Everything You Need To Know About Limo Services in Chicago
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Limo Services in Chicago come in many different styles, sizes, and shapes, and the number of options has grown a lot in the past few years. At Be Driven, we’ve noticed that customers often don’t know which limo services are best for their needs because there are so many to choose from.

As one of the best limo services in Chicago, we help customers choose the right limo for them and tell them the pros and cons of each one. Here is a quick explanation of the choices you have.

In this article, we are going to talk about Limo Services in Chicago and everything that you need to know.

What is a Limo?

Stretch car or small Limo Services in Chicago is a luxury car with a partition between the driver’s section and the passenger’s section. While a chauffeur drives you around, these cars are very comfortable and high-class. Stretch limousines have more than four doors, which is why they are called “stretch.”

You can hire limo services for things like your high school prom, your wedding day, a party, and so on. On a business trip for your company, you can also hire a limo bus if you want to get around in style and bring a lot of people with you.

So, if you’re thinking about renting a limo, you’ve probably seen different kinds of limos. Let’s quickly talk about what they are and how they are different. If you know what choices you have, you’ll be able to find the right limo for your event.

How to Choose the Right Limo Services in Chicago?

Do you want to hire stretch Limo Services in Chicago? Contact Avital Chicago Party Bus and Limousine if you want to rent some of the best, most luxurious limos for your event.

Different 8 Types of Limo Services in Chicago

Nothing could be better than renting a limo, especially if you want the best way to get around in style. Are you looking for something that combines comfort and luxury? A good alternative is to use a limo rental service, which will get you to your destination safely.

Limo rental services are offering more and more options to meet the needs and budgets of a wide range of people. Limousines are very popular because they can be used for many different things and can be changed to fit different needs.

You can choose from different limos based on what kind of service you want. Here is a list of the different kinds of limousines you can choose from based on what works best for your event:

1. Executive SUV Limo

Executive SUV Limo
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They are very popular because their insides are very nice and roomy. You can expect touches such as leather seats, wood trim, and cup holders in the passenger seating area.

There is room for three people in these vehicles. With a huge trunk, everyone’s bags will be able to travel as comfortably as the people in the limo. Executive SUV limos are most often used to take people to and from the airport.

You’ll also get a bottle of water and some magazines to read during the trip. The windows are also tinted, so you can travel in style and privacy.

2. Lincoln Limousine

A Lincoln limousine is the most elegant, stylish, comfortable, and luxurious of all types. This makes it the grandest of all the different kinds. Since the 1980s, this type of limousine has been the most popular with customers.

This car has the latest technology, more room for people to sit, bars and entertainment sections, a temperature system that is controlled from one place, a navigation controller, and more.

This car was made with higher safety standards in mind, which is what makes it a Lincoln model. Limo Services in Chicago can be rented for weddings, parties, birthdays, and business trips because it is so elegant and comfortable.

3. Standard Stretch Limo

The limo you are used to seeing is the standard stretch limo. Most of the time, this model comes in regular, stretch, and super stretch sizes. The standard stretch limo is a great choice to think about, no matter how many people you need to fit in.

Since this is considered the base model, it will also be the least expensive limo you can get. People want SUV-style limos, so the prices for standard limos are starting to drop by a lot.

Stretch limos are often seen at weddings, proms, and other special events that call for something extra. There will be a wide range of amenities inside a stretch limo. There are usually TVs, lights, and even places to get drinks inside the limo. Two people can rent a limo for a special occasion, or you might find that these big limos can fit up to 15 people.

4. Town Car Limos

Town car limos are one of the most well-known types of limo service. People like them because they are cheap, luxurious, and reliable. Town car limos offer both safety and comfort, which are two of the most important things to travelers.

Town car limos can fit up to ten people and are perfect for weddings, proms, and business parties. Because of how comfortable they are, you can also use them to get to and from the airport.

5. Luxury Sedans

A sedan limousine is a low-cost option that is good for casual transportation. These usually have room for three people and are great for getting to and from work. Luxury sedans like the Lincoln Continental, Cadillac XTS, and Mercedes Benz S550 are often used by Limo Services in Chicago.

6. Classic Vintage Limousine

A classic vintage limousine is the right choice for you if you like old cars with bold designs instead of sleek ones. It is mostly sold as a sedan that can hold up to four people. But this car has enough leg room, which a regular sedan limo might not have. Also, since it’s old, it might have two colors, like pink and white, instead of just one solid color.

These are some of the most common types of limos that people use to get to and from airports and events. When you hire a limo, you can cover a long distance in comfort and style, as long as you choose the right model.

7. Party Bus

Party bus and limo rental in San Francisco is the best way to get a large group of people from one place to another in a unique and memorable way. The best way to get around the Bay Area is for groups of one to fifty people.

They can fit any group of friends or special event. You can rent these buses for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and sports games. Some party buses even have dance floors.

8. Luxury Passenger Van

If you want to get to or from the airport in style but don’t want to give up comfort, a luxury passenger van might be the way to go.

A luxury passenger van isn’t something you use every day to get around. Many of them are Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that have been changed. Up to 14 people can sit there. Most high-end passenger vans have wood floors, leather seats, a table with cup holders, and enough space for everyone’s luggage. Many of them are lit by fiber optics.

