Best Language Learning Apps for Travel

Learning or familiarizing yourself with a foreign language when travelling to a different country or improving your English is important in enhancing effective communication. Besides eliminating the language barrier, it improves your confidence as you interact with the locals. In addition, English is one of the common languages used worldwide. Therefore, apart from making your journey more exciting by facilitating easy communication, learning it can help you write your essays and other academic papers faster and more professionally.

In this review, we’ve analyzed top language learning apps to make your travel more enjoyable.

Essential features of the best language learning apps for travel

Everyone wants to learn a new language while travelling to a foreign country, right? Even if you’re visiting a different state for several days or weeks, you’ll be excited to study the people’s culture and norms, including their communication style. Investing in the best language app for travel can make your journey more adventurous. However, you should identify a convenient application that can satisfy your needs.

Let’s analyze key factors that make a language application effective and reliable

1. Ease of accessibility. When it comes to accessing resources that can help you learn a new language, you should choose an application that’s easily accessible. Some apps require users to pay weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions, while others can be assessed for free. So, it’s always a good idea to choose one that fits your budget.

2. Ability to adapt to your learning style. There are numerous language learning applications on the internet. However, some may not give you the best services, especially those using traditional approaches. For example, some apps only display words and their spelling on the screen and leave users responsible for learning pronunciation, while others write words and pronounce them. Therefore, you should select an app that’s best suited for you. Most students traveling on weekends and holidays look for the most effective and affordable ways to complete their projects on time and produce high-quality work. If you ever find it challenging to write your essays, you can seek writing help from sites like, an all-in-one essay writing service with 18+ years of experience in the market. They deal with 80+ disciplines at all academic levels and find the best-matching writer for every student. Whether you are looking for help with a high school or college project, there is always someone ready to assist.

8 best language learning apps for travel

1. Rosetta Stone

If you’re looking for the most popular language-learning app, you should consider using Rosetta Stone, a resource that’s been helping individuals for years. Although the application doesn’t use English, it offers lessons in different languages, so you can choose the one you’re interested in.  Each core lesson takes approximately 30 minutes, making it an excellent choice for students with a short concentration span. Unlike most apps, you can subscribe to access only one language; a 3-month subscription costs $11.99. 

2. Babbel

Babbel is one of the best language apps for travel because it offers courses in different dialects. The good thing about this application is that it’s easy to use, thus flexible for any student who wants to learn a new language or advance their knowledge. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice if you’re committed to studying hard since it’s an auto-renew subscription. So, it can be helpful for your weekend getaway, although a bit costly.

3. Busuu

Busuu helps individuals to learn 12 main languages, including Chinese, French, and Spanish. Unlike other applications, it is more efficient since it only takes approximately ten minutes to learn something new. In addition, you can set personal goals and pick a specific time to practice. Users can enjoy unlimited access if they are interested in one language. However, they must pay for subscriptions to study several languages or access multiple features.

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning apps for travel. Unlike most applications, it uses repetition and reviews to ensure users understand every idea. In addition, the platform uses audio and visual prompts to facilitate effective learning. Therefore, it can be a good option for individuals with visual sequencing problems because of its ease of use.

Also, Duolingo is a great application for international students because it has a wide variety of languages, including Spanish, which has a more extensive online course.

5.  Drops

Drops is a newly developed language application gradually gaining popularity among students who like traveling and listening to audio lessons. The platform helps individuals to learn new words and improve their language. Like Duolingo, Drops has audio and subtitles, although with additional visual graphics, thus ideal for students who are visual learners. The best part of using this app is that users can track their progress by controlling the learning process; you can tick off words you’re confident with as you learn new ones.

If you’re looking for foreign language apps for traveling abroad, Drops is your ideal option. Besides facilitating faster learning by providing short and straightforward lessons, the application focuses on lesser-known languages like Portuguese, thus preserving regional dialects as individuals interact with others from different cultures and countries.

6. Mondly

Mondly is a language learning application that can meet every student’s needs. The platform offers free and paid online courses in 33 languages; it is a reliable resource that makes learning simple and more enjoyable. The good thing about Mondly is its flexibility; you can use it at home, in school, or while in transit, thus perfect for traveling.

7. Memrise

Memrise is one of the good apps to learn languages, although it has monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. The application suits everyone since you can choose your language level. Using this resource entails repeating keywords or phrases to improve your pronunciation and spelling. So, if you’re traveling for a long vacation, especially during the summer or winter holidays, you can opt for the monthly subscription.

8. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best language apps for travel, especially for students who want to improve their English pronunciation skills. Although the application doesn’t teach you directly, it can help you understand unfamiliar words by providing their translation.

Is learning languages using applications worth it?

Learning languages using applications may seem far-fetched, but it’s one of the best strategies to improve your listening skills, pronunciation, and spelling. If you’re traveling for a short trip, like a weekend getaway or summer and winter vacation, the apps can help you learn to read and write a new language. Although most applications don’t involve writing notes, they can be helpful if you are attentive.