Best Things to Do in Salina Kansas
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Salina is a city that is rich in art, culture, history, and natural beauty. Best Things to Do in Salina Kansas located on the banks of the Smoky Hill River and has many beautiful parks, galleries, theaters, museums, interesting wildlife, and lively festivals. This city has something for everyone and is a great place to plan your next vacation.

Explore the historic downtown area and have a great time. It has great restaurants, shops, antique stores, theaters, art galleries, sculptures, and much more. In Salina, you can enjoy nature while still living in a city. Book your vacation here and make memories you’ll never forget.

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The 36 Best Things to do in Salina Kansas

1. Fun at Stiefel Theater

One of the fun places in Salina, Kansas, is the Stiefel Theater, which used to be called the Fox–Watson Theater. The National Register of Historic Places put this 1931 theater on its list in 1988.

This interesting theater is worth $400,000 and has beautiful chandeliers, an elegant staircase, and a beautiful gold leaf. Throughout the year, the museum hosts a wide range of live performances, such as dance shows, comedies, concerts, plays, an orchestra, and many more.

Emmylou Harris, the Goo Goo Dolls, Darius Rucker, Lindsey Buckingham, Sarah McLachlan, Peter Frampton, and many others have all played in this great theater.

The Theater also has a visual arts gallery that shows different pieces of art on a rotating basis. There is a beautiful light on the top of the spire, which makes the theater feel like the Ghostbusters building. This makes it a nice place to visit in the evening.

The Stiefel Theater is a great place for friends and family to go to watch great evening shows. So buy a ticket and have fun at the shows.

2. Stiefel Theater for the Performing Arts

Stiefel Theater for the Performing Arts
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The downtown Stiefel Theater, which opened in 1931 as the Fox Watson Theater and closed in the 1990s, is a beautiful Art Deco landmark. It is the best things to Do in Salina Kansas.

Soon after, a non-profit group raised close to $3 million to fix up the building and turn it into a high-tech performing arts venue for the region that opened in 2003.

The ornate terracotta details on the outside of the building make it a work of art. The elegant auditorium, which can seat 1,265 people, has the latest sound and lighting equipment.

Al Green, B. B. King, Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson, Chris Cornell, and Peter Frampton are just some of the stars who have played there in the past.

3. Explore SculptureTour Salina

In Salina Downtown, you can find a lot of the city’s services. For an excellent orientation, explore SculptureTour Salina. Every year, between 15 and 25 sculptures are put up in Downtown Salina. Votes are kept in silver boxes on the sculpture pedestals. Votes can also be picked up at stores downtown.

At the end of the show season, the winning sculpture is bought by the city of Salina. Sculptures can also be bought by anyone who wants to. We’re always excited to see what new sculptures have been made.

4. The Rolling Hills Zoo

One of the best places to visit in Salina is the Rolling Hills Zoo. There is a zoo and a museum there.

There are many exotic animals at the zoo, such as flamingos, giraffes, camels, giant anteaters, ring-tailed lemurs, cotton-top tamarins, grand Cayman iguanas, golden eagles, green and black poison dart frogs, snakes, giant African millipedes, chimpanzees, tigers, wolves, bears, Suma

It is a modern zoo where the animals live in more natural settings. The museum has displays of plants and animals from different parts of the world. The museum’s Helen L. Graves Hideaway Hollow is a place to learn about different kinds of wildlife through hands-on exhibits.

This place also has a gallery with changing displays of art. The unique thing about the museum is that it has a lot of human robots on display, which makes going there even more interesting.

Spend a fun and exciting day at this zoo, where you can get close to exotic animals, look at interesting exhibits in the museum, and end the day with a delicious meal at the zoo’s restaurant.

5. Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park

This popular water park has many pools, huge water slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, a water playground, cabanas, and so much more. It is also the best things to do in Salina Kansas.

It’s a great place to get away from your everyday life and have fun with your family. Soak up some sun and have fun making a splash in the pool. Have a fun time sliding down the tornado slide and playing in the wave pool. You can also learn how to swim here.

6. Oakdale Park

Oakdale Park
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Oakdale Park is a beautiful park with two playgrounds, eight lighted tennis courts, picnic areas with grills, the Eric Stein entertainment stage, a pond, dense vegetation, and many other features.

Oakdale Park is a great place to go for a walk or to watch a show. It is where popular events like the Smoky Hill River Festival, which happens every June, vintage car shows, which happen every July, and many others, take place. Many people who like to fish also come to the park.

