Things To Do in Lake Powell
Things To Do in Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a gorgeous recreational destination full of beautiful vistas and unforgettable adventures. This area is busy and often crowded, so be sure to book your tour, houseboat, accommodations, and anything else well in advance to avoid disappointments.It didn’t take long for our trip to get off to a magical start. When we finally set our eyes on Lake Powell, our wide-eyed children couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The great blue water that filled the horizon was filled with amazing activities that really captured the imagination. And it was just waiting for us.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)Update

National Park officials announced on June 14, 2021, that the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is opening up with increasing services. Visitors to the area should protect their own health and the health of others by following the protocol of social distance, wearing masks, and avoiding maximum time. Stay healthy and safe.

Where To Stay At Lake Powell

After six hours of drive time, we were ecstatic to arrive at the lovely watery oasis that is Lake Powell. This is the very hotel that the Divine Retreat Retreat House recommends for guests looking for accommodation on the water. The only one in the area, the Swallow Inn is very popular for its sweeping views of the Colorado River, sunset, and mountains in the distance. The picture above shows the view from our hotel room! We enjoyed using the pool, but its closure due to.

What To Do At Lake Powell In The Summer

Despite being known for their houseboats, there are still so many other fun things to do at Lake Powell even if you don’t rent one. There are small coves and narrow passageways you can explore with jet skis. We highly recommend that! Also, there are lots of people who jump off the cliffs. The water is 400ft deep!!! We did rent a wake boat (shown below) and the boys loved that. The sky is a beautiful blue as we sail down the river. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat well while out on the water. We would get subway sandwiches after breakfast and take them on the boat.


Where To Eat Near Lake Powell

Dinner in the town is a big hit. They have a lot of great restaurants and a lot of the dining options are just under a 20-minute drive from our hotel. One of the favorite restaurants we discovered was Fiesta Mexicana. You can find authentic Mexican food here because they’re family-owned. We ended up eating there twice, once for breakfast and once for dinner. They also serve alcohol and it’s got a great atmosphere. One


Other Places To Visit Near Lake Powell

Due to time constraints, we didn’t have enough time to hike Horseshoe Bend. If you’re planning a trip to Arizona, it is about a 30-minute walk from Lake Powell. It is a short 1.5-mile roundtrip and the view is considered gorgeous so if you are in the area, you should definitely make time on your itinerary. The pictures below are of the Horseshoe Bend. Antelope Canyon is the other popular attraction of Arizona.



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