Best Food in Orchard Road
Best Food in Orchard Road

There are a lot of restaurants available on Orchard Road, but only a few of them have the quality to get appreciation as well as good reviews. Food is something you always look for while traveling to other places. What to eat in orchard road? So, here is the best food in Orchard Road as follows:

The Line Restaurant:

If you are looking for a place to crash in and eat buffet, then this restaurant should be on the top of your list because they are ruling the buffet scene in Singapore. There is no competition of them in the buffet circuit at least because of their quality of foods and service. They are recognized as the world’s first-ever Shangri-La hotel and they have an array of food that can take you on a culinary adventure in Singapore.

Les Amis:

The most famous and popular restaurant in Singapore is Les Amis. It is located behind a frontage discreet glass at Shaw Centre on Orchard Road. They serve an appealing blend of innovative and classic French dishes. People from all over the world love and appreciate their foods. This restaurant is hugely recognized for its outstanding wine list. Their wine with an in-house cellar is valued at around $5 million.

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Din Tai Fung:

Din Tai Fung is a popular staple which is situated at Orchard Road. You can go there on the weekend or at dinnertime. You will be welcomed by their Taiwanese stalwart. But their special dish is xiao long bao which is steamed pork dumplings. This dish is pretty delicious and worth every penny. They have some other stellar dishes like fried rice and shrimps, beef noodles, pork wonton soup, etc. You can also try these dishes while you are going there.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant:

Akashi Japanese Restaurant is a sub-branch of this franchise restaurant. Their original outlet is on Tanglin. But here at Orchard Road, you will get similar service as well as their usual comprehensive menu. They have some pretty tremendous dishes which will make you eat a whole. Their food range starts from sashimi and ends with sushi. They have some delicious side dishes as well which compliments the main dishes pretty nicely.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace:

The Crystal Jade group has a great reputation in the restaurant business for quality Chinese cuisine. They have some pretty nice dishes like Cantonese, Teochew, Shanghainese, etc. They also serve Hong Kong cuisine to their customers and they also appreciate them after eating. Overall, their service and menu are very comprehensive and this place is a must-visit place if you are looking for a place for good food. As this restaurant tends to get a lot of people most of the time, therefore you should be prepared to join a queue for getting your food.


The last name on our list is Iggy’s. They are well-known for their delicious modern food. So, They use the best seasonal ingredients and therefore west and south regional people get attracted to their foods. They offer some pretty nice dishes and their service is also appreciated by a lot of people. This restaurant comes into the best restaurant list in Asia now and then. This stat proves the quality of their food immensely. Their foods will give you the vibe of Asian food so Asian people mostly visit this restaurant. But people from other regions also visit this place just to have some authentic quality Asian food.

If you are bothered by the question that what you should eat in Orchard Road, Singapore, then this article should be a perfect solution for you to resolve that.

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