Take a walk in the park in the evening and enjoy the beautiful views of the well-kept garden and the rest of the area. You and your family can also have a picnic at this place, which is known for being quiet.

Oakdale Park is one of the best things for kids to do in Salina, Kansas. Visit this amazing park with your friends and family!

7. Smoky Hill Museum

In 1879, the people who started the town started the Saline County Historical Society. Since then, they have put together an amazing collection of more than 30,000 items from the Smoky Hills Region.

This is the idea behind the great Smoky Hill Museum, which opened in 1986 in the old downtown Post Office building.

People love this place because it has special, interactive exhibits that were made just for it. These happen every two years and focus on a different part of local history. They go along with the permanent galleries, which are always getting new things to do in Salina Kansas look at.

The museum is a big part of the community. It hosts a popular lecture series on the first Thursday of every month and takes part in events like the Street Fair on the fourth Saturday of September, which has live music and historical demonstrations.

8. The Salina Art Cinema

At the Salina Art Cinema, you can see a different point of view. The 92-seat theater is right across the street from the Stiefel. It shows first-run independent, documentary, and international films. During the free Science on Screen events, the theater shows a movie and then has a discussion led by a scientist about the science in the film.

9. Go to Jerry Ivey Park for a picnic.

This beautiful park has a beautiful pond, lush plants, and nice walking paths. There are also basketball courts, picnic areas with grills, a playground, a volleyball sandpit, soccer fields, tennis courts, a splash park, and a lot more.

Hike through this beautiful park’s green trails, play a fun game of tennis or soccer, cool off in the splash park, and end the day with a picnic by the pond. Look at the beautiful views at Jerry Ivey Park and feed the ducks and geese at the pond. It is a great place to get away from the stress of everyday life and spend a day relaxing.

10. Webster Meeting Place

The amazing Webster Conference Center is on more than 220 acres in Salina, Kansas. This beautiful place is the best place to relax because it has a calm stream running through it. This place is meant to be a place where people can go to relax and rest for a day or more after a hard day or season.

Aside from being a place to relax, there are a lot of different outdoor activities and facilities that people of all ages can enjoy. These facilities include basketball and volleyball courts, archery ranges, open fields for playing games outside, Frisbee golf, a swimming pool, challenge courses, canoes, paddle boats, nature trails, and more.

With all of these features, the Webster Conference Center in Salina, Kansas, is a great place to go on vacation with family, friends, or even a group.

11. The center of Salina

In the last ten years, Salina’s historic business district has had a number of makeovers that have been paid for by both the public and private sectors.

Recent changes to the streetscape along Santa Fe Avenue have been amazing. The sidewalks have been made wider, the entrances are bigger, there is new lighting, and flower and grass beds have been added.

There has been a lot of construction going on at the same time as these projects. As a result, Salina now has a Hilton hotel, a family entertainment center (more on that later), and the Salina Fieldhouse, a state-of-the-art sports facility.

Even with all of these changes, the historic center of the city, which is known for its terracotta facades, has kept its own style.

The Salina Downtown Inc. can give you a brochure for a self-guided tour. HQ and the Chamber of Commerce are both downtown.

12. At The Salina Art Center, you can buy art made by artists

The Salina Art Center
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Part of the Salina Art Center, the Salina Art Cinema shows movies. Walk through the galleries at the art center to see the changing shows. A lot of the pieces are for sale. Buy some art from an Art-O-Mat machine to add a little mystery to your life. Buy a $5 token from the art center and put it in the machine. There will be a tiny piece of art inside. You won’t know exactly how it will look, so enjoy the mystery.

13. At Sculpture Tour Salina, you can take part in the People’s Choice Awards.

Every year, talented sculptors from all over the country compete in Sculpture Tour Salina for a prize of $15,000. Here, 15 to 25 works of art are chosen and put on display for a whole year for people to look at.

The sculptures can also be purchased. People who come to Sculpture Tour Salina are encouraged to vote for their favorite sculptures in the People’s Choice Award program. Visit downtown Salina and take a look at these amazing works of art.

14. Smoky Hill River Festival

The first Smoky Hill River Festival was held in 1977. This interesting Festival takes place over four days every June. It is a very important part of Salina’s culture and is meant to bring people together through the creativity of the area.

The Festival has many musical concerts, arts and crafts markets, fine arts shows, dance battles, food stands, interesting art installations, fun games, parties, health runs, treasure hunts, and much more.

