Avelo Airlines Reviews

If you’ve been searching for an affordable flight within the US, you might have stumbled upon Avelo. Their prices are tempting, but if you’re skeptical, I understand. Let’s dive into comprehensive Avelo Airlines reviews to guide your choice!

When considering domestic travel within the US, big names like Delta, American Airlines, and United might come to mind. But have you ever heard of the more budget-conscious options? Sure, there are well-known low-cost airlines like Spirit and Southwest Airlines.

But where does Avelo fit in? How does this emerging low-cost airline compare to its established competitors? Is it trustworthy for booking? I’ve gathered all the details to save you the trouble. Let’s uncover the truth about Avelo!

What is Avelo Airlines?

Initiating its inaugural flight in 2021, Avelo Airlines operates out of less busy airports, allowing travelers to save both time and money. You might not recognize the name Avelo since they’re a recent entrant to the industry. They used to be known as Casino Express Airlines and later Xtra Airways, operating charter flights.

However, amidst the pandemic on April 8, 2021, they underwent a rebranding to become Avelo Airlines. Driven by a vision to inspire travel, their mission is to offer passengers cost-effective, low-priced airfares.

The brain behind Avelo Airlines is Andrew Levy, its founder and owner. Notably, Andrew Levy, the CEO of Avelo, co-founded Allegiant Air and served as the Chief Financial Officer for United Airlines.

Background of Avelo Airlines

Founding and History:

Avelo Airlines embarked on its journey in the aviation world with a vision to revolutionize budget air travel. Founded in 2021, the airline’s inception was a response to the growing need for affordable yet quality airline options. Over the past few years, Avelo has expanded its network and fleet, gradually etching its mark in the annals of airline history.

Position in the Airline Market:

Navigating through the competitive skies of the airline industry, Avelo Airlines has successfully positioned itself as a reliable budget airline. With a focus on regional connectivity and providing underserved areas with flight options, Avelo’s market presence has grown significantly. While they may not have the extensive routes of some major carriers, their strategic positioning fills a niche that many larger airlines overlook.

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Positive Feedback

Better Reputation Compared to Competitors:

Despite being a newer entrant in the market, Avelo Airlines has quickly outpaced some of its competitors in terms of reputation. Travelers often cite Avelo as a breath of fresh air, especially when comparing the airline to other budget carriers.

Most Passengers’ Satisfaction with Services:

A considerable number of travelers have expressed their satisfaction with Avelo’s services. Be it the comfort of the seats, the politeness of the crew, or the efficiency of the check-in process, many have found their journey with Avelo to be above par, especially given the airline’s budget status.

Initial flight experiences reflecting Avelo’s genuine budget airline approach:

Passengers who were part of Avelo’s inaugural flights have particularly praised the airline. These early experiences set the tone, showcasing Avelo’s commitment to being a genuine no-frills budget carrier. Yet, even without the extra frills, travelers found the overall experience to be uncompromised in quality, symbolizing what the brand genuinely stands for.

Factors Influencing Avelo Airlines’ Safety Reputation:

Impressive Safety Record: Avelo Airlines boasts a commendable safety record with a minimal history of accidents and almost no fatalities. This greatly enhances its safety reputation.

Adherence to FAA Guidelines: Complying with international safety norms, Avelo Airlines rigorously follows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. The FAA is a U.S. body responsible for certifying airline operations and establishing safety and service quality standards for airlines operating within the country.

Absence of IATA Certification: While Avelo Airlines is renowned for its safety, it hasn’t secured IATA certification. Being IATA-certified is a significant safety endorsement, but airlines choose voluntarily whether to pursue this audit. Although Avelo hasn’t partaken in this audit, the company’s new leadership may consider it in the forthcoming period.

Consistently Positive Reviews: Regardless of certifications, Avelo Airlines consistently receives positive feedback regarding its safety measures.

Experienced Leadership and Crew: The airline has witnessed multiple transitions, with the most recent ownership being taken over by Andrew Levy. This change is anticipated to refine any existing service issues. Additionally, with over three decades in operation, Avelo has successfully ensured the safe travel of its passengers, supported by its highly skilled pilots.

Analysis of Avelo Airlines Fleet: When evaluating Avelo Airlines’ safety, it’s also pertinent to look at its fleet details. With an average fleet age of 15.3 years, Avelo operates 15 Boeing aircraft, each with capacities ranging between 147 and 189 passengers.

How Safe is Avelo Airlines?

Avelo Airlines, in its current branding, began its journey in 2021, making it a relatively new player in the aviation sector. Before adopting the Avelo name, the airline operated under the names Casino Express and Xtra Airways since 1989. A change in ownership prompted the rebranding to Avelo and ushered in new operational strategies and policies to enhance the airline’s reputation. The airline holds a respectable safety rating, and there are specific criteria we can examine to further assess the safety of Avelo Airlines.

Avelo Airlines Reviews

Avelo Airlines Review

What’s the general consensus on Avelo Airlines? After reviewing various feedback on Avelo Airlines, it appears they have a stronger reputation compared to their competitors. Even though Avelo is relatively new with limited reviews online, the majority of past passengers commend their services. People from the initial flights appreciated Avelo’s authentic budget airline approach that offers good value without compromising quality.

