Is Frontier Airlines Good and Safe

Determining the advantages and disadvantages of opting for Frontier Airlines becomes crucial if you’re contemplating booking a flight with them for your upcoming journeys. Given that they lack the prominence of other premium carriers like Delta and United, finding relevant information before finalizing your flight can be more challenging.

Being a budget-friendly and minimal-frills airline, Frontier Airlines offers fewer amenities compared to its counterparts. However, it remains a viable option for individuals traveling domestically within the United States.

With numerous airlines available, making a selection can be daunting. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss the viability of choosing Frontier Airlines for your travel needs.

What is Frontier Airlines?

Based in Denver, Colorado, Frontier Airlines is a significant American ultra-low-cost airline. The company runs services to a diverse range of over 100 locations within the United States and 31 destinations internationally. Employing a workforce exceeding 3,000 individuals, the airline operates as a subsidiary under Indigo Partners, LLC. Its central hub is situated at Denver International Airport, and it also has several key locations across the United States.

History of Frontier Airlines

The origins of modern-day Frontier Airlines trace back to the 1990s. During this period, Continental Airlines was downsizing its Denver operations, prompting a pilot and his spouse to perceive a chance to establish a charter airline centered in Denver.

Progressing through the years, the airline experienced growth and expansion primarily across various destinations in the western region, hence the name “Frontier.” Presently, the airline serves a network exceeding 100 destinations within the United States and some international points.

Frontier often opts for less conventional airports instead of major hubs, although it does include significant hubs like San Francisco and Dallas Fort Worth in its routes. The airline’s journey hasn’t always been without challenges, including instances of bankruptcy and mergers. Nonetheless, Frontier Airlines perseveres and continues to operate to this day.

Is Frontier Airlines Good?

If you’re pondering the merits of Frontier Airlines, there are key aspects worth noting. Their primary emphasis on providing affordable travel means that you can anticipate economical fares for your air travel.

Moreover, they offer beneficial packages that help you save on change fees, and you have the opportunity to accumulate Frontier Miles as a frequent flyer.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that you won’t have access to the enhanced amenities that other airlines provide, such as seat selection and complimentary snacks. Additionally, there tends to be a higher occurrence of typical delays and flight cancellations with Frontier.

According to as a Denver-based airline, Frontier takes a no-frills approach to flights, yet it undoubtedly offers remarkable value.

In conclusion, if your priority is saving money on your upcoming leisure or business journey, then Frontier Airlines certainly fits the bill. It’s worth considering their services for your travel plans.

Is Frontier Airlines Safe? 10 Things To Know

When evaluating the safety aspects of Frontier Airlines, it’s imperative to consider multiple factors that collectively contribute to its overall reputation and historical performance. Here are ten key aspects to take into account:

FAA Certification: Frontier Airlines holds certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the regulatory authority responsible for upholding aviation safety standards within the United States. This certification attests to the airline’s adherence to mandatory safety protocols.

Absence of Fatal Crashes: A significant strength in favor of Frontier is its lack of fatal crashes throughout its history. This is a pivotal indicator of the airline’s dedication to safeguarding passengers and crew.

Modern Fleet Investment: Frontier Airlines has shown commitment by investing in contemporary aircraft. Advanced aircraft often feature cutting-edge safety technologies that enhance overall flight safety.

Timeliness Metrics: The airline’s timeliness compared to other carriers is noteworthy. Punctuality can indirectly reflect operational efficiency, which positively influences safety through well-maintained schedules and reduced crew stress.

Cancellation Rates: It’s important to acknowledge that Frontier has experienced comparatively higher flight cancellation rates. Although cancellations might not directly relate to safety, they can impact passenger perceptions of reliability and create inconveniences.

Customer Complaints: The relatively elevated volume of customer complaints should be considered. While not directly linked to safety, an increased number of complaints might signal concerns in areas such as customer service or communication.

Affordable Pricing: Frontier Airlines is recognized for its cost-effective ticket prices. However, it’s crucial to recognize that profitability pressures could influence operational decisions that indirectly affect safety.

No-Frills Approach: As a no-frills carrier, Frontier offers fundamental services without the amenities of full-service airlines. While this approach can reduce costs, ensuring that safety standards aren’t compromised is paramount.