There are four live stages at the Festival, where bands, artists, and children’s shows are put on. More than 40 groups from all over the world play music in different styles, genres, and crafts.

There are over 135 amazing pieces of art by artists from all over the world for you to enjoy. These original works of art are affordable and of high quality, and you can talk to the artists directly while you look at their work.

There is a lively children’s area with face painting, dance battles, hands-on arts and crafts, Game Legos, Street fun, and more to get kids’ creative juices flowing. Performers who walk around the festival and talk to people add to the amazing moments.

There is also a row of food stands where you can get almost any kind of food you can think of, like funnel cakes, homemade ice cream, Asian noodles, catfish, Indian tacos, and more. Join the celebrations and learn about Salina, Kansas’s great culture.

15. Salina’s local theater group

A community theater group in Salina has won national awards and has been around since 1960. Within a decade, the Salina Community Theater had started raising money for its own building, which opened in 1973.

This is still a non-profit group that puts on a wide range of professional-level shows to enrich the cultural lives of people in Salina and the surrounding area.

Shows like “The Music Man,” “Sunday in the Park with George,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Annie,” “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” and “Mamma Mia!” have been on in recent years.

16. At The Alley and the Salina Fieldhouse, you can stretch your muscles.

If you still want to work out after going to the zoo, go downtown to The Alley and The Salina Fieldhouse. Bowling, laser tag, virtual reality, and arcade games are all available at The Alley. Every kind of team sport can be played in the Fieldhouse, including basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, and football. Walkers are also welcome in the Fieldhouse.

17. City of Dodge

The city of Dodge is also a things to do in Salina Kansas. Dodge City should be on your list of places to visit if you want to experience the real Wild West. Here, you can see the exciting Dodge City Rodeo or go back in time to the 1800s on Main Street at the Boot Hill Museum. If you go in the summer, you might even see a gunfight or some can-can girls in action. You can get a good feel for Dodge City by taking the Historic Trolley Tour or by walking around on your own.

People who like art can go to the Carnegie Arts Center and the Depot Theater Company, and people who like world-class entertainment can go to the United Wireless Arena. You can go to Long Branch Lagoon Aquatics Park and the Dodge City Zoo, or play golf at the Mariah Hills Golf Course.

18. At the Yesteryear Museum, you can learn about local history.

This museum focuses on the history of farming and life in the country in Kansas. It has displays of historical items and things from the area, such as tools, appliances, and equipment used in farming that date back hundreds of years.

The museum also has two historic buildings: a church from the beginning of the 20th century and a schoolhouse.

There are many events at the museum, such as tractor and car shows, parties for the Fourth of July and Christmas, and more. Visit the museum and look at the interesting things on display.

19. Hickory Hut BBQ

One of the best places in Salina, Kansas, is Hickory Hut BBQ. The business has been around for more than 30 years and is run by a family. The restaurant is owned by Robin and Dale Blake, who have been serving some of the best barbecue in Salina and all of Kansas.

Robin and Dale Blake saw an opportunity to open a business that served good barbecue in Kansas, and they took it. Their business has been very successful, and they have many loyal customers from all over the country.

When you’re in Salina, Kansas, and you want to try some of that delicious barbecue or one of the other dishes on the menu, you can go to the great Hickory Hut Barbecue from Monday through Saturday.

20. Indian Rock Park

Indian Rock is on a beautiful part of the Smoky Hill River, which could be the most beautiful place in Salina.

Here, the river flows between bluffs that rise up to 30 feet, and the trails lead to some great places to see the river.

There are two waterfalls on the river. Both have small drops, but the lower falls are shaped like a horseshoe, which is pretty cool.

The Battle of Indian Rock, which happened there in 1857, was the last major fight between the Kansa, Delaware, and Potawatomi Indian nations. This makes Indian Rock Park an interesting place to learn about history.

21. At Tony’s Pizza Events Center, you can see action that hits hard.

There are 6,500 seats at the Tony’s Pizza Events Center, which is where the Salina Sirens roller derby team and the Salina Liberty indoor football team play.

In 2018 and 2019, the Liberty won their league’s regular-season title. In 2019, they also won their conference championship, but they lost the Champions Bowl. Indoor football moves quickly and is played on a much smaller field than regular football. If you sit in the first rows, be aware that players may crash over the barriers.

