Travel Insurance International
Travel Insurance International

Do you feel like your life needs more stimulation? Do you want to make the most of your holiday but are nervous about the idea of something going wrong? You can leave all of your worries behind. Put away your passport and look no further than your computer screen! With our help, you can start your journey through the world of international travel! Our team will provide the expertise to make sure you are prepared for any potential dangers, as well as the exploration of new and fascinating lands and cultures! You will get to taste and experience new and diverse cuisines and feel the living history.

Features Of International Travel Insurance

Do you want to explore the world with a little bit of luxury? Get in touch with TATA AIG for their International Travel Plan. This plan provides you with safety and comfort while you’re abroad.

International Travel Insurance Provides You With Safety And Comfort While You’re Abroad. TATA AIG’s Travel Insurance Coverage Gives You Peace Of Mind. Here’s A Look At The Features You Can Enjoy When You Purchase A TATA AIG International Policy.

Cover For Accidents And Sickness

If you need emergency dental services while abroad, we will be there for you. No one wants to end up in a foreign country and end up without teeth because of an accident. Our international dental plan will help you and your family deal with the dental and cost associated with traveling abroad.

Travel Assistance

Traveling the world with an open mind and heart can be exhilarating. But sometimes, you may feel lost and helpless. That’s why you should always take your international travel insurance with you so that when something goes wrong, you can still enjoy your trip.

Baggage Loss Or Delay

Do not get your mind messed up. We will handle everything.

If your baggage is stolen, lost, or delayed, we will provide you the necessary items.

Personal Liability

If you’ve been involved in an accident and had to make a distress call, don’t worry about footing the bill! Our international travel insurance policy will cover your medical expenses or car repairs.

Hijack Cover

We’ve got your back. Hijackings are traumatic events. Our insurance is here to provide you with some relief.

Automatic Extensions

A sky blue sky is a rarity. If you plan to go without a travel insurance policy, you’ll regret it when you get hospitalized abroad and have to pay the sky-high hospital bill. We’ll extend your policy for 60 days or until you’re discharged, whichever comes first. If you get hospitalized while traveling and your insurance runs out, we will extend your policy for another 60 days or until you are discharged. If you get hospitalized while traveling, and the delay in your flight home means you can’t get back home any other way, don’t worry about traveling without insurance.

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