9. Convertible Limousine

You may not have seen many convertible limos, but they are out there. If the weather is nice, you can have the best of both worlds: the comfort of a limo and the style of an expensive convertible. If it starts to rain, the roof can always be closed and the party moved inside.

10. Hummer Limousine

This has become more and more popular over the years because this kind of vehicle is just so luxurious. In comparison to other limos on the market, the design is very rough and sharp, which gives it a unique charm. The Hummer limousine is great for big events because it can easily fit 20 to 24 people.

11. Sedan Limousine

A Sedan Limousine is small, elegant, and can carry up to four people. This is also one of the least expensive limos you can use to get around. Most of the time, business or corporate travelers hire it to get from the airport to other places or to conferences.

By driving in this car, you can easily make an impression on your clients. Also, it’s a great way to get to your destination on time and in style if you don’t want to take a taxi.

12. Black Urban 

Black Urban is a company based in Chicago that provides high-end limousine services. It helps high-quality businesses by giving their employees private transportation to business events, forums, conferences, or commercial shops.

Black Civic provides standard-quality Limo Services in Chicago by hiring trained, professional drivers who can meet customer expectations. The company has SUVs that look like they belong on the red carpet, Mercedes-BenzE-Class, Mercedes-Benz V-Class, and stretch limos in its line of cars.

13. Avital Limousine

Avital Limousine and Party Bus is a company in Schaumburg, Illinois that helps people get to and from weddings. This company has a line of decorations, like SUV stretch limos and party cars, that are used at festivals all over Chicago. The platoon is committed to making sure you are comfortable and would be happy to help make sure your wedding trip goes as smoothly and without stress as possible.

14. Oreos Limo and Party Bus

Top award-winning limousine and party bus company with more than 15 high-end vehicles that can be used for any event. In Illinois, we offer a stylish limousine service, wedding transportation, and reimbursement for party machines. Visit our blog to find out more about how we can help you plan the perfect event.

15. Empire Limousine

Empire Limousine in Chicago has classic luxury cruisers and limousines as well as unique options like a pink party machine for events like bachelor parties and an antique-style green and red trolley that can fit up to 36 people.

Weddings, vacation light stays, shopping trips, and summerhouse and sporting event groups can all get their own special packages. Empire Limousine also has deals on certain packages with special prices.

How to Choose the Right Limousine Rental Service?

It’s not hard to figure out which limousine is right for you; you just need to think about the following things.

  • What does it mean to rent a limousine service?
  • How many people do you want to be able to sit with?
  • What kinds of services and amenities do you want?
  • How good the service was from the limousine company
  • First and foremost, your budget
  • Once you know the answers to these questions, all you have to do is call the nearest limo service and talk about your options.


We hope this article clears up any questions you had about the different kinds of Limo Services in Chicago and the cars themselves. They used to be a sign of how rich someone was, but now most people can buy them for different events.

Which limo would you choose the next time you want to treat yourself and enjoy easy-to-get luxury?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Limo Services in Chicago

How much does it cost in Chicago to rent a limo?

At Eminent Limo, we offer many different packages so that you can get just the right amount of luxury and class for your special day. We offer hourly service, and our hourly rate is between $60 and $150 per hour, depending on the type of ground transportation or hourly service you need.

What kinds of limousines are there?

Stretch limo services offer five different kinds of limos, which you can choose from based on the event and how many people you want to fit inside. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular limos.

What does it mean to have a limo service?

Limousine service is when a Common Carrier takes passengers on a “call-and-demand” basis and charges a per-person rate. No one person or group has exclusive use of the Motor Vehicle. Shuttle Service is another name for Limousine Service, which you can learn more about below.

What do you call a stretch limo?

Some stretch limousines can fit more than 14 people, and some can even fit up to 20 people. These are called “super-stretch” versions. The models are very big, and Lincoln Town Cars, Hummers, Devilles, Escalades, Excursions, and Party Buses are some of the most popular ones.

What do you call a small limo?

A Sedan Limousine is small, elegant, and can carry up to four people.

Which limo is the smallest?

(Sedan Limousine) The sedan limo is the most useful and the smallest limo.

Limos are what kind of cars?

When making stretch limousines, the Lincoln Town Car is often the car of choice. Many limousine companies also offer services with a Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz.

How long is a limousine?

A typical stretch limo is about 30 feet long and 10 feet long at the stretch.

How many people does a limo hold?

Most limos can fit no more than eight to ten people. Most stretch luxury cars have a back seat for passengers and two seats behind the front seat for the driver. On the other hand, the smallest limos can only fit six to eight people and only have room for the driver and passengers.

In a stretch limo, how many people can fit?

A standard stretch limousine can fit up to 6 people. The Super Stretch limos can fit up to 14 people, and the SUV limos can fit even more.

How are limos and limousines different from each other?

So, a sedan is a limousine, and a stretch limousine is a sedan that has been made longer. A limo can be either a regular limousine or a stretch limousine. When you call your limo service, you can ask for a sedan, SUV, stretch limo, or party bus. This makes it easy to order a limo.

In Chicago, can you drink in a limo?

In all stretch limousines and stretch SUVs, you can bring alcohol with you.

How much does a Chicago party bus cost?

Depending on the time of year, a luxury party bus in Chicago that fits up to 40 people will cost between $300 and $500 per hour.

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