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is where the Sirens are a part of. Roller derby matches are made up of two 30-minute halves that are split into three 2-minute jams. The jammer on each team tries to get past the blockers to score as many points as she can. The jammers of the other team are stopped by the blockers.

22. The town of Cottonwood Falls

Cottonwood Falls is a small town in Kansas. It is on the banks of the Cottonwood River in the beautiful Flint Hills area of the Great Plains. Nomadic Native Americans lived in the area for thousands of years until the Kingdom of France claimed it in the 16th century. In 1762, France gave it to Spain. Spain then gave it back to France.

The United States bought it from France, and it became part of the Kansas Territory. The Chase County courthouse, which was built in 1873 in the French Renaissance style and has been beautifully restored, is the center of Cottonwood Falls’s charming, quiet downtown. One of the last big pieces of tallgrass prairie, which used to cover the whole Great Plains, is in the Flint Hills.

The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is there to protect the prairie. The Chase County Historical Museum is the best place to learn about the town’s past. The well-known painter of the Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie, Judith Mackey, has a lot of her work in the Flint Hills Gallery.

23. Lakewood Park

This beautiful park has a prairie, lots of trees, a nature center, beautiful gardens, a calm pond, a variety of animals, hiking trails, a playground, picnic areas with grills, a disc golf course, and much more.

Anglers like to fish in the pond. Hiking on the green trails is a great way to see the vast wilderness of the area and listen to the sounds of nature. You can spot deer, squirrels, beautiful birds, and raccoons.

You can have fun watching bugs in the butterfly garden and see how good you are at disc golf on the course. Make burgers on the grills and enjoy a delicious meal while looking at the beautiful scenery. The nature center also has interesting displays of plants and animals that make you want to learn more.

24. Fossett Plaza

Fossett Plaza, which opened in 2018 and was dedicated, is a great place to visit if you like planes. It was made to honor Steve Fossett’s solo, nonstop, around-the-world flight in the global flier in 2005, which was the first time anyone had ever done that. He flew 22,936 miles in 67 hours without stopping to refuel.

Bruce and Brent Bitter of B&B Metal Arts in Hoisington, Kansas, made the monument. It is an 8-foot stainless steel globe that stands above a 12,300-foot runway. Fossett Plaza at Salina Airport is dominated by beautiful sculpture.

In the lowest part of the monument, the whole route of the flight with people on board is written out. Tim Rogers, A.A.E., the executive director of the Salina Airport Authority, said that the sculpture is meant to be a source of inspiration for aviation fans of all ages for years to come.

Fossett Plaza is one of Salina, Kansas’s interesting places, especially for people who like airplanes.

25. Ad Astra Books and Coffee

Ad Astra Books & Coffee has been a downtown mainstay for more than a decade. It is both a bookstore and a coffee house, but it is much more than just a cozy place to read and drink good coffee.

For one thing, you can buy vinyl, comic books, and gifts that were made by hand. And there is a full schedule of events, including talks, author readings, film screenings, spoken word, children’s theater, and live music.

The result is something like a small cultural center with programs meant to reach as many people as possible.

26. Fill Your Garden At Stutzman’s

The Stutzman’s Greenhouse is outside and has a roof over it. There are many different kinds of plants for sale, including rare vegetables. You don’t need to look anywhere else for plants besides Stutzman. Pieces of outdoor decor that are funny will finish off your yard. Have a question? Ask the staff, who know a lot.

27. Find out about the exciting Friday night events in Salina

Every Friday, clubs, bars, restaurants, and other places in Downtown Salina host arts-related events that are fun to go to. Artists from the area will perform music, stand-up comedy, and poetry at these events.

The goal of these events is to support and promote regional art and to help artists and businesses in the area. ”” Also, on the first Friday of every month, there is an art walk where artists from the area show off their best works. Spend a great evening at one of these amazing events.

28. The Friendly Inn

The Cozy Inn in Salina, Kansas, is one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Food. This historic hamburger palace opened in 1922, and since then, it has used the same 100-year-old grill.

The tiny burgers are sold by the sack, but sometimes they aren’t wrapped and are just stacked in a brown paper sack from the Cozy Inn. All of the burgers at the Cozy Inn come with onions and don’t have cheese. They are all very cheap. The Cozy Inn only serves 90% lean hamburgers, coffee, hot chocolate, soda, potato chips, and Cozy Inn mementos.

The small restaurant only has six seats along an old counter that is covered with newspaper articles about the Cozy Inn from years ago. It always smells like hamburgers and onions, which makes the place feel like home.

