Real Estate Business Cards
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Although digital marketing is extremely effective, there is still merit in using more conventional means of marketing and advertising. Tangible marketing materials like business cards, pamphlets, giveaways, and catalogs create a human connection. As a real estate agent, you must go out of your comfort zone looking for clients. Leaving real estate business cards in strategic places is one way of landing potential clients, especially if you are a specialist commercial broker.

Here are some brilliant places to leave your business cards:

Happy Clients

Many real estate agents get referrals from clients they have sold homes to. Leaving your business card at a client’s home after selling them a house is a great idea. Leaving your cards with customers allows them to remember where they got their work done and make another visit if they need your services in the future.

People in The Neighborhood

As a realtor, you can build rapport with potential clients by leaving a stack of business cards in your neighborhood. Always carry your cards with you whenever you are walking around so you can give them to people.

Dashboard of Parked Cars

Leaving cards on the dashboard of cars in parking lots is one way of getting the attention of potential clients. When picking the business card from the dashboard, the driver will check it and decide whether to keep it. That could lead to a potential client.


Restaurants are effective spots for landing potential real estate clients. Leave your business card to the restaurant managers to distribute or find a strategic place to place your cards. Many restaurants keep a cache of business cards near the register.


Collaborating with other businesses when marketing your business is a sure way of reaching new clients. Collaborate with land sellers, equipment stores, and businesses in the construction centers. Many businesses will give out their company card with yours behind theirs.

Real Estate Forums

There are several online forums where people discuss real estate matters. Join such discussions, contribute to some of the topics to show your expertise in real estate, and then upload your business card there for anyone looking for a real estate agent to see.

Corporate Events

Make it a habit to attend local corporate events and workshops. Hand your business cards to people you connect with and sell yourself high. Real estate workshops allow you to meet people in the same field. This way, you know what other agents are doing to market their firms.

Local Shopping Malls

Give your real estate business cards to people in your local shopping malls. A person might find your card and decide to contact you. You can generate leads even when you are out and around.

Affiliate Business

People may be able to land clients by advertising their businesses through other people’s websites and social media platforms. Find people with many social media followers or websites with significant traffic and agree on terms to post your cards on their page.

Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms are a great place to land potential clients. Strategically place the card so that a person reads your card while waiting. These places include:

  • Hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • Colleges and schools
  • Hotels
  • Municipal offices
  • Salons and barbershops
  • Airport lounges
  • Banks

Social Media

Nearly every business has a space on social media. Create accounts on different platforms and connect with people who own businesses and others looking for an agent. You also get to know when there is a real estate workshop in your region when you connect with other agents. You can post your business card for your followers to see.

Utilize other social media platforms with potential clients. On all of your professional social media profiles, use a photo of your business card as your profile image.

Generate More Leads with Top-notch Real Estate Business Cards

It is one thing to distribute your business cards but quite another to pique the curiosity of your ideal customer. Your real estate business cards can be more than just a means of exchanging contact information with others. With the appropriate combination of design and content, they will serve as a marketing tool that attracts new clients to your company. Get professionals to design and print top-notch business cards for your liking and style.