Legal Challenges: The airline is currently navigating multiple legal cases. Legal proceedings can potentially uncover operational or safety issues that need attention.

Refund Policies: Passengers need to be mindful that Frontier might not offer full refunds for canceled tickets after a week. This policy could impact passengers’ financial security if unexpected changes necessitate altering travel plans.

Why do People Fly Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines stands out as a highly sought-after choice for affordable air travel within the United States, and the reasons are quite evident.

The airline presents some of the most competitive fares available, rendering it a prime selection for those seeking budget-friendly travel. Moreover, if you’re prepared to navigate the baggage fee procedure, you’ll frequently come across appealing offers.

Furthermore, Frontier extends an array of conveniences aimed at enhancing the comfort of travelers during their flights. As an illustration, the airline boasts remarkably spacious middle seats on its Airbus A320 and A319 aircraft, setting a notable industry standard in this regard.

Frontier Airlines’ Pros and Cons

Frontier Airlines, like any airline, has its own set of pros and cons. Keep in mind that experiences can vary widely based on factors such as routes, aircraft, crew, and personal preferences. As of my last update in September 2023, here are some common pros and cons associated with Frontier Airlines:


Low Fares: Frontier is known for offering competitive ticket prices, which can be particularly appealing for budget-conscious travelers.

Frequent Sales and Deals: The airline often runs sales and promotions, providing opportunities to secure even lower fares.

Choice of Services: Frontier offers a range of ticket options, including Basic Economy for those looking for the most affordable option and Classic Plus for passengers who want more perks like free carry-on bags, seat selection, and priority boarding.

Wide Route Network: Frontier serves a variety of destinations, both domestic and international, which can provide travelers with more options.

Flexible Fare Options: The airline’s fare structure allows passengers to customize their travel experience by adding or omitting certain services to suit their preferences.

Newer Aircraft: Frontier has been updating its fleet with newer aircraft, which can contribute to a more comfortable and modern flying experience.

Unique Destinations: Frontier sometimes offers flights to less-traveled destinations, allowing passengers to explore places that might not be served by other airlines.


Ancillary Fees: While Frontier’s base fares can be low, the airline is known for its extensive list of ancillary fees, which can add up quickly. These fees can include charges for carry-on bags, checked bags, seat selection, and more.

Basic Amenities Not Included: With the Basic Economy fare class, many amenities that are free on other airlines, such as carry-on bags, seat selection, and onboard refreshments, often come with an additional cost.

Unpredictable Schedules: Some passengers have reported flight delays and schedule changes with Frontier, which can potentially disrupt travel plans.

Limited In-Flight Services: As a budget airline, Frontier may have fewer in-flight entertainment and amenities compared to full-service carriers.

Seat Comfort: While the newer aircraft are an improvement, seat comfort can still be an issue for some passengers, especially on longer flights.

Customer Service: There have been mixed reviews about Frontier’s customer service, with some passengers reporting dissatisfaction with the airline’s handling of issues and complaints.

Lack of Redundancy: Since Frontier might have limited flight options on certain routes, there might not be as much flexibility in case of cancellations or changes.

Can You Trust Frontier Airlines?

While I do hold a favorable view of Frontier Airlines (believing that some of the negativity surrounding them is exaggerated), I’d exercise caution when considering them for crucial flights. My primary concern with Frontier is the potential of being left stranded for an extended period in the event of flight cancellation. Such a risk isn’t something I can afford to take, especially when heading to significant business engagements or well-deserved getaways.

To put it plainly, Frontier Airlines is a perfectly viable choice when your itinerary allows for some flexibility. However, in situations where there’s absolutely no room for adjustments, I would recommend opting for established carriers like Delta, United, American, or even Southwest.

The Bottom Line

In general, Frontier Airlines proves to be a secure and dependable option for air travel. The airline presents a range of conveniences that enhance the in-flight experience, rendering it particularly appealing to travelers conscious of their budget.

Consequently, this positions the airline as one of the leading and affordable carriers, boasting an extensive array of destinations. If you possess inquiries or apprehensions regarding flying with Frontier Airlines in 2023, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.