However, some challenges include less-than-ideal flight schedules and airport locations, which can vary based on your travel plans. There’s also feedback regarding limited staff presence in airports and extended customer service wait times.

A quick tip: If you don’t spot an Avelo banner or staff in their uniforms at your gate, don’t fret. Many budget airlines, including Avelo, often hire local airport staff for gate services, so they might not be in branded attire. Overall, most travelers feel positive about their Avelo experience, especially given its budget airline status.

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Challenges Faced by Travelers

Less Convenient Flight Schedules and Airport Locations:

One notable challenge reported by some travelers flying with Avelo Airlines is the inconvenience of flight schedules and airport locations. Avelo primarily focuses on providing affordable regional travel options, which means their flight schedules may not always align perfectly with passengers’ preferred departure times. Additionally, the airports they operate from might not be the most convenient for all travelers, depending on their destination. It’s essential for passengers to carefully check the flight schedules and airport locations to ensure they meet their travel needs.

Limited Staff Presence in Airports:

Another challenge highlighted in traveler feedback is the limited staff presence in airports. Avelo Airlines, like many budget carriers, tends to operate with fewer personnel at the airport. This could result in passengers encountering less immediate assistance or guidance compared to larger airlines with more extensive staff coverage. Passengers should be prepared to navigate airport processes with a degree of self-sufficiency and allow extra time for check-in and other airport procedures.

Extended Customer Service Wait Times:

Extended customer service wait times have been a concern for some Avelo Airlines passengers. While the airline strives to provide assistance to all passengers, there have been reports of longer wait times when contacting their customer service team, especially during peak travel periods. Travelers are advised to factor in potential delays when seeking assistance and, if possible, explore online or self-service options for quicker resolutions to common queries.

Practical Tips for Travelers

Awareness of local airport staff handling Avelo’s gate services:

One valuable tip for travelers flying with Avelo Airlines is to be aware that the airline often outsources gate services to local airport staff. This means you might not always see Avelo-branded banners or uniformed staff at your gate. Don’t be concerned if this is the case, as it’s a common practice among budget carriers. The key is to stay informed about your flight details and trust that the local staff will assist you effectively.

Preparations for potential extended customer service interactions:

Another important consideration is preparing for the possibility of extended customer service interactions. Some travelers have reported longer wait times when trying to reach Avelo’s customer service. To minimize inconvenience, plan accordingly. Ensure you have ample time before your flight for any potential inquiries or assistance you may require. It’s always a good idea to have important travel documents and booking information readily accessible.

Is Avelo Airlines Worth It?

In brief, I’d suggest considering Avelo Airlines for your journey if your destination matches their routes, and if you’re comfortable using smaller airports. However, it’s important to note that Avelo’s limited domestic route network might not be ideal for travelers seeking cross-country options.

Avelo Airlines often offers competitive fares among U.S. budget carriers, making it a viable choice worth exploring. Nevertheless, there are several more established budget airlines in the United States that you should also consider, especially if you’re traveling domestically.

Popular alternatives include Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and Spirit, which offer competitive options and a wider range of routes. It’s advisable to compare these alternatives to ensure you get the best deals.

When flying with Avelo Airlines, be mindful of their baggage restrictions, so packing light is recommended. Additionally, for a smoother check-in process, I suggest downloading Avelo’s app and obtaining your boarding pass on your mobile device.


In conclusion, the general sentiment among travelers regarding Avelo Airlines is largely positive. Many passengers appreciate the airline’s commitment to providing a budget-friendly experience without compromising on service quality. Avelo’s reputation, despite being relatively new in the industry, seems to surpass some of its competitors.

For those considering flying with Avelo, it’s essential to take into account the insights shared in reviews. While the majority of feedback is positive, it’s wise to be aware of potential challenges such as flight schedules and airport locations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some example frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the “Avelo Airlines Reviews”:

Who is the owner of Avelo Airlines? 

Avelo Airlines is presently under the ownership of Andrew Levy. Prior to this, it operated as Xtra Airways, primarily serving as a charter airline.

When was Avelo Airlines found? 

Avelo Airlines underwent a name change in 2021. The airline, originally founded in 1987, commenced its operations in 1989. However, it has been operating under the name Avelo Airlines since 2021.

Is Avelo Airlines a reputable budget airline?

Avelo Airlines has garnered a positive reputation among travelers, often seen as a reliable budget airline option. Many passengers appreciate its commitment to offering budget-friendly travel without compromising service quality.

Is Avelo Airlines a good choice for budget-conscious travelers?

Yes, Avelo Airlines is generally considered a good option for budget-conscious travelers. It provides good value for money and a quality travel experience, as indicated by many positive reviews. However, be mindful of potential challenges such as flight schedules and airport locations.

What are some common praises from passengers in Avelo Airlines reviews?

Travelers often praise Avelo Airlines for its comfortable seats, friendly crew, and efficient check-in processes. Many also commended the airline for its genuine budget airline approach.

Are there any challenges reported by passengers in Avelo Airlines reviews?

Some travelers have mentioned challenges related to less convenient flight schedules and airport locations. Additionally, there have been reports of limited staff presence in airports and extended wait times when contacting customer service.