Even though the Cozy Inn has had more than one manager, the quality of their burgers has stayed the same. They are just bigger now. The history of the Cozy Inn is more well-known than its food. Every day of the week, this restaurant is open.

29. Show off that you went to Salina.

There are many small shops in downtown Salina, which is easy to get to on foot. At Ad Astra Books & Coffee House, you can relax with a book, a cup of coffee, and a bagel and lox. Take a picture with the 67401 mural on the north side of the building. This will show everyone that you are in Salina.

30. Places to Visit in Kansas: Salina

Salina is known as a center for the arts, and it has a thriving arts community where you can see museums, concerts, and live theater all year long. The First Friday Live Art Walk in Oldtown Salinas is the highlight for art lovers. Galleries and studios stay open late to entertain visitors.

If you miss First Friday, you can still enjoy public art, the Salina Art Center, and the Salina Sculpture Walk in the spring, even if you didn’t go to First Friday. Outdoor lovers will be glad to know that there are more than 700 acres of green space that are great for fishing, swimming, hiking, and biking. The great Rolling Hills Zoo and the Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park are both fun for the whole family.

31. Check out the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Car Show to see old cars.

Experience one of Salina’s biggest and most popular events to take your trip there to the next level. Every July, this four-day event takes place. It has a show of old cars, races, a vintage market, auctions of old cars, dances, and concerts.

The KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Car Show has been going on since 1980, and it draws a lot of people who love classic cars. If you go to the event, you can check out the great displays and have fun watching the race.

32. Stutzman’s

The Stutzman’s, which is on 9th and Cloud in Salina, Kansas, is one of the best places to go. Ervin and Emma Stutzman opened it in April 2007.

Ervin and Emma Stutzman wanted to grow vegetables and flowers, so they built the Stutzman Greenhouse. It is outside, under a roof.

These plants are grown in a nursery until they are moved to a more stable growing ground or pots. You can buy both common and unusual flowers and vegetables at this place. You can find out about the different plants they have on their website.

When you’re in Salina, Kansas, the best place to buy plants is Stutzman’s.

33. Dine With Delight In Salina

Some of the best food in the state is easy to walk to in Salina. The Cozy Inn is one of our favorite small diners in the middle of the country. Buy a bag of burgers and eat them in the picnic area behind The Cozy. Then rub some salt on your hands to get rid of the smell of onion-soaked hamburgers.

Blue Skye Brewery and Eats has Rosie’s Special pizza that is cooked in a wood-fired oven. It has cream cheese, homemade pork chili Verde, black beans, corn, house blend cheese, and red peppers on top. Enjoy their Fire Engine Red or CrankCase IPA, both of which taste great.

Martinelli’s Little Italy is a Salina tradition. After meetings in Salina, we all meet there. We recommend the lasagna and the beef ravioli, followed by the tiramisu or the Molten Vesuvio chocolate cake.

34. District Eat & Play is a great place to spend time with family and friends.

Everyone is welcome to have fun at the world-class District Eat & Play, where every day is a unique adventure with enough surprises to keep everyone busy the whole time. Every Wednesday, customers can play games for half price and use their large-scale arcade machines.

One of the strange things they have is an escape room, which lets you test your problem-solving skills. At District Eat & Play, you and your kids can also race go-karts. They also serve delicious food, like burgers, chicken sliders, and homemade nachos.

35. Ice cream from Dagney’s

In Salina, Kansas, Dagney’s Ice Cream is a place that is owned and run by locals. They are known for making the best ice cream with the freshest ingredients and serving it right away. They also serve desserts, frozen yogurt, and soft drinks in addition to ice cream.

Locals of all ages now go to this place a lot. Dagney’s Ice Cream is known not only for its delicious treats but also for its excellent customer service. You can also order food to go.

Dagney’s Ice Cream is perfect for people who have a sweet tooth and want to satisfy it. The ice cream shop is currently only open on Saturdays from noon to 9 p.m. Come try the difference for yourself!

36. At the Salina Public Library, you can learn a lot.

The Salina Public Library is on Elm Street and has all kinds of things. The library has everything a person could need to be comfortable while learning about something they are interested in.

This place is great for book lovers because it has some of the best workshops and classes you can think of, and they are also fun.

Downstairs in the library is a great area for kids. There are books about dinosaurs and planets, and there are a lot of big tables for art projects. There are also a few PlayStation 4s and PCs for rent here.

