the app simplify trip tracking, but it also allows you to earn cashback on your bookings and lets you access bonus credits if you obtain the SuperCash card.