Plan your Trip to Salina, KS

Even though Salina, Kansas, isn’t very big, it has a lot of historical sites, fun things to do in Salina Kansas, and much more. You don’t want to miss out on the fun, relaxing, and educational things to do in this city. Make plans to come and have the best time of your life.

The best food town in the Midwest

The Midwest is known for big cuts of beef, but in Salina, you can try the region’s specialty in a fun size. If you want classic, no-frills burgers, go to the Cozy Inn (108 N. 7th St., Salina), where the menu hasn’t changed much since 1922. Their signature sliders are still on the menu, but not much else.

USA Today has called it the “Best Burger Joint in Kansas.” Blue Skye Brewery and Eats have thin-crust wood-fired pizzas and craft beers made right where you sit (116 N. Santa Fe Ave., Salina). Hickory Hut Barbecue (1617 W. Crawford St., Salina) has been around for a long time and is known for its ribs, burnt ends, and brisket.


Salina, Kansas is a beautiful city that looks like a painting. If you are a travel lover, then this place is also best for your travel destination. The best things to do in Salina Kansas also pleasure you more. It has a lot of art, culture, history, and natural beauty.

You can find great theaters, interesting museums and galleries, beautiful parks, and wildlife in this recreation and adventure hotspot (especially Black-chinned hummingbirds).

If you’re a tourist looking for the perfect place to hang out, you should kick up your heels and see what this lively city has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Things to Do in Salina Kansas

What is Salina KS known for?

Salina is the center of trade for a large area that grows wheat, and grain milling is the main business there. Kansas Wesleyan University, which has been around since 1886, and Kansas State University College of Technology and Aviation, which was made when Kansas College of Technology and Kansas State University merged in 1991, are both in the city.

Who founded Salina?

Gotthard and John Schippel moved to the territory in the summer of 1856. They lived on the Saline River, about three miles northeast of where Salina is now.

What county is Salina KS in?

In the U.S., Saline County is in the state of Kansas. As of the 2020 census, 54,303 people lived in the county. Salina is the biggest city and county seat.

What does Salina mean?

salina. / (səˈlaɪnə) / noun. a lake, salt marsh, or spring.

How do you pronounce Salina KS?

Note on how to say the name: Salina, Kansas, is pronounced sal-eye’-nuh (singular, with a long I in the second syllable), while Salinas, California, is said sal-ee’-nus (i.e. plural, with a long E in the second syllable).

Who was born in Salina Kansas?

George Murdock. George Murdock was born on June 25, 1930, in Salina, Kansas, USA. He was an actor who was known for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989), Orange County (2002), and Breaker!

What is it like to live in Salina KS?

It’s great to live and raise a family in Salina. Not far from town, there are parks, arcades, team sports, water parks, and a zoo. A car is helpful, but most places are close enough to walk to. Not much for adults who don’t have kids.

What happened in Salina Oklahoma in 1858?

Ross accidentally hit the first oil vein in Indian Territory in 1859 when he was drilling for salt water (Oklahoma). It ran at a rate of 10 barrels per day for a whole year. In Salina, he ran two stores.

How many colleges are in Salina Kansas?

Here’s what you need to know about the best schools within 20 miles of Salina, Kansas. There are about 4 colleges in the area, including 3 private colleges and universities, 0 public colleges and universities, and 1 community college that offers 2-year degrees.

What is the greatest average temperature in Salina Kansas?

In Salina, July is the hottest month of the year, with an average high of 94°F and a low of 71°F. During the cold season, which lasts from November 25 to February 25, the average high temperature every day is below 51°F. January is the coldest month in Salina, with average lows of 22°F and highs of 42°F.

When was Salina Kansas?

In April 1858, a group of men from Lawrence, Kansas, started the Salina Town Company and founded Salina. William A. Phillips, David Phillips, Alexander M. Campbell Sr., A.C. Spillman, and James Muir were the names of these men.

Where did the name Salina originate from?

Spanish: place name from La Salina in the province of Teruel or a toponym from salina, which means “saltworks” or “salt marsh.” Italian: topographic name from salina, which means “saltworks” or “place with no life.”

What is Salina famous for?

Salina is the center of trade for a large area that grows wheat, and grain milling is the main business there. Kansas Wesleyan University, which has been around since 1886, and Kansas State University College of Technology and Aviation, which was made when Kansas College of Technology and Kansas State University merged in 1991, are both in the city.

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